April 2021 Volume 4 Issue 4
Welcome to April and 15 wonderful years of the Beede Swim & Fitness Center.
Adeline, 3, enjoys an afternoon of splashing around in the Children’s Play Pool. 
The Beede Center is more than physical workouts. Families enjoy time in our Children’s Play Pool, our warm-water Therapy Pool and the pods along the Shallow End of the Lap Pool. These are ideal spaces to reserve for a myriad of reasons:

  • Spend quality time together as families
  • Children, especially younger ones, become acclimated to water and its many benefits
  • Children practice their swim strokes, becoming stronger swimmers
  • There are no screens, so creative play dominates
  • Everyone gets a strong workout without ever realizing they’re exercising  

  • Sunday April 4 - Easter - Closed
  • Monday April 13 - National Scrabble Day Spirit, Mind & Body
  • Sunday April 18 - 15th Anniversary
  • Monday April 19 - Patriots Day - Closed
  • Monday April 17-April 23 - No programming. Look for Pop-Up classes.

We opened our doors Patriots Day, Monday April 18, 2006, to much fitness, fun and fanfare. It has been our pleasure to create an environment where you and your loved ones feel safe while enjoying the benefits of a good workout. The benefits of healthy living are limitless.

During the week of April 12 and building up to our anniversary date of April 18 the Beede Center will be running daily raffles for all MyRec reservations. Raffle prizes will include Beede sweatshirts, Fitness classes and a White Pond membership. Good luck to everyone.
Bill Lehmann, left, works with John Richardson and caregiver Susan Muthee, during a
personal training session designed for people diagnosed with PD.
Bill Lehmann is certified for Parkinson’s Exercise Training through the Brian Grant Foundation and ACE, the American Council on Exercise. He recently completed vigorous certifications in  BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist.  We are very proud of Bill for bringing this much-needed program to our attention. 

An aerobic workout can change how crucial portions of our brain communicate as we age, improving aspects of thinking and remembering. Unconnected portions of the brain’s memory center start interacting in complex and healthier new ways after regular exercise, sharpening memory function.

Exercise increases neurons, which is essential for memory creation and storage, and thinking skills.

The idea that physical activity improves brain health is well established. We didn’t just make it up.

Aston® Kinetics Fitness, a specialized system of movement and postural education, teaches a sequence of exercises designed to release areas of held tension, improve postural alignment, and create balanced tone throughout your body. Learn to recycle the forces of gravity in your body to improve your balance and to reduce effort, repetitive strain, and risk of injury. In addition to the workout sequence, learn to apply this new way of moving to everyday activities for increased overall fitness and sustained comfort as you move through your day with more energy and ease. This spring is an especially good time to bring focus to our body in movement as we emerge and become more active.


  • LEARN a simple and effective fitness routine to bring grace and ease to daily living
  • IMPROVE your posture by changing the way you move and approach your activities
  • RELEASE areas of tension in your body that may be preventing body movement
  • DISCOVER a new way of sitting and standing that brings these benefits to everyday activities such as working at the computer or walking.

Shirley Lynch, MS, OT, OTR, LCMT, is a Certified Occupational Therapist and Aston® Kinetics practitioner. She has taught in community and professional programs in the Boston area for more than 30 years. Her wholistic approach aims to restore function, increase vitality, and support dynamic well-being in everyday life. She has a private practice in movement education and bodywork in West Concord, MA. For more information contact shirleylynch44@gmail.com or go to www.alignedformotion.com.

Online classes run from April 7 through June 2 from 9:30am - 10:30am, and cost $104 for members and $120 for nonmembers. 

In-Person classes run from April 29 through May 20 from noon - 1:00pm, and cost $52 for members and $60 for nonmembers. 

Registration is available at concordrec.myrec.com

More of you are jaunting back to Beede where our Covid-19 protocols are keeping members and staff safe while getting everyone back in shape. Reservations allow us to track attendance. Masks and social distancing still apply in ALL areas of the Beede Center except while in the water. Our surfaces are wiped clean regularly. Our clean restrooms are available, and our locker rooms are available for changing only. We give you a sterilized Rubbermaid container to store your belongings while you workout. 

A few tips for your first few trips back:

  • Long-lasting results take time
  • Take it slow, especially if you have not been regularly working out for the past 13 months
  • Maximize your workout time by arriving ready to go
  • Don’t forget your water bottle 
  • Be patient. We had to make changes to stay within safety guidelines.
  • Make and double check your reservations online at concordrec.myrec.com
  • Make plans to shower and blowdry your hair at home
  • Enjoy. You’ve taken a big step to improving your health and well being 


This month, we also wish a happy and healthy 90th birthday to Charter Member John Marden, who early risers will know as the guy riding the recumbent bike every weekday morning at 5:30am and every weekend at 7:00am. He seldom missed a workout since our reopening in July. 

While John peddles away in the cardio room, he briefs himself on the state of the Federal Reserve. He takes notes and prepares letters of his recommendations, which he polishes up and sends to legislators,

John’s path to the Beede Center began in NYC, where he was born to an American father and New Zealander mother, who died just before John’s fifth birthday. 

The United States was steeped in the Depression and John’s father had four small children to care for. A son and daughter from his first marriage, the oldest being 12 and John and his toddler brother. John’s grandmother in New Zealand wrote, suggesting she care for the four children. She admitted she was broke, but did own an active 5-acre farm. 

Within weeks, John, his father and siblings were chugging along for five days on a train to Los Angeles. “It stopped for six hours at the Grand Canyon so everyone could see it. I remember that,” said John.

The family boarded an ocean liner from LA that stopped in Honolulu, American Samoa and Fiji on its three-week voyage to New Zealand. John’s home for the next decade would be on this island of sweeping vistas and plush rolling hills.

John’s father returned to NYC and eventually married again. John entered boarding school in New Zealand and, just as he was learning to drive a car on the left side of the road, his new stepmother, a woman of means, insisted on “rescuing the boys from being peasants.”

“I suffered two traumas in my life,” recalled John. “One was when my mother died and the other was being pulled out of New Zealand.”

Five weeks after leaving the Land of the Long White Cloud, John enrolled at Phillips Academy Andover. While pursuing an economics degree from Harvard University, he became acquainted with Barbara, a violinist and coed seeking a degree in education. They celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.

John owned a construction and land development company that built houses in Lincoln's Todd Pond road area, and Concord’s Annursnac Hill and Monument Street as well as other estates, including one for a steel mogul in the midwest. He and Barbara have five adult children, and John has returned to New Zealand three times. He was impressed to see drones herding sheep during his and Barbara’s last visit.

This month the Marden’s five children will gather in Concord to celebrate John’s milestone birthday. Even with family coming in from Chicago, Switzerland, England, NYC and Bedford, John will keep his predawn exercise routine. “I try to take good care of myself.” 

The Otters, our youth swim team, is another wonderful program that began at the Beede Center. Hundreds of swimmers from, ages 6 to 18, developed the skills not just to swim competitively but to work as a team. Many have gone on to swim for their respective high schools and colleges, setting local and state records. In other words, our Otters do well. 

The Otters are one of Beede Center’s most popular programs. You can help the team acquire training equipment and the like by purchasing your next swim gear at SwimOutlet.com. A portion of all sales will be directed to the Otters Swim Team.

Click on this link and show your support for youth fitness. Beede Center Merchandise
Many, many thanks for your continued patronage and support.

It has been a wonderful 15 years together and we
look forward to many more.