June 2022

When our daughter was a newborn, a childcare specialist explained to us that we had to teach her that her limbs are her own. While this initially sounded kind of absurd to me – like who else’s arms and legs could they possibly be? – I thought about it some more and was struck by how our relationships with our bodies begin as slates so completely blank that we even need to be taught such basic lessons as this one. Going forward, parents and other caregivers continue to teach children about their bodies while peers and society as a whole also have their influence. How we come to feel about our bodies is largely the product of these teachings. In this month’s feature, Joanne discusses our daughter’s relationship with one of her favorite body parts: her bee bo.





P.S. The technical problems, which began with last month’s issue, continue. Constant Contact has confirmed that the issue is on their end, and they say they are working on it. Hopefully, our newsletter will be back to its normal look soon.


Bee Bo Bumps

One of Lorelai’s favorite things to do is stick out her stomach as far as she can as she admires her belly. She lovingly strokes it and tells me and/or Jonah to look at it. At some point, she wanted to see what our bee bos looked like as well, so we started showing them to her. Read More

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