Grace Episcopal Church 

Becoming Beloved Community

Racial Reconciliation:
Listen, Learn, and Love

First and foremost, thank you for joining us on this 6-month journey to listen, learn, and love...3 steps to help us faithfully seek God's guidance on what it means to be a beloved community. Racial reconciliation is not a check list of things to complete but a commitment to engage in the on going process of justice and healing.

Our symbol for this study is the labyrinth because this journey is not a straight path. When you enter into a labyrinth you move back and forth, coming back to things you learned, revisiting things that you didn't understand, and taking time along the way to pray and reflect. The process is meant to change us...deep within our hearts, and allow us to act in ways that bring forth God's dream of a beloved community.

Each month, we will send out a selection of readings, podcasts, movies, or books to guide your learning. At the end of each month, we will gather via Zoom to talk with one another about how these resources are helping us grow in our reconciliation efforts.
For the Month of July


Grant, O God, that your holy and life-giving Spirit may so move every human heart, that barriers which divide us may crumble, suspicions disappear, and hatreds cease; that our divisions being healed, we may live in justice and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


1619 Project ( An extensive collection of articles to begin your learning about the history slavery in the US. Choose 1 or 2 articles or read them all!)


1619 Podcast ( A companion to the 1619 project )


Going Deeper

If time permits and you would like to continue your learning this month, read:
Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community? by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Learn more about the book here.
Zoom Gathering

Let's join together on Sunday, July 26th at 7:00pm to begin our dialogue as a community.

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