As of Friday, May 21...
  • Showers in locker rooms open for use at 50%
  • Family Changing Room showers open
  • Team locker room area open for member changing
  • Previously closed bathroom side now open
  • Parking gates will remain up for the remainder of the summer
  • Face covering will still be required, and are pending updates from the Town
As of Tuesday, June 1...
  • Reservations will no longer be required
  • Occupancy will return to previously established Town limits
  • ID cards will required, please check in with Front Desk for assistance
  • Ten Time Visit Pass, Guests and Day Pass use available
  • Lockers and pool deck cubby's will be available for use
  • For your storage convenience, gray bins will still be available
  • Away from scheduled lap pool programing, green cones will mark single lanes
  • Showers in locker rooms open use at 100%
  • Aquatic equipment will be available, ie; kickboards, pull buoys, etc
  • Please follow Fitness Room and Pool Deck rules
Click Here to read the Massachusetts announcement from Monday, May 17.