Be a Clean Water Advocate - Support SB 403!
How to be an Advocate
1) Copy the following letter and send it to the Honorable Lena Gonzalez by email or mail at:

Honorable Lena Gonzalez
℅ Trevor Taylor, Legislative Director 
State Capitol, Room 2068
Sacramento, CA 95814
Office: 916-651-4033

2) Add your address at the top or bottom of the letter and sign it.  

3) Personalize your letter! Ideas to get you started - why this is important to you (human right to water, safe drinking water for disadvantaged communities, how your faith motivates you to care and take action.
The Honorable Lena Gonzalez
California State Senate
State Capitol, Room 2205
Sacramento, CA 95814
Re:  Support For SB 403
Dear Senator Gonzalez: 
I am writing in support of your bill, SB 403, which would allow the State’s Division of Drinking Water at the State Water Board to authorize consolidation of drinking water systems that are at risk of failure. This legislation is a key step in ensuring the Human Right to Water for all Californians. 

SB 403 allows the state to act before a water system fails to deliver safe drinking water. This avoids the all-too-common situation of residents being forced to pay for water they cannot drink.  It also saves taxpayers dollars by reducing the need to provide emergency water supplies.  

I appreciate language in the bill that requires the state to conduct outreach to the community served by a failing system and to consider the input they receive prior to approval of any consolidation action.   

Thank you for your leadership for Safe Drinking Water.   


(Your name)
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