June 2020 Volume 3 Issue 6
June 2020 Newsletter
Just placed on our patio. A nice sign of summer! 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are thrilled to report there is a prospective finish line in sight! 

Based on recommendations from Governor Charlie Baker, the folks at the Centers for Disease Control and our own Reopen Concord Task Force, our tentative date to reopen is Monday, June 29. 

We are so excited to be able to greet you all again. The true essence of a fitness center is its membership.

We are going to reopen with a safer facility. Our team has been strategizing equipment placement, check-in and payment procedures, increasing sanitizing stations and updating protocals. As mentioned above, none of this is from the hip, but after tremendous consultation with professionals. We are happy to report that Recreation Director Ryan Kane has been appointed to the Reopen Concord Task Force, placing him on the front lines of all policies and procedures. 

Our future is bright and we are excited to share it with you. 
Yoga Instructor Peter Kelly teaches a live class via ZOOM.
Group Exercise Instructors will help you maintain your physical and emotional health from the comfort of your own home. 

By zooming in through your home WiFi, our certified instructors will teach you how to strengthen your body while releasing stress. Registration is simple and the commute cannot be beat.  

Uncover your private fitness studio by sliding furniture aside. Everybody’s doing it, even instructors. Peter Kelly, who teaches Gentle Flow Yoga, swaps out his dining room set for a yoga mat. A Buddah statue adds zen.  
Starting Monday June 8 Online Group Exercise classes will begin a 6 week mini-session.
Class info is below.
 Click here to register.
Monday - Peter / Gentle Flow Yoga @ 9am
Tuesday - Laurel / Small Group Training @ 8am
Tuesday - Lisa / Yoga Stretch & Strength @ 9am
Tuesday - Lori / Pilates @ 10am
Wednesday - Ellen / Gentle Pilates @ 9am
Thursday - Laurel / Small Group Training @ 8am
Thursday - Lori / Basic Pilates @ 9am
Friday - Lori / Barre @ 7am
Friday - Peter / Gentle Flow Yoga @ 9am
Saturday - Mary / Total Body Conditioning @ 8am 
Submitted by charter member John Ganson

Exercise by Zoom

It actually works quite well. Constructing a home gym is easy: cinder blocks, a chair, a counter top, a bag of weights and so on. However, equipment by itself lacks two critical components both solved by Zoom.

My two 30-minute sessions with Jeff Cobb might have ended without the certainty of specific appointments, my best of intentions would have degenerated into the "I can do this tomorrow" syndrome - bad for an over-80 body! A fixed schedule was the first critical missing component.

Jeff was more than just a time-table. We never did the same exercises twice, which kept things from becoming rote. With Jeff watching, exercises were done correctly. Certainly exercise can be done in solitude, but almost equally certainly they will sublimate into my version, becoming easier and more fun, essentially, ineffective. 

The process couldn't be simpler. If you don't know how to use Zoom, any kid can show you. Having grown up before television, it did take me some prompting. But once over the glitches: Jeff now sends me an e-mail. I click on it. Jeff shows up on my laptop and in the next half hour gets me just stiff enough to not recover until the next session. I keep telling myself "no pain, no gain.”
Pomp & Circumstance

The Class of 2020 is blazing new ceremonial trails and we are honored to wish the very best to our Beede Center lifeguards who are among the legendary class of 2020. Join us in sending heartfelt congratulations to:

Lisle Allen, Hailey Beyer, Nate Biscotti, Sofia Casimiro-Nunez, Charlie Clark, Bella Cownie, C.J. Flory, Stephen Holmes, Melissa Jiang, Hyatt Mayor, Ava Robert, Kai Tang an Lee Tang
Great work CCHS alum!
Emerson Track Open 

Like the rest of the world, Concord Recreation is reopening in stages. Many of you have already learned that our state-of-the-art track is open for exercise. Enjoy your laps in the great outdoors while maintaining social distance. 
MyRec Education

As we get closer to opening, we’re requesting you to become fluent in our software, MyRec. Like Crosby’s and your other favorite haunts, we’ll be operating more online. This YouTube video demonstrates how easy it is. The MyRec website in this video is generic, but the steps are the same for Concord Recreation and the Beede Center.

Your cooperation helps us minimize face-to-face and monetary transactions; in essence, it promotes social distancing and keeps everyone safer. Contact us at maureensbeedeemail@gmail.com if you need assistance. Happy to help! 
Virtual Brochure

MyRec fluency will help you going forward, especially as our fall/winter brochure will be online only. Expect it to be available sometime in August. TJ Liakos, Assistant to the Beede Center General Manager, is right now plugging away at coordinating activity schedules, working with instructors and dotting every i to make sure our brochure gets to you on schedule. As of this writing, we predict our next brochure to be packed with fitness and recreational activities. 

Going virtual allows us to make real-time updates, is cost effective and it saves paper (think trees!!).
Sit and Be Fit 

You asked and Personal Trainer Jeff Cobb delivers. He has put together a gentle yet effective workout program for our members who thrived in our popular arthritis fitness classes. Good news, you don’t have to suffer from arthritis to reap its benefits. Thank you, Jeff, for taking this on. 

Chair exercises are a great way to mitigate arthritis by adding low impact exercises that help with arthritis or osteoporosis. Some of the benefits to expect are: improved flexibility and range motion, decreased joint pain and stiffness, improved muscle strength and balance.

Chair exercises should be performed 30 minutes a day. Either in one big 30-minute session or intermittently throughout the day with three 10-minute session.

Do the workout in this video six times for one 30-minute session or two times for three 10-minute sessions each day. 
Walk to Concord from Concord

With gyms closed and favorite activities on hold, you’ve probably taken lots of walks around Concord. It may be time for a change. How about a walk to Concord? Concord Recreation and the Concord Chamber of Commerce have mapped out a fun route with the folks at the Concord, NH Chamber of Commerce and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department that allows you a delightful change of scenery without ever leaving town.

Good news, you don’t actually have to stroll the 63 miles at once, nor do you need to alter your favorite route. Simply track the distance you walk each day with our log sheets, available here, and once you reach 63 miles your name will be entered into a drawing to win a free day trip to Concord, NH. June 14 is the last day to log miles and the drawing will be June 15. The lucky winner will explore Concord, NH’s historical sites, hike its trails and even dine in one of its popular restaurants. 

We have a lot in common with Concord, NH. For instance, the Old Manse, where Emerson wrote “Nature,” and Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote “Mosses from an Old Manse,” was the inspiration for the name “The Pierce Manse.” The Pierce Manse was home to Franklin Pierce, Hawthorne’s Bowdoin College roommate, lifelong friend and the 14th president of the United States. 

Concord, NH has universal appeal. The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center is ranked as one of the 10 best science museums in the world by Trip Advisor . Named in honor of Framingham, Mass. native and astronaut Christa McAuliffe, and Admiral Alan Shepard, the center heralds models of spacecraft, a planetarium and telescope views. 

View Concord, NH’s historic Statehouse and stunning mountain ranges while exploring the scenic Winant Park Hiking Trails. The family will enjoy the easy trails and live animals at the Susan N. McLane Audubon Center and Silk Farm Sanctuary. 

These are just a sampling of the many opportunities in the other Concord. Join the more than two dozen residents who have signed up, including teams from each of the Concords! The New Hampshire winner receives gift cards to Main Streets Market and Cafe , Revolutionary Concord and four passes to the Concord Museum . Tons of Thank Yous to our local sponsors! Don’t miss a chance to check out the sites of our Northern Namesake. Register online here and check your inbox June 15 for the winner! 
White Pond

Good news Swimmers and White Pond Members! We are getting your favorite outdoor respite ready. June 20 is our target date and some restrictions will apply. You can view them here With our opening date, we will remain open seven days a week and not just weekends. Members will also need to reserve a spot on the beach via Myrec.com , to accommodate social distancing. 
Driver’s licenses will be chec ked. 
From our Arc Trainer to Oprah!  

We were so delighted to tune into Oprah’s podcast, SuperSoul Conversations, to discover member Alan Lightman was her featured guest! Dr. Lightman is an MIT prof, best-selling novelist, physicist and a regular on our ArcTrainer. He caught Oprah’s attention from a recent Atlantic article he wrote called “The Virus is a Reminder of Something Lost Long Ago,” and with his ability be both left-brained and spiritual.

“That’s what got my attention,” Oprah says on the podcast. “A scientist who embraces spirituality.” She goes on to call Alan “A Renaissance Man for a time such as this.” Listen for yourself. It’s an enjoyable 18 minutes that will encourage you to slow down and recognize your own moments of stillness. 
A big Thank You to our Facilities group…roof top work has been completed! 
Open All August

Traditionally, we close the Beede Center during the last week of August for deep cleaning and repairs we can’t really do while everyone’s working out. This year - we are forgoing our August shutdown, because we’re taking care of all those things right now! 
It is our greatest wish is that we are face-to-face (or mask-to-mask) come the end of this month.
As we all know, things change on a dime, so stay tuned to your Beede notifications. 
Your friends at the Beede Center. 
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