What more you could want?
fruits and veggies
We're a group of South Florida small family farms that have been working together since 2001 to offer a wide range of locally-grown, seasonal, certified organic produce, eggs, and local raw farm honey. Our produce does not go through packinghouses or warehouses - they go directly from us to you, ensuring minimal handling and exposure to contamination.

We're transitioning to summer...
after this week's market, we'll be taking off two weeks to regroup, put the winter crops to bed and sow cover crops. Then we'll be back in full summer mode, with eggs, tropical fruit, and more!
FRIDAY May 1st from 2pm-6pm
Pop-up Farm Stand/Market at
Bee Heaven Farm
also joining us
Counter Culture Kombucha
Blue Horizon Farm

TRAFFIC DETOURS CONTINUE DUE TO KROME AVE WIDENING PROJECT be prepared to be creative in reaching our place. The traffic detour signs have sometimes been misleading.

     We are at 19000 SW 264th St, Redland, FL 33031-1787. Look for the farm sign - IMPORTANT: 19030 is out of sequence- keep going west to get to us. You'll see a red pickup truck at the farm gate with rear lights strobing. DO NOT ENTER UNTIL WAVED IN.

     When you arrive, Steve (in the orange police/traffic vest) will wave you in if there is space for another car.  Please park in a westward-facing line of cars on the swale across from the farm. Only 3 cars will be allowed  inside the farm at any one time.

We will hand you a shopping list. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE LIST BEFORE YOU WILL BE ALLOWED IN TO SHOP (yes, we know a few items will require a decision at the booth - please circle the items with multiple choices to help expedite shopping). We will take your list at checkout time. 
Help Florida farmers and people in need - DONATE!
just write the amount on your sheet (in multiples of $5), and we'll add it to your total at checkout. Since we began 3 weeks ago, we've collected a bit more each week - $170, $185, $207. Let's make it $300 this week!
All donations go to Feeding Florida to support the Fresh Access Bucks initiative, a program that doubles the buying power of SNAP benefits - specifically for Florida-grown fresh fruit & veggies.

      When it's your turn, Steve will direct you to enter from the front of the line.  Be CAREFUL of fast-moving trucks on our roadway when turning into the driveway and when exiting. Drive to the rear, park and get out to shop. If it's raining really hard, we'll come get your list and put your order together.
     *ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME SHOPPING IN A BOOTH, ONE WAITING TO SHOP, AND ONE PERSON AT THE CHECKOUT TENT*.  Don't leave your shopping bags in the car - you'll slow down the checkout. Please hand your list to the greeter, who will grab a basket and start working on your order, while you decide about which soaps, what size of honey, or items not on the list you want. Respect social distancing - stand at the blue X (We don't want to bring out the alligator to measure...) Do not touch the produce - point and we will put it in the shopping basket for you. IF YOU TOUCH IT-YOU BOUGHT IT! We'll take the basket to the checkout, where we'll ring you up. To speed things along, as we place an item on the table, immediately start putting it into your own bags. If you forgot to bring bags, we have a stash of pre-coronavirus used bags available underneath the check-out table.

   Please wash your hands before coming. We prefer credit cards or contactless payments. We will be sanitizing the credit card equipment between uses for those who must enter pin numbers (debit cards, EBT).
If you have hand sanitizer, bring it with you.

    Here's a list of most items we plan to have on hand
last minute finds won't be listed
(note we have limited quantities of some items)
most is certified organic, starred items are not
* pesticide-free  **not organic
100% is South Florida grown

assorted HOT peppers, rainbow carrots, 
butternut squash*, Jamaican pumpkin*,
2 kinds of kale*, collards,
squash flowers and edible Fancy mix
assorted microgreens and baby greens, frisee, radicchio
Redland-raised dry beans (Calypso, Fagioli del Papa, small red*, black turtle*, cranberry*), 
artisan cherry tomato mix, 
basil, leeks, garlic chives, turmeric, Cuban oregano
ripe jakfruit wedges
Mamey sapote, sapodilla (brown sugar fruit), white sapote (Redland pear),
green & mature mango, red custard apple*,  everbearing mulberries, papaya, Ceylon peaches, Rose apple, bananas

Farm Honey**(raw, unprocessed): wildflower, tropical fruit, starfuit, avocado, orange blossom, palmetto, gallberry, tupelo, 
honeycomb, fresh pollen, royal jelly

Angry Booch ferments: curtido, super kraut, lemon dill kraut,  PikLiz HOT!

Counter Culture kombucha: Celery, ginger/turmeric, ginger/mint, ginger/lime, mango/habanero, original, chai, others

Steve's Kitchen: Moroccan style preserved citrus
Dried fruit: Better Than Candy! 9 flavors (banana, black sapote, carambola, jakfruit, mamey, mango, persimmon, Ross sapote, and  sapodilla), and Fruits of Summer
Goat Milk soaps - limited assortment
a few eggs

Please remember to BYOB (bags, that is...)
You SNAP? We'll match your SNAP/EBT purchases with Fresh Access Bucks, good for Florida-grown fresh fruits & vegetables and food plants onsite. UNLIMITED 1:1 match thru April 30
Support your local farmers by coming out to buy our fruits & veggies!  
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