We Root and Reach, Reach and Root,
Lovingly Embodied, our Lives become Prayer Sticks for the World

It's been quite an intense passage since last issue July 2020. I hope that this newsletter finds you well. Time seems very different right now, and life feels simultaneously challenging, sometimes disorienting, and yet filled with beautiful new possibilities and opportunity.. Are you feeling/experiencing this too? Let's relax for a moment and close our eyes. Please join me in taking a nice slow deep breath...

Imagine standing at the center of a great luminous web of connection, one that links together everything and everyone on this planet, throughout this galaxy, in the entire universe and beyond.. You can feel the pulse of the ages, of all that has come before, all that is and all that is yet to be. The sense of peace, profound stillness and timelessness is palpable. You hear the message that you have been and are playing an integral part and your mission now, should you choose to accept it, is to play that part ever more consciously with gratitude, sincerity, and heart.

Now imagine yourself (and each and every one of us) as luminous threads whose unique and magical Essences contribute color, tone, dimension, beauty, and all things of great value to this amazing web and the tapestry that we are weaving together.

As we transition into a new Dreamspell Year it feels important to reflect upon last years passage through Blue Lunar (2) Storm when we collectively faced great challenges and changes in life as we’ve known it, each of us with our own personal story within the collective story. . (click on Blue Lunar Storm above to access last years newsletter)

As we enter into the Yellow Electric (3) Seed Year, the focus of our collective awareness has the opportunity to shift dramatically from learning about and being “the center around which chaos dances”, a Keynote of the Lunar Storm year, to Becoming (more completely than ever before) the Change that we wish to see in the World. We have an opportunity to seed our gardens with beautiful intentions and to write brand new stories for ourselves as empowered, self-realized and sovereign beings. Many have been doing just that.

You are a Treasure, a glowing Jewel of the Earth by simply being! . We all have gifts that only we can offer in ways that only we can. A key to manifesting these special brands of magic lie in finding your/my/our joy and courageously embodying and expressing it. This year invites us all to find and to share this joy in and through the seeds of Love that we plant each day.

The collective guidance available for this years passage (in part) is woven from a combination of 3 Mayan Kin that I call the Trinity of Kin. I am deeply grateful for both the Dreamspell Galactic Calendar and the Longcount calendar of the Yucatec Maya that feel equally valuable and from which a Heart Bridge connector has been born. This is one lens through which to view that I share from my Heart to yours...

“Three is the ray of rhythm, the galactic heartbeat of natural flow. This Universal River offers you movement, and all possibilities flow within its pulse. Become the third point of light created from the integration of polarity”

Ariel Spilsbury, on the number 3 from the Mayan Oracle

The Trinity of Kin for the Yellow Electric Seed Year
July 26, 2021 - July 25, 2022
Conscious Dreamer’s Sacred Sanctuary of Transformation, Purification and Self-Germination: Playing in the Quantum Field

We are the ones who have come to the place where time stands still; where all time is one time – The Time.

We are the ones who have lost self to find Self,
the pedestal to a New Day.

We are the ones who have felt lost and small in the Mystery, yet Significant, and Significantly Connected
when realizing and playing our parts.

Light as a feather and experiencing deeply we are opened and enlivened as the theatre of life becomes the bridge connecting worlds

"We are the ones we’ve been waiting for "

As I reflect upon the threesome of the Trinity of Kin year after year since 2013 (when the Heart Bridge was born) , my appreciation for this way of viewing grows. It feels to honor the wisdom and perspective of the indigenous way while creating anew in present time. It feels to address the immediacy of the 3D reality we live in and simultaneously express the Dream Seeds and Vision of what may be. It feels to bridge the finite and the infinite within us, where both exist together in Union beyond all time and space as we know it; a magical potential awaiting the right time to burst forth, to blossom...

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to Support your Creative Passage through the Yellow Seed Year
There is also a link below to the sharing from a Creative Invitation posted in last years newsletter called Rainbow Word Play, and a link to a bit more about the 13 Tones of Creation depicted as dots and lines in the Trinity of Kin image above
New Moon Reading
The 13 Tones of Creation
Rainbow Word Play
With Love and Care in ALL We Do...

All of the complexities and turmoil that have been playing out in the world for awhile now have prompted more reflection on what is truly important to me. The love of and for family and friends, health and wellbeing, spiritual connection and practice, a sense of freedom, creativity, the beauty of the natural world, and making a difference are all on that list.
What was striking to me to discover is how much that I missed seeing some of the people that work in establishments that were closed during COVID lockdown.