Spring is finally here! It’s the time of year to bring out the cooler clothing and pack away the winter coats. It’s time to lighten our homes with new accessories and add pops of color that rejuvenate each room.  And in the bedroom, it’s time to put away the down comforter and pull out the lighter layers. Of course, one change leads to another – before you know it you may be shopping for a whole new bed ensemble! 

Bedrooms offer a private space to retreat to. While I'll always advocate for window treatments, in the bedroom, the bedding takes center stage. To answer the question of how best to make a bed, this month's newsletter features a few basics to point you in the right direction. We’ll help you design a look to fit your personal style and a bed that’s easy to make every day.

Also, paralleling the "in with the new" mindset of spring, we're thrilled to announce our new website! It's launching within the next few days. We're especially proud of the Portfolio updates that showcase some of our favorite designs to date.

Finally, in honor of the new season, Hunter Douglas starts its Celebration of Light rebate on April 15. It’s a great time to save on several light filtering shades like the ever popular Silhouettes, Pirouettes and Luminettes. 

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How to Dress a Bed

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A shikibuton - a traditional Japanese bed - is a portable mattress that is unrolled on the floor in the evening and stored during the day. Thus, a room can have multiple uses. Without a permanent bedroom and by choosing to prioritize function, not much attention is paid to artfully designing the bedding!
Bedding Basics:
How to Dress a Bed
Did you make your bed today? Though the task is often written off as a chore, designing and displaying a bedding ensemble is actually an important step towards a beautiful, cozy space. After all, the bed is the most important piece of the bedroom! 

With all of the bedding choices available – from off-the-shelf to custom made – it may be difficult to choose a look that aligns with your taste and complements your room. Here are a few basic steps to make the perfect bed: 
Start with the basics 

The careful research and consideration that is given to finding the right mattress should also be given to other foundational bedding pieces – sheets and sleeping pillows. The combination of these items can make or break a good night’s sleep, so invest in quality. Reframe them as “luxury” instead of necessity.  

Add a layer of warmth

Blankets affect both the look and feel of your bed, so it’s best to have a variety on hand. During warmer weather, a lightweight blanket, quilt, or coverlet will be the most comfortable option. They may have decorative top-stitching to add to your bedroom aesthetic. Cotton is a breathable, low-maintenance fabric to turn to. 

In the cooler months, wool, fleece, chenille, and cashmere offer more warmth. By layering on a duvet or comforter, additional weight and warmth is added to the bed because of the down or synthetic fill. A duvet is like a large pillow case, while a comforter’s fill and cover are sewn into one.

Mix in pattern and textures

Just like a well-curated wardrobe, well-designed bedding will have variance in texture and pattern. A simple way to add these elements to the bed is with pillows, shams, and throws. Accent pillows provide contrast and depth, while also tying together colors from the window treatments in the room. Different sizes, shapes and colors of pillows can be mixed and matched. Coordinating shams with the dust skirt will tie all the layers of the bed together. Finally, add a chunky throw blanket for additional weight and texture.

How many pillows and shams? 

This is a personal preference. If you desire a luxurious layered look, then layer on those shams and pillows! If you prefer simplicity and a bed that can be made in a matter of minutes, a couple of shams in front of your sleeping pillows along with a few accent pillows may be all you need. 

All of the photos in this article are made with simple layers: a duvet, coverlet or comforter, shams and decorative pillows.   
Treat your guests to a well coordinated bedroom ensemble. In this bedroom, an outlined quilted comforter and shams are complemented by two layers of accent pillows.
Keep it simple and easy to make the bed with a tailored bed ensemble. Here a lightweight matelasse coverlet, two king shams that coordinate with the tailored bedskirt and just two accent pillows complete the ensemble.
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