May 2021 Volume 4 Issue 5

Another beautiful month lies ahead as we enter our 16th year of bringing you together in health, fitness and fun. Registrations for summer programs begin this month, and our outdoor patio is ready for you to enjoy the great outdoors while staying in shape. We’re gearing up to teach adults how to swim for safety and enjoyment. We also share a story about Olympic hopefuls!
"APRIL 18, 2016"

Let’s start with our celebrations of 15 wonderful years serving your fitness community. We had fun giving away Beede sweatshirts, exercise classes and even a summer membership to White Pond. Our biggest reward is being here for your wellness goals. We may have four fabulous pools and state-of-the-art fitness equipment, but they are static without you. Many thanks for your trust in us and it is our goal to be here to help you reach yours. Thank you for helping us celebrate 15 years of Swim & Fitness last month.

  • May 1-May 31 - Concord Recreation Fishing Derby
  • May 3 - Monday - Summer Programming information viewable online
  • May 5 - Wednesday - Member Registration begins for Summer Programs
  • May 12 - Wednesday - Non-Member Registration begins for Summer Programs
  • May 21 - Friday - Friday Family Fun Night
  • May 31 - Monday - Closed for Memorial Day
Our Children’s Play pool is the perfect play environment for little ones from six months to six years. The water depth is roughly a foot and the temperature is 85 degrees. Slide into the water and get sprayed from a giant mushroom and a bucket that, when filled, pours water on your head. What fun! This pool is also an ideal environment for little ones to become acclimated to water. There are two slots for every reservation. Fun is guaranteed.
Raffle Winner Susan Hadacker won a family pass for White Pond. 

Thanks to your continued patronage, the Beede Center celebrated 15 wonderful years last month. To show our appreciation, we held a raffle every day between April 12 and April 18. Any member who booked a reservation for that day automatically entered and a name was drawn at random at the end of each day. Here are our Raffle Winners:

Monday, April 12 - David Sedlock won a Beede Center Hoodie
Tuesday April 13 - Thomas Kracz won a Group Ex class
Wednesday, April 14 - Sarah Kirincich won a Beede Center Hoodie
Thursday, April 15 - Susan Hardacker won a Summer Membership to White Pond
Friday, April 16 - Aleksandr Guzovskiy won a Beede Center Hoodie
Saturday, April 17 - M. Alex Colvin won a Water Fitness Class
Sunday, April 18 - Suhas Sarma won a basket filled with Beede Center gifts
Water Fitness Instructor Geralyn Strella guided participants through calming breathing exercises as a warm up for her popular Arthritis Class last month. 
The summer session of swim lessons and aquatic classes begins the week of June 7 and runs through the week of August 16. As always, members have a week’s advance to sign up and pay approximately 40 percent less for each program. All registrations are available online through your MyRec account and by calling the front desk at 978-287-1000.
Veritas Swimmers, from left are Arik Katz, Dean Farris, Anthony Rincon and Will Grant. 

You may have seen some rather impressive swimmers gliding through the far lanes with the grace, speed and agility of sailfish. You may have also clocked these men donning, black and red “Veritas” caps, swimming a fin swim from one end of the pool to the other in less than 8 seconds! 

Those are the Veritas swimmers and Harvard Crimson’s creme-dela-creme. Veritas is in reference to the Roman Goddess of truth and Harvard’s motto of the prevailing power of truth. The young men have been in the same cohort since the pandemic began. They are on leave from school this year, devoting that time to earning a spot on an Olympic team podium this summer. 
When the pandemic shut down their 50-meter Long Course Pool, the coaches began a search for alternative training centers. The Beede Center is thrilled to be among the team's proud interim hosts. The Beede Center is set up for 25-yard lanes. A short-course pool is 25 meters. The swimmers get more opportunity to finetune their turns in shorter lanes while still focusing on skill and development. The Olympic Pool site will feature a Long Course Pool.

Each swimmer has stated they have enjoyed training at the Beede Center in the run up to the 2021 Olympics scheduled to begin in Tokyo this July. Three of the four swimmers, Dean Farris, Will Grant and Arik Katz are members of the U.S. National Swimming Team and Anthony Rincon is a member of the Columbian National Team. 

Dean is the current American record holder in the 200-free and two-time NCAA Champion. Will Grant represented the US in backstroke at the 2019 World Junior Championships in Hungary. Arik represented the US in the distance freestyle events. 

In March, Anthony won three gold medals at the 2021 South American Championships in Buenos Aires for a 55.62 in the 100-meter backstroke, 2:01.51 in the 200-meter backstroke and his portion of the 4x100 medley relay, for which Columbia won the gold medal.  

The men compete this month at the TYR Pro Series in Indianapolis. Follow the livestream here! 
The swimmers and their coaches Kevin Tyrrell, Sam Pitter and M. Stephens will continue to use the Beede Center pool until trials in June. They are always happy to say “hi” and answer any swimming questions you may have.

Beede members and staff wish Dean, Will, Arik and Anthony all the BEST.

The Concord Public and Concord-Carlisle Regional Schools are back in full swing. This news will show an increase with busses, students and parents driving to school. Please keep this in mind when enter the driveway to Beede. We just want everyone to be safe as school year winds down.

When the Beede Center reopened on July 6, 2020 there was a 3 phase process set up to ease members back into the wonderful world of health and wellness. Phase 1 was for year round members, Phase 2 was for 3 month members and Phase 3 was for 10x Visit Holders. We have successfully implemented Phase 1 and 2 and now approach Phase 3. Starting Monday May 3 the Beede Center will enter Phase 3.1. Only current/active 10x Visit Holders will be allowed to make a reservation.
Until Next month …

Thank you once again for making the Beede Center a fun place to workout, play and even work.
We look forward to your visits, and welcome your feedback. We also welcome ideas for our newsletter. Have a wonderful month of May and we’ll see you back here in June.