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May 26, 2017
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Kindergarten Graduating Class of 2017!

Greetings from our Classroom,

It was a rainy week so we spent time finishing projects that we started and visited our favorite works before the school year ended. On Friday we had a special candle walk in honor of the kindergarten graduating class. Each kindergarten child passed the candle to a preschool school, a symbol of "passing on the light". Some of the preschool children choose a kindergarten friend and made then a necklace with their name and presented it to them. (see pics below). So sweet! We ended the year with ice cream sundaes and wished all our friends a safe and happy summer.

The children very proudly showed their counting skills with Miss Marianna in Spanish class. And they helped fill in the missing parts in a Magnetic Story and Play Scene book,  "Animals," before singing and moving along to their favorite songs. Lastly, Miss Marianna reviewed body parts before inviting the children to listen carefully to a CD, identify the body part given and draw it on the white board. Do you know what has ojos rojos, orejas largas, dientes afilados, piernas fuertes and can salta? We do!

Miss Judy sang some more songs that were a highlight of this past year, including "Jump, Jim, Joe," "Hambone," and "A Tisket, a Tasket." For "Quiet Listening," she shared Peter Spiers "Dreams." As music played the children followed along to the story in which a boy lies on his back looking at the clouds, imagining what they could be. The written word was limited to "and the next time you gaze at the sky, dream dreams!" We also got to enjoy the kindergarten class practice for their graduation.

Thank you for entrusting us with your beautiful children this year! We wish you a magical summer, full of family fun and togetherness. May you find time to lay on your backs and look at the clouds. 

See you next week for those who will be here for the extended year. Best of luck to our graduates!

Miss Gail and Miss Mary Jo