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Solstice 2020

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Gain the tools and resources to facilitate a training that helps workplaces, employees, students, and clients build their personal coping and resilience.

"I want to help others develop their own resilience"
We proudly highlight some of our newly certified trainers!
Janet R Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and professor at Texas State University

"The resilience training program provides tangible skills that you can teach people to reframe stress and thrive. I've delivered the training for various groups including students, faculty, and healthcare providers and it has been well received in all settings."
Laurie Krupski, PhD
Trainer of mental health coaches and faculty at an online university

"My reason for taking the Resilience and Thriving course was to expand my understanding of how to transform to a better place when faced with life’s challenges. I desired to learn about the tools that tap into one’s potential to evolve."
Janelle Baldwin PTA, CWT, STS, CSCI, CWP
Independent Health Coach and Certified Wellness Practitioner

“This course can help individuals turn their stressors into stories of resilience. It can teach people to effectively cope with life, increase employee engagement and satisfaction and bring JOY back into the workplace!"
Karen Wolfe, MBBS (Syd) MA
Holistic Health Coach, Author and Speaker

“It is important to identify negative coping skills and talk about them and then shift to what positive coping skills look like. Participants love the workbook and have told me they return to it after the workshop to reinforce the learning and behavior change."
Julia Wilkins, B.S.
Health Management Program Specialist

"What I love about the Resilience and Thriving course, is that it goes beyond education and provides real tools and resources to spark behavior change. With so much health information at our fingertips, it is important to enable people to take action steps to be strong and live through stress and trials with purpose."
Michele Mariscal CPTD, PhD
Speaker and Professional Development Trainer

"The approach with Resilience and Thriving is unique in helping people recognize that they have inherent skills to grow in resilience... it is a practical, holistic, and strength based body of learning and my participants immediately implement their learning for success!"
Cynthia Conigliaro, MSW, MBA, CHWC
Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

"I can’t say enough about how fantastic the Resilience Facilitator Training is. I have delivered the training to various groups and based on the comments that I have received afterwards as well as on how participants responded to my post-session evaluation, the training has clearly made a significant impact on attendees. Participants were very engaged and eager to participate and consistently gave the training the highest ratings, with 100 percent recommending the training to others."
Certified Trainers
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