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fruits and veggies
We're a group of South Florida small family farms that have been working together since 2001 to offer a wide range of locally-grown, seasonal, certified organic produce, eggs, and local raw farm honey. Our produce does not go through packinghouses or warehouses - they go directly from us to you, ensuring minimal handling and exposure to contamination.

FRIDAY MARCH 20 from 2pm-6pm
Pop-up Farm Stand/Market at
Bee Heaven Farm
also joining us
Redland Ahead
Counter Culture

     The farm is located at 19000 SW 264th St, Redland, FL 33031-1787. Please look for the farm sign - IMPORTANT: 19030 is out of sequence- you have to keep going west to get to us.
   We're taking measures to minimize potential exposures. We'll be allowing no more than 6-8 people in at a time to shop. When you arrive, Steve will direct you to enter or to wait (in your car, please) until someone has exited before driving in. Please be patient - we don't know how many folks will show up!  While you wait, you can peruse the list of goodies to help plan your purchases. Once you are directed to enter, pro ceed to the rear, park and shop.
     At the Bee Heaven Farm booth: to speed up shopping and minimize contact with the produce, we will have pre-packed loose items like cherry tomatoes, beans, salad & braising mixes, radishes, and such. We ask you to please refrain from touching the produce - point and we will place them in the shopping basket for you. We'll take it to the checkout, where well ring you up as you place your items into  your own bags. If you forget to bring bags, we'll provide you with a box.

   Please wash your hands before coming. We prefer credit cards or contactless payments. We will be sanitizing the credit card equipment between uses for those who must enter pin numbers (debit cards, EBT).
If you have hand sanitizer, feel free to bring some with you.

    Here's a list of things we'll have on hand
(note we have limited quantities of some items)

Cachucha and bell peppers, assorted eggplant, carrots,
yellow and zucchini squash, butternut squash*, Jamaican pumpkin*,
 jicama*,  cabbage, celery, kohlrabi, assorted radishes, purple and orange sweet potatoes, corn*, assorted greens,
purple snow peas, shelly peas, snap beans (heirloom purple, green filet, yellow), dry beans (small red, black turtle), 
 slicer tomatoes, cherry and grape tomatoes, 
scallions, garlic chives, turmeric, mountain soursop leaves*,
sapodilla, bananas, ambarella (June plum)
*not organic
Honey: wildflower, tropical fruit, avocado, orange blossom, palmetto, gallberry, tupelo, fresh pollen, royal jelly

Kombucha flavors: Celery, ginger/turmeric, ginger/lime, blueberry/ginger, mango/habanero, strawberry/holy basil

Dried fruit: Better Than Candy! 9 flavors, and Fruits of Summer

Please remember to BYOB (bags, that is...)
You SNAP? We'll match your first $40 dollars of SNAP/EBT purchases with Fresh Access Bucks, good for Florida-grown fresh fruits & vegetables and food plants onsite.
Support your local farmers by coming out to buy our fruits & veggies!  
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