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Becoming "Buddha's Jews"
This Tuesday, November 15, 7:30 pm

In The Jew in the Lotus (Harper Collins, 1995), the author Rodger Kamenetz coined the term "JUBU," or Jewish Buddhists, to describe a growing number of Jewish individuals who follow Buddhism as a primary spiritual path. A loosely knit group, the JUBUs range from famous 1960's intellectuals whose conversion led to their purposeful distancing from Judaism, to those who have reinvigorated their Jewish identity by way of Buddhism.

TBC member Karen S. Hwang-Gold will present this cross-cultural program, including stunning images from an early 6th-century cave along the Silk Road as a way to illustrate some of the key tenets of Buddhism, especially the aspects of the religion that the Jewish followers frequently identify as its main appeal. The murals also echo Kamenetz's hopeful conclusion --that conversion from Judaism may not be recommended for becoming good "Buddha's Jews."

Karen received her Ph.D. in History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University where she focused on Buddhist art of 8th-10th century East Asia. She has taught at Wellesley College and at Vassar College.

This Adult Education program will be held this Tuesday, November 15, at 7:30 pm at Temple B'nai Chaim!