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July 15, 2015 

Rushing through July at the speed of summer! Wow! Can you believe the month is half over?

It must be summer, because our summer party happened last weekend (and the pics are on the blog)! Our summer fieldtrippers are out and about, on two trips a week through July and August. 

It's sunny! It's hot! And the kids are wearing shorts! It's summer!

With time flying fast, it's also time to clean up your account... When was the last time you did it? Ever? If you could take a moment this week to review your child's likes, dislikes, authorized pick-up people, and allergies, to make sure everything is up to date, we'd appreciate it.

That's a little project for you, before the end of the month, and if you don't get to it... we'll help you. :)

And speaking of needing help, last week, we told you about Sara's drawing project for the Big Kids, but forgot to include the link. If you were wondering about Dragons and Crayons, the story is on the blog.

Centre News
It's time to clean up your account

It's been a while since we all had a refresh on family accounts. If you've been with us for a while, there's a good chance the likes and dislikes of your little one have evolved. And if you're a new family, the teachers might have a added a few new favourites to the list. 

This month, we're cleaning up our allergies as well. As you may know, we've expanded the field on the children's files to mean "Health and Nutrition," and families can list any of the notes and details that will help us take care of your child. 

Notes like "Takes a bottle after nap," and "Limit processed sugars," are as important to us as "Allergic to oranges." Our teachers read through the list, and talk about the notes every week at our 12:34 check-in. 

Notes like "No allergies so far," on the other hand... are less useful. And they fill up the page. 

If you have a moment this week, could you please take a look at the notes on your child's profile page, and make sure they are still relevant. If there are no allergies or notes, please leave the field blank.  

Starting next Monday, account clean up begins. 

Big Kids Abroad - Fieldtrip Program Rocks!

Our super summer field trip program - Big Kids Abroad - is in action, and we've got a whole new crew of big buddies on board! 

With two trips a week, in-house music classes, art and activities, and a big love for fun in the sun, there's tonnes going on at Buddings in the afternoons. Check the schedule of upcoming events on the Big Kids Abroad page. 

Last week, our new practicum student Judy went with Talia on her first fieldtrip, and they had a couple other first-timers with them, too. Check out the post on the blog, and then LOGIN to book your child into any of the upcoming adventures!

Saturday-Care Cooking Class

Last week, we introduced our new teacher Lara, and told you
she'll be taking on the programming for Saturday-care. 

This week, she gets cooking! 

Lara is Venezuela-Canadian, and her favourite childhood snack is a fun-to-roll-out cheese stick called tequeños. Do Canada-Canadian kids like tequeños? This weekend, we're going to find out! 

Saturday-care is an option for any Buddings member. There's no extra cost, and you can use the time to do... whatever you want.  Login and join us! 

Bee Friends with Buddings - The recap! 

Our summer planting party and banjo-and-bee-bonanza went down last weekend, and we had so much fun! 

Huge T hank Yous! to everyone who came out and helped us to plant our newly-beautiful garden boxes, paint our smiling faces, and refresh the thirsty workers!

If you were there (or even if you weren't), check out the post on the blog! Prize winners are listed, and so are some photos! 

Additional, extra-special thanks to our party partners:

Vancouver Neighbourhood Small Grants Program
Cottonwood Garden Society
Deja Brew Cafe
Love Child Organics
Tea Sparrow 
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