March 2019 Volume 2 Issue 3
March 2019 Newsletter
‘They were pleasant spring days, in which the winter of one's discontent was thawing as well as the earth, and the life that had lain torpid began to stretch itself.’
---Henry David Thoreau

Welcome all to the Beede Center’s Newsletter for March, the season of renewal. Winter gives way to spring - we promise -  and the icy cold temps of today won’t come around for another 10 months or so. Daylight Savings sheds a little extra light beginning on the 10th, and college basketball fans abound in the joy of March Madness. And we otter give a little space to the Otters, who are finishing up another remarkable season. Photos to follow.

We celebrate while a featuring a gentle new strength program, a school promotion and our new acquisition of the popular swimming hole, White Pond.
March Days to Note

  • March 14 - Public Forum on White Pond 7 to 8 p.m., details follow
  • March 17 - Last day to register for spring programs
  • March 20 - Spring begins at 5:59 p.m.
  • Week of March 25--Last day for winter session classes
  • April 1 - Spring classes begin
Let’s be friends!

We hosted a professional video crew to capture much of the fun that Beede generates on a typical weekend day. Come join us. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram at @concordrec. So glad we’re friends.

March Madness Promo

Enjoying your 10-visit pass or three-month membership? Why not upgrade to an annual membership? This month we are offering our annual membership sans Joining Fee. That means you save $99 right out of the gate. Put that money back in your pocket or into good use with personal training or a fitness or aquatic class. Members get a 40 percent discount on classes, as well as a complimentary hour of personal training. Membership brings many benefits. Stop by the Front Desk today for an application.
Be True To Your School

We’re stealing the headline from a peppy Beach Boys song and a chapter from the college basketball world of March Madness. Wear a shirt bearing your college colors, logo, mascot, etc., here at Beede any day this month and we’ll snap a pic for a slideshow to be viewed on our version of the Jumbotron - that TV on the lobby wall. Staff will don their school colors one day this month, too. We look forward to getting into the school spirit with everyone. 

We’re excited to see the wide variety of alums, current students, profs and prospective alums - and maybe even rivals - working out side by side. 
Stay in Shape during School Break

On the subject of higher education, we know those of you who will not be basking on the beaches of Costa Rica and Daytona will be back in the Concord area for March break. Our college special remains very popular. Receive one week of membership for $30 if no one in your family is a member or $25 if even one person in your family is a member. A member is defined as someone with either a three-month or annual membership.

Another idea is our 10-visit pass. Pay $100 and you have six months from date of purchase to visit the Beede Swim & Fitness Center 10 times. Both passes offer full use of the facility, the pools and the fitness rooms. Just stop by the front desk for an application that takes less than 10 minutes to process.
Aston Kinetics Fitness for Living

Continuing our quest for higher learning, we are very excited about a class Beede member Shirley Lynch Scarlett is bringing to us. Aston Kinetics Fitness for Living is a simple fitness routine that helps improve posture while releasing tension, resulting in graceful movements for daily living. Click on the links for a more detailed description of the program.

The six-class series began March 6 and runs every Wednesday through April 10 from 9:30 to 10:30 am in the Fitness Studio of the Beede Center. Beede members pay $78 and nonmembers pay $93.60.
Aston Kinetics has programs for all fitness levels. It encourages gentle exercises that build strength and flexibility while decreasing compression of tissues. You will learn ergonomics for walking, reaching, bending, lifting and sitting - including how to sit before your computer at work. Movements are designed to improve balance, posture and gravity.

Shirley has received all the credentials by the nationally renowned Aston Kinetics program and founded a private practice in movement education and bodywork in West Concord. You may email her at .
Channel Crossing

Congratulations to the many Beede members who have already traversed our version of the 21-mile crossing of the English Channel. At least 15 of you have reached the French shores and are enjoying a Assiette d'escargots. Overachievers Alan Sample and Nancy Wright are already headed back to Great Britain for a greasy plate of fish and chips.

There is still time to make the trip. You have until April 5 to complete the crossing and don a victory T-shirt once you do. Just sign up on the large chart by the Therapy Pool.
We want to hear from you about White Pond

Via what is expected to be a non-continuous Town Meeting agenda item, the White Pond Association is expected to gift White Pond Beach to the Town of Concord. This means the Recreation Department will manage White Pond this summer and perhaps into the future.
The Beede Center is selling passes for $150 for Concord residents and $190 for residents of other communities. You may purchase online or at the Beede Center front desk. Memberships may include everyone who legally resides at the same address as the person who purchased it, as well as one caregiver.

Concord Recreation wants to ensure you and your family have the best experience during the transition. We are hosting a Public Forum Thursday, March 14 at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main St. from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. So, set up your beach chair and share your valuable ideas with us.

We still want to hear from you if you cannot make the forum. Please email Deputy Town Manager Kate Hodges at or through the USPS at 22 Monument Square, P.O. Box 935, Concord, Mass., 01742.

We are looking forward to a good time under the summer sun.
Beede Birthday Bashes

Everyone loves a party, especially one centered around your family. We kicked off our first birthday parties this month and all celebrations went very well. If you would like in on the fun, schedule a birthday party for your child at the Beede Center. Email Aquatics Program Manager Amanda Smith at or call 978-287-1003.
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