July 2020 Volume 3 Issue 7
July 2020 Newsletter
Head Lifeguard Mark Ryder is psyched to get back into the swim of things. Beede opened its doors and pools at 5:30 am, Monday, July 6!


This time when we say, “welcome back!” we mean business. We were so happy to open the doors to our gyms and swimming pools in the wee hours of Monday, July 6. More than 70 of you returned for a swim, to lift some weights or catch up on the latest crime thriller while pedaling a recumbent bike. It was wonderful to see you all again, and we truly appreciate you understanding the guidelines we must now follow. 

Our reopening coincided and fully abided by all of the requirements and guidelines of the Baker/Polito plan and the Reopen Concord Task Force. We understand some are quite inconvenient. We’ll run through a few of them here.

  1. Masks must be worn in the building with the exception of the pools and cardio equipment.
  2. At this point in time our locker rooms are closed. Please wear your exercise clothes, including swimwear, to and from your visit, as we have no place for you to change. 
  3. Lockers are unavailable. You will be given a clean tall, plastic bin in which to place your belongings. You can keep your bin in your sightline. They will be sterilized after each use.
  4. You must reserve a workout time online. A detailed how-to follows this list. 
  5. All facility access times are in 90-minute intervals.
  6. Staff will do additional cleaning between intervals. 
  7. You may arrive anytime after your scheduled workout but you must leave by the end. For example, you schedule a lap lane for 5:30 am to 7:00 am. You may arrive at 6 am, but you must exit the building by 7:00 am. 
  8. We will not be supplying kickboards, swim belts, pull buoys, exercise mats and other pieces of equipment you may have come to rely on. However, you may bring your own. 
  9. The only showers available are quick rinsing showers located on the pool deck.
  10. Wipe down equipment before and after use.
  11. Please bring a water bottle. The fountains are open for filling bottles only.
  12. No need to bring your Beede ID or printed confirmation email of your reservation.
  13. Please be mindful and respectful of your fellow gym goers as we all have different tolerance levels of this pandemic.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding as our staff works to balance your fitness needs and expectations with needed changes related to keeping you safe and healthy.

For more information please visit Beede Center Reopening.

The fitness centers, the pools at the Beede Center and White Pond are among the very few recreational areas open right now. We will comply with all government mandates to avoid spreading infections and potential closures. This includes limiting the number of people, including staff, who may be present at a given time at our facilities.

Making reservations is easy, once you have your username and password. We converted our software this winter and all members at the time were given MyRec accounts.

  • Visit concordrec.myrec.com
  • Login into your account *
  • Click “Register” then “Programs” then “Beede Reservations”
  • Select the desired day then find a time and location of your preference
  • A receipt will be emailed to you when checkout has been completed
  • To view receipt please check Finance under your household account 

*Annual/recurring members had their accounts automatically transferred from the previous registration software to MyRec. Please do not set up a new account.

  • Reservations will be available for viewing 3 days in advance 
  • Registration for a reservation begins daily at 9pm
  • Deadline to reserve morning block is 9pm the day before, afternoon blocks are 12 noon the day of
  • One reservation per person per day
  • Reservations cannot be made in-person at the Beede Center, even if there are open slots.
  • To cancel a reservation please email concordrec@concordma.gov with 24 hour notice.

  • Phase 1 will be for Year-Round Members: July 6
  • Phase 2 will be for Three Month Members: July 15 
  • Phase 3 will be for pass holders, daily use, and member guests: TBA

Nearly 70 members joined us opening day and it was such a pleasure to see all of you. Meanwhile, some of you need a little extra time. Therefore, we will continue to do the $1/month pause through the end of the summer. At that time we will reevaluate these memberships. Until then, relax your membership is secure. 

Membership will be reactivated with your first reservation. We hope to see you soon.

Masks off to Concord resident Janine Penfield who not only walked the distance between Concord, Mass., and Concord, NH, in our recent challenge, she was named the Bay State Winner. 

Janine will enjoy a walking tour of Concord, NH, four passes to the McAuliff Center, a $50 dining gift certificate and a tour of the State House. 

Janine joined dozens of participants from both Concords and walked at least 63 miles - the driving distance between both communities. She didn’t do it all in one day. No one did. She logged her daily miles, which ranged from 1 to 6, and in just under four weeks, she completed the mission. But she did not stop there. Janine went on to log another 94 miles! 

Janine shares her secrets of success with us. 

Concord is a great walking town and walking was one of the few outdoor activities one could do for weeks. 

In the Blizzard of 78, I lived in Boxboro and vowed that I would never again not live within walking distance of a downtown. We're about a mile from the Depot Center and Downtown. Running errands like picking up prescriptions at CVS, or mailing a package were still within the realm of possibility. Or just walking through neighborhoods to see what's new, to see Spring emerge, to check out and report at home what was "opening" downtown. When there's gentle rain, it's a perfect time to walk because less likely to run into others. A real boost came when golf courses were allowed to reopen. We managed a few rounds of nine holes and the initial opening rules mandated walking only, a welcome change in the routine. I also met a friend and we socially distanced during a walk on one of Concord's trails. Other walkers had masks and also made a point to socially distance. 

I don't listen to music, preferring to keep aware of what's going on around me, although last week, my sister from PA called on my cell phone, I put her on speaker and it was like taking a walk with her. 

It was just little by little but having driven to Concord NH many times, I was surprised how "easy" it was to accumulate over time.  
We welcome you to pick up a new Beede bag and water bottle.
They are free in the top lobby while supplies last. 

During the closure, Front Desk Star Maureen called all households just to check in and see how you all were faring. Yes, exercise and stress relief were challenging for all. It was great to hear so many people being positive.

Two of our members got engaged. Not to each other, but to their significant others. Both said independently that they sheltered in place with their long-term partners and learned they really were marriage material. Congratulations to both couples. 

Another member, who works as a midwife, welcomed scores of beautiful babies into this world. Another took up painting and discovered he’s quite good at it. One went food shopping for neighbors. And many others made cloth masks and donated them to family, friends and organizations. We truly have lovely individuals making up our membership.
Reminder we will be open all of August.

Stay tuned for updates on new procedures and policies. 

Once again, we look forward to seeing you soon and providing you with the best fitness experience.

Your friends at the Beede Center
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