August 2019 Volume 2 Issue 8
August 2019 Newsletter
‘As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote.
 I love to sail forbidden seas and land on barbarous coasts’
Herman Melville   

Thank you to member and Melville aficionado Patricia Smith for suggesting our opening quote. We have it on good authority that Melville, who is famous for bringing us Starbucks, although some of you may associate him with writing ‘Moby Dick,’ hung out with Nathaniel Hawthorne, Emerson and Thoreau here in Concord. Patricia and Maureen at the front desk marked the occasion with some fresh brews from the first mate of the Pequod

Summer’s last remaining weeks are here and our hope is that you enjoy every single day of them. We have a hefty amount of news to share with you this month, so instead of dawdling on, we’ll just dive into it.

Cue the divers, please.  (Pay close attention to the first swimmer in the video. This is the race that put Anna Bogaevsky on the Podium at the Bay State games in July. More info below. Video and photo courtesy of Otter moms and dads).

  • August 12 - Monday - Beede and Books 11:00am 
  • August 14 - Wednesday - Member registration for Fall and Winter programs
  • August 14 - Wednesday - Exercise for Parkinson's (free session)
  • August 18 - Sunday - Last day for Summer session classes
  • August 19-25 - Monday-Sunday - Annual Maintenance Shutdown Week
  • August 21 - Wednesday - Non-Member registration for Fall and Winter Programs
  • September 2 - Monday - Labor Day- Beede Center is closed. 
‘Observation more than books, experience rather than persons,
 are the prime educators.’
Amos Bronson Alcott 


  • Members - Wednesday, August 14
  • Non-Members - Wednesday, August 21

  • Registration for General Programs opens at 7:30am
  • Registration for Aquatics
  • 5:45am Masters Swim opens online at 5:00am
  • All other classes and lessons open at 7:30am-phone, walk-in or online
  • To be eligible for the Member registration date the participant MUST be a current member
  • If you are interested in a program, sign up, don’t wait. Everyone benefits. We have too often had to cancel programs due to lack of enrollment, only to learn that many of you were planning to enroll on the first day of class.
  • If you enroll and the class does not meet the minimum, we will work with you to find a comparable class or fully refund your money. 
  • We accept MC, VISA, personal checks made out to the Town of Concord, and of course cash.

During the Beede Center Annual Maintenance Shutdown Week (August 19-25) please contact the Hunt Center to register over the phone, in-person or if you have questions.

The Beede Center thanks you for your continued support and for allowing us to serve you.

On the subject of Back-to-School, The Beede Center is helping to ensure our school children have everything they need to begin a successful academic year. We have partnered with Concord-Carlisle Community Service to collect donations of backpacks, pencils, glue sticks, pencil cases, pens, pencil sharpeners, loose-leaf paper, folders and notebooks. All donations must be brand new and never used. 

Place your gifts in the drop box in our lobby. At least 50 school aged kids (and their parents and teachers) will be very appreciative. 
‘Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify.’
Henry David Thoreau


We are hand delivering the perfect excuse to skip the gym. The Beede Center will be closed for maintenance from Monday, August 19 through Sunday, August 25. We are OPEN regular hours on Sunday, August 18 and Monday, August 26. 

We shut down every year around this time to give the pool and gym equipment a thorough cleaning, and see to other adjustments and repairs. Here is a list of (some) items on our To-Do List:

  • Our vendor Compass Cleaning will spruce up the place
  • A crew from the Concord Facilities Department will update behind-the-scenes areas  
  • Head Lifeguard Mark Ryder will overhaul our two smallest pools
  • Improvements coming to all three fitness rooms

Thank you for your patience while we make improvements. Stay fit & healthy.
‘Nothing is impossible to a determined woman’ 
Lousia May Alcott 


Lucy O’Sullivan has been raising the bar in our strength room since returning to Beede this summer. The recent UConn alum has an impressive routine of heavy deadlifts, flawless squats and weighted pull-ups. (BTW, our trainers say most people have a hard time simply pulling up their own body weight, never mind adding a few extra pounds, which Lucy does effortlessly.)

Lucy has always identified as an athlete, so grueling workouts are not new. As a child she was forever outside climbing trees and playing soccer. At Concord Middle School, she fell in love with cross country and indoor and outdoor track. Lucy’s excellence in sports and scholarship earned her the prestigious Art DuLong Leadership Award, named for a favorite past principal of CCHS.  

Despite a healthy schedule at CCHS, Lucy found time to work alongside medical researchers at Mass General Hospital. She became enamored with science, especially in developing hypotheses. “I learned a lot. It influenced me to learn a lot about my body, especially nutrition, which is really important to an athlete.” 

This led to the Home of the Huskies where Lucy serendipitously discovered the rock climbing team at an activities fair her freshman year. “I thought it was a more casual thing, and I liked climbing trees when I was younger.” 

She had never rock climbed and admits faking her way through the tryout. Not only did she make the team, she was its captain senior year and placed third in the New England Regional Women’s Collegiate competition. 

“Rock climbing turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to me,” said Lucy. “I’m so happy I accidentally did it.” Lucy describes climbing - whether it’s a rockwall or a tree - as “both a mental and physical puzzle. You have to study the holds. It’s very mentally engaging. It raises the body awareness of yourself and space and how to move yourself around.”

We are psyched to introduce new Personal Trainer Linda McGovern. Linda has been a certified personal trainer since 2012. She is certified in both personal training and fitness nutrition through the International Sports Sciences Association. She enjoys working with all types of clients both young and old and especially likes working with older clients.

Linda believes in the power of exercise and dedication and its many health benefits. She incorporates strength training and functional training exercises in her program, and likes to get clients moving at their own pace. She loves to develop and build relationships with clients and help them feel better and live better, healthier lives through proper exercise and nutrition.

Linda is a mother of four and lives in Concord. She graduated from Suffolk University and has a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Lesley College. When she's not in the gym, Linda enjoys spending time quality time with her kids as well as being outside walking and running. 

Already, Linda has a full slate of clients. She's so excited to begin her journey at the Beede Center and we are thrilled she is here. 

Beede Center Personal Trainer Bill Lehmann is presenting a free program tailored specifically to people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The hour-long class focuses on stretching, flexibility, strength and balance.

Exercise benefits the physical and psychological well-being of those with Parkinson’s Disease, a neurological disorder that deteriorates motor coordination and balance. Regular exercise helps keep muscles strong and flexible, including those that control swallowing and speaking. Exercise may also keep Parkinson’s from progressing, according to the Parkinson’s Foundation. 

The class will accommodate patients at all stages of the disease and is Wednesday August 14 at 2:30pm, at 55 Church St., West Concord. Advance sign up is recommended. Participants should get medical clearance beforehand. You may call the Beede Center, 978-287-1000, or stop by the Beede Center for signups and more information. 

Bill Lehmann is a Personal Trainer certified for Parkinson’s Exercise Training through the Brian Grant Foundation and ACE, the American Council on Exercise. 

We are excited about another new fitness program this fall. We’re even offering a free sample of “Taste of Tai Chi” on Thursday, September 5 at 10:00am, in our Beede Center Fitness Studio. If you like it (and you will!), sign up for the Fall session, which runs Thursdays at 9:30am, beginning September 12. Member and Non-Member rates apply.

Here’s a good description of what to expect: 
Originally one of the ancient Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan is practiced today primarily as a method of exercise that cultivates physical and mental harmony in movement. Its slow, fluid forms—based on the Chinese principles of yin and yang—and its emphasis on relaxed, effortless movement make it ideal for people of all ages.
In this session, Master Instructor Tai Chun Pan, will introduce the history, different styles, and principles of Tai Chi Chuan and demonstrate the traditional Yang-Style of long-form Tai Chi. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and soft, flat shoes.

Congratulations to every member of our youth swim team, the Otters! About 20 Otters competed in the Bay State Games in July at Harvard University.

Anna Bogaevsky, 12, even landed on the podium for a second place finish in the 200 butterfly! That’s no small task. Great work, Anna!!!

Pictured to the left is Anna with her older brother Phil, who is no stranger to podiums. This is a huge accomplishment seeing as our young swimmers are among and were racing against the best in the state. Steady summer workouts produced a lot of medals and personal bests. Competitions included races in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and individual medleys and relays. Medleys are a compilation of each of the strokes. Let’s also give a high five to Coach Maureen Cownie, who produced these winners! 
‘Getting old is a fascinating thing. The older you get, the older you want to get.’
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Bob Schwerin (seated with hat) gives us 102 reasons to eat cake after a grueling workout. Classmates, pictured from left, Mary Cornett, Sharon Smith McManus, Debbie Boule, instructor Geralyn Strella, Mairead Curtis and Janet Murphy, celebrated Bob’s 102nd birthday with a lunch and buttercream cake. Chuck and Mary Sue Willie were also part of the festivities but are not pictured. A rugby and tennis standout in high school, Bob gave water Arthritis aquatic fitness a whirl 10 years ago and has been going strong ever since. 

In the “You never know who you’ll run into” category, Beede members Linda and Whit Painter, center in above photo, made a quick roadstop in Silverton, Colorado this summer and thought another couple walking by looked familiar. Of course! Dick and Stacey Davis from the Beede Center! The Davis’s were in the middle of their own road trip from Concord to Montana. Pictured on the far left, is Bozo, the Davis’s home on the road. We’re happy to report everyone enjoyed safe travels. 
We’ve been posting a few signs around the building reminding you of classes we offer, as well as suggestions of nutrition and safety. It’s one of our many attempts to keep you informed. 
‘It is such a joy to run!’
Louisa May Alcott 


BIKE FOR THE WOODS - Sunday, August 18. Family Friendly bike ride offering range of routes from short and easy to lengthy and more challenging. Proceeds benefit environmental conservation projects in Stow. 

RACE FOR RESEARCH -  Sunday, August 18. 5K chip-timed run in Cambridge and 4-mile walk and wheelchair ride along the Charles. Proceeds fund the discovery of a cure for ALS. 

PROSPECT BANDIT RUN - Saturday, September 7 - 3.1-mile hybrid around Waltham to benefit the Waltham Track and Field Club. The race is 1.5 miles of paved roads, 1.6 miles of trails featuring 480-foot elevations. The Waltham Track Club offers instruction to runners of all ages and abilities and from all communities. 

ARMED FORCES COMMUNICATIONS & ELECTRONICS (AFCEA) Saturday, Septemebr 14 - 5K run in Concord to benefit STEM education. 

14th ANNUAL BENEFIT 5K/10K FOR LOUISA MAY ALCOTT’S ORCHARD HOUSE - Sunday, September 22, Alcott School, Concord. USATF-Certified races to support education, preservation and healthy living at the Orchard House, the home of ‘Little Women.’ Walkers welcome. Hosted by Winner of Boston Marathon and Olympian Uta Pippig.
Well, this wraps up our newsletter until we meet again in September!
Enjoy the last full month of summer.
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