August 2020 Volume 3 Issue 8
August 2020 Newsletter

After a nearly four-month pause we are THRILLED that so many of you entrust the Beede Center with your fitness goals. We welcomed 65 members on our re-opening day Monday July 6. Since then, more than 2,500 reservations to workout have been made. More than 20 members have resumed or begun one-on-one personal training and nearly 30 are enrolled in water fitness and swim lessons.

We are grateful to have your cooperation in patience with making reservations, adjusting to our new scheduling guidelines, social distancing, wearing masks (where applicable) and respecting others’ personal spaces and comfort levels. All this helps us to become a successful model for fitness centers and ensures a safe environment for our members and staff. 

If you have not returned yet, we welcome you to visit. Call 978-287-1000 to set up a tour.

While our daily attendance numbers continue to gradually increase, we fully understand and appreciate that not everyone is ready to return. Therefore, we continue to pause memberships.

Please note, a membership is reactivated when a member on your account uses the Beede Center. At that time, your payment plan will be adjusted. Perhaps one member on your account is ready to return and the other(s) are not. We will temporarily amend your membership to account for such changes.

We tend to forget that our staff may be well versed in the nuances that define a spin bike from a recumbent bike, and an arc trainer from an elliptical, but perhaps not everyone is. Therefore we offer this pictorial as guidance. Many thanks to our members for helping us out! 

The fitness centers, the pools at the Beede Center and White Pond are among the very few recreational areas open right now. We will comply with all government mandates to avoid spreading infections and potential closures. This includes limiting the number of people, including staff, who may be present at a given time at our facilities.

Making reservations is easy, once you have your username and password. We converted our software this winter and all members at the time were given MyRec accounts.

  • Visit
  • Login into your account *
  • Click “Register” then “Programs” then “Beede Reservations”
  • Select the desired day then find a time and location of your preference
  • A receipt will be emailed to you when checkout has been completed
  • To view receipt please check Finance under your household account 

*Annual/recurring members had their accounts automatically transferred from the previous registration software to MyRec. Please do not set up a new account.

  • Reservations will be available for viewing 3 days in advance 
  • Registration for a reservation begins daily at 9pm
  • Deadline to register for a reservation is one hour before the desired block
  • One reservation per person per day
  • Reservations cannot be made in-person at the Beede Center, even if there are open slots.
  • To cancel a reservation please email with 24 hour notice.

  • Phase 1 will be for Year-Round Members: July 6
  • Phase 2 will be for Three Month Members: July 15 
  • Phase 3 will be for pass holders, daily use, and member guests: TBA
Pictured above is what the screen will look like with a successful reservation.

Predawn swimmers may have noticed a new face on deck. Concord native and Acton resident Jackie Palmer joined our lifeguard staff two years ago, following her recent retirement from a lifelong career as a D2 and D3 coach, college instructor and most recently, the athletic director at Mount Ida College. 

But instead of breaking in a favorite easy chair, as some retirees are apt to do, Jackie began training for a position as the last one simmered down: A lifeguard at the Beede Center. 

“I really loved what I saw in terms of management, the facility and the aqua fitness programs, especially the administration, leadership, curriculum design and management,” said Jackie, a Charter Member, explaining why she chose to work and train here.

But getting permission to don the red suit, whistle and sit atop the high white deck chairs proved a little more difficult than she had expected. “I felt that because I could swim, that was sufficient,” said Jackie, reflecting back on her lifeguard training class.

But apparently a love of water and a desire to help others were not enough for the Red Cross, which certifies the Beede Center lifeguards. On the first day of class, Jackie, along with the other students, was required to dive into the pool and retrieve a brick from the deep end. 

“I flunked it. I flunked the dive test,” she admitted. That setback prevented her from continuing the class. The Beede Center conducts lifeguard training classes several times a year since its inception in 2006, and Jackie is hardly the first (or last) to be held back. She is, however, the first one to return, determined to retrieve the brick and do all the other work necessary for a certification. 

Jackie worked with weights in the strength room, and swam laps religiously for six months. She signed up for another class and this time, retrieved the brick and successfully completed the course. 

Jackie’s drive and passion for a job well done are not new. She earned a place at the CCHS Hall of Fame, and as a three-sport college athlete. 

She has lifeguarded at the Beede Center since, most recently opening up with Head Lifeguard Mark Ryder a few mornings each week. She also guards a Quail Ridge. 

Working as a lifeguard has made her keenly aware of the idiosyncrasies of the job. “I have never so respected lifeguards in my life,” she said. “You have to be razor attentive and immediate to help those in need. The casualness of it is hidden by the seriousness of helping others in the water. I don’t take it lightly.” 

She is thrilled to be on the deck assisting members in their aquatic endeavors.  

“I want to be intentional and helpful to others and by combining my craft with my love of fitness plus my love of wellness, it’s a perfect fit.”

  • Open the entire month of August
  • Locker rooms are open for changing and use of bathrooms only
  • Stay tuned for updates
We look forward to seeing you soon and providing you with
the best fitness experience imaginable. 

BE responsible    BE innovative   BE kind
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