April 2020 Volume 3 Issue 4
April 2020 Newsletter
“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” 

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

BE ing Here for You

We open the April newsletter with our deepest hope that you and everyone in your circle is well and comfortably riding out these different times. It is a great pleasure to serve and support your fitness goals.
Fit + Knit: On a nice day in March, Charity Tremblay didn't miss a beat of her cardio workout while knitting a sock. Read on for tips on staying fit using things around the house.
The Beede Center is closed until further notice. We are complying with town, state and federal guidelines about when best to reopen. Meanwhile, there has never been a better time to maintain good health. Many of us are locked indoors with little or no workout equipment, and doubtful any of us has a 25-yard lap pool in our living quarters. We may also be tempted to nosh on foods that jeopardize our nutritional principles. We’re here for you with tips for responsible physical, emotional and nutritional workouts. We’ve even borrowed some fun tips from our childcare expert, Anita Hill, on engaging family activities. 

Just being a member tells us that you’re ahead of the curve regarding your personal health. Physical exercise and good food can help build a strong immune system. Hang in there Beede. We will all get through this together. 
Housekeeping ain’t no joke!  
Louisa May Alcott

BE ing Grateful  

While many of us are using this time to clean out closets, junk drawers and tackle those cleaning projects we've been meaning to get to for years, our friends Carlos and Elizabeth spent the last several days sanitizing and deep cleaning the Beede Center. 

Few of us revel in cleaning our own showers. Imagine cleaning a bank of showers multiple times a day at a busy 200,000 square-foot fitness center. Not a rewarding thought. And yet, cleaning up after us is how Elizabeth and Carlos provide for their families. We are very grateful, not just for the excellent job they do, but for their pleasant smiles and sincerely kind demeanors. 

Contract workers Elizabeth and Carlos are invaluable assets to the Beede Community and we invite you to join us in extending our heartfelt appreciation for all they do.

Elizabeth, Carlos and members of the Beede staff will return to the facility a few days before reopening to perform yet another thorough cleaning. Also, Head Lifeguard Mark Ryder is making intermittent checks on the pools to make for nice blue water with our Grand Reopening
‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; 
that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.’
Henry David Thoreau

In the BE ginning

Fourteen years ago, on April 18, 2006, we opened our doors, pools and fitness studios to you, our members and guests. Since, we have welcomed roughly 140,000 guests each year, and soon, we expect our 2 millionth visitor to check in! How great if it is you! 

Whatever number visitor you are, serving you has been our pleasure and the easy part. The heavy lifting was done at the turn of the Century by a dedicated corps of Concordians and Carlislians.

Member Pete Funkhouser, who was on the front lines, said the idea of a community pool was floated around 2000, upon the dissolution of the Alfred Sawyer Trust, begun in the 1930s.

Member Jack Clymer was the trustee tasked with allocating the residual principal after the last heir died. The trust requested the money benefit the Town. Jack liked the idea of a pool, and offered to donate funds while the School Department offered the land.

Make Lots of Concordians and Carlislians were onboard, and formed the all-volunteer nonprofit Concord Carlisle People Organized to Open a Local Swim Facility (CCPOOLS)”

Economic analysis deemed more health fanatics preferred treadmills to treading water, so a fitness center was added. Money was raised through donations, raffles and community events. A basketball game, the Poola Hoops brought the community together for fun and funds. Cars and even a Segway were raffled. 

Yet a gap remained between funds raised and needed. Resident Russell Beede bridged that with the largest personal donation. CCPOOLS graciously named our facility in his honor.  

So many wonderful things have happened since we welcomed our first guests at 5:30 am, April 18. We are the training grounds for triathletes, duathletes, competitive swimmers and divers who race in every corner of the globe. 
Closer to home we have watched scores of you meet and exceed your health and fitness goals, all the while creating solid professional and personal relationships with other members. Pounds were lost, muscles built and self esteems bloomed. The CCHS Patriot swimmers and divers and Otters swim team members train and set records in our very pools. We are proud to be your fitness center of choice, especially as we know there are excellent options out there. 

Our goal is to continue being a part of your and your family’s routines, and we are grateful you continue to trust us with your health and fitness goals. 
BE Physically Active
Personal Trainer Jeff Cobb shares general tips for fitness. 

If social distancing is keeping you from going to the gym and your fitness has fallen off the wagon, then this is for you. You have more options than you think, no equipment needed. First of all, I would suggest getting outside and practicing your social distance on a walk as long as you remain at least 6 feet away from others, it should not be a problem. Pick a remote location. Be smart and be safe. 

As for strength, I suggest four exercises that involve the entire body:

  1. Chair Squats
  2. Elevated Push Up on wall or table top
  3. Lunges or single leg step up on a stair
  4. Soup can arm curls

These four exercises should be for 10 reps and 2 sets a piece. Make them fun. Get your whole family involved!

Moderate physical activity boosts the immune system. So, rather than sitting on the couch in front of the TV, get your body moving. Exercise will not only make you feel better, but it will allow you to get in better shape. 

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”

Be well Beede.
BE Resilient

Besides being Nick Ressler’s mother, charter member Pam Ressler is the founder of Stress Resources, a Concord-based firm that helps people recover from traumatic events, or simply cope with the blows life swings at them. A Registered Nurse, trained mindfulness practitioner and an international speaker on resilience - view her impressive list of credentials here - Pam researches, writes and explores resilience. A true Ambassador for Resilience, Pam began a podcast in February, allowing us to tune in anytime we need help being resilient.

Pam’s working definition of resilience is “the ability to bounce back or recover from adversity or change.” She vows to keep her podcasts to 20 minutes or less and will often feature guests. Her third podcast, “Stress, Fear, Resilience and COVID-19,” released March 11, featured Concord resident David P. Ropiek, the Harvard School of Public Health’s Director of Communications for the Center of Risk Analysis. David reminds us that worrying is bad for our health.

“Chronic persistent worry makes you susceptible to catching disease,” he tells us via Pam’s wonderful Podcast. 

Well said. This is just one of many gems gleamed. Raising Resilience is available at no charge from Apple Podcasts, and comes highly recommended by the Beede Staff. Thank you Pam for sharing your valuable knowledge. 
BE Creatively Grateful

Because so many of us are home with young ones, Anita Hill, who heads the Recreation Department’s childcare services, offers a host of fun things to do with kids that don’t involve a WiFi and a favorite chair. 

One activity is to use sidewalk chalk to draw pictures and write messages to thank the very people on the front lines of Covid-19. Think of the person who delivers your mail, oil and groceries. Let’s not forget our friends and neighbors who bravely work as grocery cashiers, nurses, doctors and plumbers. Let’s give a colorful and collective shout out to thank them. Email your family’s art to ahill@concordma.gov or maureensbeedeemail@gmail.com and we’ll post some on our social media pages. We’re very excited about this project and are glad you are, too.  
BE Optimistic We’ll BE Reopening soon!  

Forming friendships and daily interactions with our members and guests are the top two benefits of working at the Beede Center. Trust us, empty pools and workout rooms are very sad sights. We remain hopeful that our May newsletter will be so stuffed with upcoming activities and events, you’ll need to expand your bandwidth to read it. 

Until then, please take excellent care of yourself and loved ones. As soon as we get the green light to open our doors again, you will be the first to know. Stay well, everyone.
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