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Part One:  LIVE Webinar Series--
starts Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 (details below)
 Part Two: LIVE Practicum
choose between 
Ann Arbor Michigan: November 14 & 15 or
London, England: December 5 & 6 
(see details below)
Rotterdam, Holland: December 12 & 13 and 
California: in winter, details TBA soon 

Also available (but limited to a small group of 15):
Part One: January 30 & 31st, 2016, live in Ojai, CA.
Part Two: February 1st
Information and Registration about OJAI only: click here

Part One: How to Effectively Help Someone 
in Spiritual Emergency

5 Live Online Webinars with Emma Bragdon, PhD
5 Wednesdays, 2pm-3:30pm EST, October 21, 28, Nov 4, 11, 18.
(7-8:30pm in UK time)
All webinars will be recorded and can be watched/reviewed at your convenience.

"I enthusiastically recommend attending Dr. Bragdon's workshop, "Effective Help for Someone in Spiritual Emergency". Her many years as a psychotherapist, healer, scholar and presenter shine through as she presents her life's work, creating many rewarding opportunities for expansive professional and personal enrichment." -Ted Esser, Ph.D., Faculty at Sofia University and Director of the Spiritual Emergence Network

       "...this course is vital for mental health clinicians, family members and peers, as a         preventative measure for spiritual crisis, not just an immensely useful educational tool." -Katie Mottram, Director, International Spiritual Emergence Network

We are seeing the evidence now...people popping open!  Sensitives, like Rudolf Steiner, predicted that a huge wave of people would experience spiritual awakenings in the early 21st century but there would be few prepared adequately to assist them integrate their experiences in a beneficial way.  Are you an experiencer  of such a transformational crisis or a "helper"?

You will learn:
  • To recognize the phenomena of spiritual emergence  and spiritual emergency
  • How to discern when a person needs specialized peer support or professional assistance
  • How to appropriately care for someone in spiritual emergency
  • The different ways this crisis may manifest
  • What  is the most beneficial way to assist a person in spiritual emergency
  • What Brazil, India and Shamanism have to teach us about safe and effective ways of awakening...and/or helping those caught in spiritual emergency
I'll season the presentations with humor and personal stories.  You'll most likely f eel enriched by the information, inspired by the community that gathers, and more hopeful about changes we can each make to apply this new perspective  to optimize wellbeing and more effectively assist those in a transformational crisis.
Info/ Registration for Online Webinar Series: click here

7.5 Continuing Education hours will be available for Part One Webinars
(Write for more information on CEs)

Part Two: Live Practicum
choose one weekend 
Ann Arbor Michigan: November 14 & 15 or
London, England: December 5 & 6 or
Rotterdam, Holland: December 12 & 13, TBA** or 
California: in January, TBA**

Your take home:
  • Guidelines for leading support groups for those in spiritual emergency and their loved ones
  • Practical ways how you can be of support  to individuals in this crisis
  • Deeper connection with your community members to increase collaboration and team building
  • Clearer recognition of when it is appropriate to share your own training as a psychotherapist or your own psychic gifts as a healer
  • Inclusion in IMHU Directory, so your contact information is available to others who want to collaborate or find help for themselves or loved ones in crisis
  • Licensed psychologists, MSW, LMFT, mental health counselors and nurses may also receive 12 CE credit hours.  Write for more info.
This practicum is available for those who have taken a 2-day live workshop or are now taking an online webinar series at dedicated to the theory of effectively helping in spiritual emergency. The practicum involves more dialogue, discussion, learning and practicing techniques to benefit those in spiritual emergency and/or spiritual emergence. These are essentials for assisting people in crisis. These are also the fundamentals of creating teams that work consistently well together and can more easily collaborate with others around the world who have obtained the certification.

Certification will be available to those who complete Parts One & Two and are willing to comply with our policies and procedures. We ask every applicant to fill out an application, too.  Individuals in Spiritual Emergency are a vulnerable group and we want to be confident that those who become certified have adequate skills and knowledge.  Details are listed on

More details and registration for the practicum: click here
**Those interested in plans for the practicums in Rotterdam, Holland or California please write to us:

"Dr. Bragdon is on the leading edge of issues that must be addressed if we are going to realize a transformation in the ways in which health care is currently conceptualized and delivered. The future lies in the development of capacities which lie latent within all of us, and in technology which is more commensurate with recent scientific developments."  --Jeffrey D. Rediger, M.D., M.Div. Medical Director, McLean Hospital SE, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA


Emma Bragdon, PhD, wrote t wo of the classic texts about Spiritual Emergency in the 1980s: "A Sourcebook for Helping People in Spiritual Emergency" and "The Call of Spiritual Emergency"--both recently updated.  She continues to expand her knowledge of how to facilitate spiritual growth without crises, and how to help those who experience spiritual emergency:  Emma spent 6 months of each year, 2001-2012, in Brazil to study and participate in the activities of Spiritual centers. She currently is the Ambassador of a Spiritist Psychiatric Hospital in Brazil and periodically takes health providers there to learn from psychiatrists and intuitives who collaborate within the hospital in diagnosis and treatment.   She has written 4 more books and co-produced two films on what she has discovered in Brazil.  Emma has been a student of Eastern meditation techniques since 1964, and became a licensed psychotherapist in 1988. She is the Director of Integrative Mental Health for You.,

Celebrating the renewed interest in bringing spirituality to its rightful place in body-mind-spirit healthcare,

Emma Bragdon, PhD. 
Director, Integrative Mental Healthcare for You 

PS.  Here again is the link to the live webinar series to start October 21st: click here

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