March 2020 Volume 3 Issue 3
March 2020 Newsletter
‘At the end of winter, there is a season in which
 we are daily expecting spring, and finally a day when it arrives’
Henry David Thoreau’s journal, March 8, 1853
Spring is but a few weeks away. So, let us put a little spring in your step.

  • March 2 - Monday - Beede & Books
  • March 7 - Sunday - Otters Championships @ BU
  • March 18 - Wednesday - Free Intro Class - Aston Kinetics
  • March 30 - Monday - Spring Session starts

Pool and Fitness schedules are posted at and throughout the Beede Center
Late last year we welcomed Nichelle Latimore to personal training.
A gifted athlete, Nichell’s road to fitness- and health overall - had its detours. However, self-confidence coupled with encouragement from family and friends allowed Nichell to reestablish the good habits that nourish her body and mindset. She’s also an eloquent storyteller, as proven here. Take it away Nichell! 
My name is Nichell Latimore. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and studied Social Work at Boston University Graduate School. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and a licensed Social Worker through the Association of Social Work Board. I have an additional certification in pre/postnatal personal training. I have been teaching Group Fitness classes since April 2019 and have been running one-on-one Personal Training sessions since May 2019.
My fitness journey began at a young age. I participated in dance classes from ages 4-14, and classical dance remains one of my biggest passions. I also competed in track and field and cheerleading as an adolescent.
I have always believed in the importance of remaining active and maintaining a healthy body; however, after some personal struggles and misfortunes, I found myself in an unfamiliar position in my mid-twenties: a vicious cycle of unhealthy habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and self-sabotaging thoughts.
With the unconscious encouragement from close friends and participation in activities in which I was able to build mastery, I embarked on a pathway to fitness that ultimately resulted in a new lifestyle, one in which I not only prioritized having a healthy body, but also showed me the necessity of training my mind and attitude. I eventually lost 60-plus pounds and created a lifestyle into which physical and mental fitness is seamlessly built.
I decided to become a personal trainer because, while my journey may be unique, I do not take for granted what it taught me. The encouragement, inspiration, and knowledge I received from others during my transition was critical to my transformation; if I can bestow even a portion of that onto another person, I can imagine and empathize with the impact this could have on a life!
I chose to pursue my certification through ACSM based on its nationally renowned reputation, foci on physical and medical contraindications, and comprehensive repertoire of information. I feel secure in my knowledge of exercise prescriptions, physiology and kinesiology, and behavior modification and psychology thanks to ACSM’s program design, and I hope to impart that knowledge on my clients and continue to grow and learn more along my continued journey.
Elba Dominguez sports a winning style.
Charter member Nancy Wright strikes a pose.

Caps off to the nearly 50 members who completed the Alenuihaha Channel challenge! The challenge, inspired by the Hawaiian swim and run marathon of the same name, required participants to swim 26 miles and run 26 miles. Our contest was closer to home, such as our lap pool, and not the verdant trails of an Island paradise. Challengers had 60 days to get in the 52 miles. Sounds daunting, but not so for these folks. Aloha nui to the following winners, who are now sporting their prized caps.

Cynthia Dunbar, Mark Dunbar, Christina Scherer, Nancy Wright, Cameron Scott, Mei Han, Bill Lehmann, Patricia Smith, Mark Ryder, Elba Dominguez, Juli and Matt Davenport, Kelly Green, Eric Macy, Kevin Dionne, Nina Nielson, Bill Lehmann, Maureen Belt, Wenyan Miao, Deborah-Ruth Mockrin, Simon Nip, Julia Lavely, Joe and Sharon Sacco, Jackie Palmer, Anne Hrabchak, Gwen Acton, Jiaou Li, Margaret Leeson, Halley McIlwain, Kris Scopinich, Alicia Andre, Janet Rich, Karen Curran, Joanne Weiner, Indira Konanur, Karen Nazor, Margaret Laneri, Liz Newell, Priscila Ip, Elizabeth Ingleheart, Therese Roeser, Patricia G. Smith and Joan Geoghegan. 

Did you know that with a slight change in how you sit, stand and go about your daily movements, you will simultaneously reduce years of built-up tension and improve your posture, balance and flexibility?

Member Shirley Lynch demonstrates the gentle changes that will benefit your physical - and cerebral - well being. Shirley, an occupational therapist and certified Aston Kinetics practitioner, began teaching Aston Kinetics classes here last year to rave reviews. 

Shirley welcomes all fitness levels to experience the simple, life-changing techniques that will eliminate unnecessary tension and restore grace to your movements, enhancing performance of all your life activities. 

Sign up at the front desk for a free introductory class Wednesday March 18th at 9:15 am, and her spring class, which runs Wednesdays April 1st through May 27th in the Beede Fitness Studio. 

It is an honor to be a training ground for such dedicated athletes. We are thrilled that the Concord-Carlisle Swim & Dive team did so well in Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association state championships. The boys team placed 11th and the girls team placed 2nd. 

Shout-out to our regular swimmers who understood the need for us to sacrifice lanes so that our high schoolers could train as needed. We look forward to getting their energy back after Thanksgiving.

Congrats to the following seniors: Marco Brunette, David Del Rio, Daniel Wang, Cyrus Tavakol, Charles Reichle, Lee Tang, Henry Lease, Charles Clark, Kai Tang, Ben Broxson Hailey Beyer, Sophia Eckler, Addison Dunham, Melissa Jiang, Ashley Burpee, Avery Kirkpatrick, Cara Fritz, Obiageli Akubude, Meghan O’Brien, Lisle Allen, Madelyn Marano, Stephanie Donovan, Lindsay Mingolla, Madeline Mueller and Sibella Cownie. 

The Beede Center was psyched to be a last minute meeting spot for the annual Civics Bee. Beede Member Susan Frey coaches the CCHS team in the local, state and federal government details of the Nineteenth Amendment. The competition is on March 8th against teams from Sudbury, Wayland and Weston. Cheer them on at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School at 2:00 p.m. There’s no charge, but lots of rewards. Last year our team took home the gold! 

Let’s be honest, swimming laps, despite its physical and meditative benefits, can be challenging. You swim to this end. Your turn around. You swim to that end. You turn around. You do it again and again and again! 

Our swim coaches will help you spice things up. You’ll notice this colorful bulletin board featuring workouts custom designed by our coaching staff. Go ahead, select a workout, jump in a lane and give it a whirl. You’ll be impressed at how much you can accomplish, and how invigorating it feels to try something new. Very many thanks to Mark Ryder, Ilkka Suvanto, Maureen Cownie, Amanda Smith, Mei Han and Nancy Thomson. 

Beede recently introduced Pop Up classes, or one-shot classes to fill the gaps during school vacation weeks and between sessions. This is an ideal opportunity for you to try a new class and instructor. Chances are excellent you’ll love what you try. Sign up at the front desk and expand your fitness horizon. February Vacation Week had one participant winning the raffle prize of a free Spring class. A big congratulations to Elba Dominguez!
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St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival...
with that said, safely have some fun.

Friday March 20th is the first day of Spring!
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