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"I want to help others develop their own resilience"
"I want to empower others to be more health conscious"
We proudly highlight some of our newly certified trainers!
Laura Crowder, B.S., MCHES, NCTTP, CSSC, BHWC
Health Promotion Manager at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma 

"The tools that I’ve received from the Resilience & Thriving Facilitator training have provided me the ability to enhance the programs that I offer at Tinker AFB"
John Gaal, EdD, CPS, CWP

"The training and coursework I have received from NWI-OWLS has benefited a number of contractors (white-collar) and construction workers (blue-collar) when it comes to dealing with stress and building resilience on and off the job site."
Laura Gimbutas, M.S., NBC-HWC
Wellbeing Coordinator and Health Coach

“This course has provided me with a unique and impactful way to view / talk about stress with our employees. It has also given me a new perspective on how to effectively lead workshops that are educational and engaging.  Personally, this course has changed my life."
Cathy Nickels-Herndon, M.S., CHES, CWP
Visiting Instructor, IUPUI

“I love the activities and discussions that are utilized in the program. These have really allowed me to draw the students out more which has resulted in richer discussion in class."
Kelly Polinski, M.P.H., C.P.H., C.W.P.M.
Director of Wellness Services

"I can offer support and tools to the employees who need them to excel at what they do and to be able to stay in these positions that mean so much to them. It feels good to be able to provide resources that can be referenced for years to come.”
Cassandra Shaw, Ph.D., CWC, CPC
Certified Wellness Coach

"For me, it was the clarity of early warning physical signs and later warning signs which brought value. Also, we never know what another person is going through, and stopping to evaluate the reality of a situation can bring a different perspective."
Stephany Sherry, M.S., CWWS, CWWMP, Fitwel Ambassador
Health Promotion Manager

"I know I am teaching the participants tried and true techniques that will help them face and thrive through stressful events at work and at home. I am also giving them skills that can help them change their perspective and outlook on life, which will greatly impact their overall wellbeing for the good."
Carie Wimberly, B.S.
Director of Operations at the Addiction Prevention Coalition

"We can use these trainings with adults in the workplace, in education settings and in community meetings. But we have also tailored them for students and added fun and competitive games to further solidify the information."
Certified Trainers
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