July 2021 Volume 4 Issue 7
Welcome to midsummer. July marks the one-year anniversary of our reopening. Last July 6, we reopened our doors, fitness rooms and pools after a 4-month closure. Roughly 70 members worked out that day and soon that number was multiplying. We currently welcome roughly 300 people each weekday. We are so happy to see the return of familiar faces and welcome new ones.
Dunkin’ Donut - An Otter finds her center during a recent drill. The Otters had fun at their first meet in 15 months in June, and are excited to be training for their Summer Season.

  • July 4 - Sunday - Closed
  • July 5 - Monday - Open 7:00am-4:00pm (all classes except Masters Swim running)
  • July 19 - Monday - Fall programming viewable on MyRec
  • August 23-29 - Annual Shutdown for maintenance and cleaning

Lane availability changes weekly, with pop-up classes, makeup classes, holidays and the like. Away from swim meets, the natatorium will always be available for free swim.

We post the weekly schedule online here. We also post this in the building. Naturally, the natatorium is closed during electrical storms and 30 minutes after the storm ends. 

Our Fall class schedule will be viewable July 19, online at concordrec.myrec.com. Once again we offer everything from high-energy cycle classes to gentle aquatic exercises that manage complications from arthritis. Beede Center members may begin signing up August 11 and non-members may sign up August 18. Registration takes minutes with your MyRec accounts, and as always, Beede Center members receive up to 40 percent off. 

Sugar is sweet. In excess it is also a significant player in weight gain, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

A master of disguise, added sugar sneaks into some of our favorite foods and beverages using the following aliases: maltose, sucrose, dextrose and anything ending in ‘ose.’ It tricks us with more ‘organic’ terms, such as agave, molasses, brown sugar, cane sugar, raw sugar, maple syrup and honey. At the end of the day (or a really luscious dessert) it’s still added sugar with long-term complications that override instant gratification. 

The American Heart Association recommend women consume no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day, and men consume no more than 9 teaspoons. Children under 2 should consume no sugar at all. These are tiny quantities, especially when you consider a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola contains 7.2 teaspoons. There’s your quota for the day. 

Limiting added sugars is not easy, especially as they’re true game changers for flavor. But there are easy, cost-effective and healthy ways of reducing added sugar. We have modified a simple recipe for thirst-quenching, flavorful iced-tea that is the perfect alternative to the sugary beverages we tend to reach for in the summer heat. 

Chances are you already have these ingredients at home. 

8 tea bags
Juice of half a fresh lemon (optional) 
½ cup hot water
7 ½ cups cold water

Place tea bags in the bottom of a 2-quart pitcher. Add lemon juice, if using, and hot water. Let sit for 15 minutes. Add cold water. Remove tea bags and refrigerate. Serve over ice and garnish with lemon wedge and/or mint sprigs. Enjoy!

Please join us and Laura Diamond, principal of Diamond Physical Therapy, in giving a warm welcome to Dr. Megan Gray. Dr. Gray - who will be known as Dr. Cohen upon her forthcoming nuptials. Congratulations to Laura for this wonderful addition to her popular practice. Learn more about Dr. Gray in this short video introduction: 

Steve Irza at a past “Save the Bay”,
an open-water swim that supports preservation of natural resources.

Many swimmers take to our lanes to improve health and fitness. For the past 8 years, Steve Irza has added another incentive, the preservation of natural resources. “Narragansett Bay is a beautiful resource,” Steve said, "I really enjoy participating in this worthwhile event."

Steve, a Concord resident and Rhode Island native, dedicates a Saturday every July to swim in the Save the Bay Swim across Narragansett Bay, a celebratory fundraiser created to protect Narragansett Bay’s natural beauty from pollutants and development. The 1.7-mile open-water swim from the Newport Naval Base to Jamestown across the Bay will be held this year on July 17 in a smaller, limited version - fewer swimmers than would be typical and only one wave. Steve was selected to participate in the year's swim. 

Steve trains at Beede with mile-plus swims several times a week. Besides keeping himself in shape, Steve knows his self-motivated workouts have the ripple effect of protecting the environment. 

Head lifeguard Mark Ryder had a big birthday in June. Our esteemed vocal ensemble, “The Swymn Hymns,” with backup by the “Wading Warblers,” serenaded our pool deck star. Enjoy this 20-second clip of the celebrations. 

Concord Otters were treated to a fun Q&A with Harvard Veritas Swimmers.
A shout out to Isabella Root, Arik Katz, Dean Farris, and Will Grant for making it to the U.S. Olympic Trials last month. While you may not be headed to Tokyo in a few weeks, we are exceptionally proud of your outstanding accomplishments. Being invited to try out for the Olympics is a huge honor that few experience. Congratulations to you all! 

  • Group Exercise and Water Fitness programs available
  • Up to 40% off land and water classes for members
  • Personal Trainers accepting new clients daily
  • Water Fitness Drop-In opportunities
  • Day Passes are available