Happy Holidays from Bee Heaven Farm!

My friend Victoria at Rancho del Rey is hosting a cheesemaking workshop January 3rd. If you want to know more about cheesemaking, sign up now.

Space is limited. Registration deadline is December 31st. The address and directions will be provided once you've made your reservation is made and paid the $50 registration fee. Details below.

Here's a bit about Victoria and Rancho del Rey:

     "My husband Joe and I own fifteen acres in Redland and produce mostly avocados which we sell commercially.  Our goal has been to produce most of what we consume, so I grow our own organic vegetables and raise goats to make our own dairy products. I preserve the vegetables we don't eat by canning and I make both soft and hard cheeses, such as Gouda, Cheddar, Monterey Jack. This year I added Drunken Goat to the list, which has been a hit for our friends and family. I raise my goats as naturally as possible and keep a very close eye on them.  Thankfully, they rarely get sick, but when they do, I use natural remedies when at all possible and only use antibiotics as a last resort. On those rare occasions when I have had to use antibiotics, I isolate the goat until the medication has been metabolized completely out of her body. 
     "Cheesemaking is a passion for me, and I am very excited to have Dave Potter, a cheese and dairy expert, come down from Wisconsin to share his expertise."
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