April 2019 Volume 2 Issue 4
April 2019 Newsletter
“Shallow people believe in luck. Strong people believe in cause and effect.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson (with a 21st century twist)

Welcome to beautiful April. It is such a pleasure to watch the sun stream into our fitness rooms and pools. Did you know that our building was designed to maximize the beauty of natural light? Just another bonus of the Beede Center.

April is the most celebrated month in Concord. It all started on April 19, 1775 with the American Revolution. The Beede Center also celebrates its anniversary in April. but we don’t go as far back. We opened our doors at 5:30 a.m., in 2006. We proudly observe 13 wonderful years. You may have heard a rumor that 13 is an unlucky number. We don’t believe it. We are confident that this is going to be an extraordinary year and are thrilled to celebrate along with you.


  • APRIL 1 - Spring aquatic classes begin.
  • APRIL 15 - Patriots Day - Beede Center is closed. Enjoy the parade! Our very own Aquatics Program Director Amanda Smith is a reenactor and will be performing Revolutionary-era songs with the choir in Lexington Center.
  • APRIL 13-19 - April Break -
  • APRIL 21 - Easter - Beede Center closed.


  • MAY 18 - Bike Fest, a fun family and community event. Learn all about it here.
  • MAY 6 - Beede and Books - 11am-12pm - Beede Center Lobby
  • JUNE 3 - Beede & Books , 11am-12pm - Beede Center Lobby


… Rosa Strott is the winner

Concordian Rosa was among the scores of newcomers who sampled the Beede Center at our March 27 Open House. It was a pleasure to show off our facility and welcome so many new faces to our complimentary fitness and aquatic classes.

Congratulations to Rosa who won the raffle for a free three-month membership to the Beede Swim & Fitness Center. The prize comes with full access to both the fitness and aquatic equipment, a one-hour fitness orientation with a certified Personal Trainer and membership pricing for most programs of the Recreation Department.

We kicked off April with our Aquatic Programs and Group Exercise Classes. This session began April 1 and runs through the week ending June 13. Please note: Due to April Break no classes or practices are held from April 13-19. See the front desk for prorated class opportunities.
The Beede Center is proud to host classes of the internationally renowned body-centered and holistic wellness program Aston Kinetics: Fitness for Living.

Longtime Beede member and Carlisle resident Shirley Lynch Scarlett is a certified Aston Kinetics practitioner.

Her 6-class series begins Wednesday, April 10 and runs through May 22 from 9 to 10. (No class May 1.) Every one of us will benefit from Shirley’s training. She teaches gentle movements that strengthen and tone muscles, while releasing deep-rooted tensions that - unwittingly - we’ve become accustomed to limiting our mobility.

You can and should go about your daily routines without minor aches and pains that sometimes accompany simple movements such as sitting, walking, bending and reaching. Shirley will guide you through a series of exercises that improve balance and eliminate stresses. A few staffers sampled a session and can vouch for the ease and thoroughness of Aston Kinetics.

All ages and fitness levels are encouraged to sign up. Space is limited so that Shirley can give ample attention to each participant. Like all programs here, Beede members receive a 40-percent discount. Cost for members is $78. Nonmembers’ cost is $93.60.
From left, John McClellan, Aiyana Currie, Rob McMorrow and Liz Kripke celebrate after victorious competitions at the Master Swim Meet hosted by Harvard University last month. All train every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Beede Center.
A frequent question/comment we get here at Beede is “You guys really open at 5:30 in the morning??!! Why? Does anyone even show up?”

The answer to the first and last is Yes! At least 100 fitness enthusiasts arrive every Monday through Friday in the predawn hours. The cardio room and weight rooms buzz with activity and there are swimmers getting early morning workouts in the lap pool, dive well and therapy pool. These people are diehards, never missing an opportunity to stay in shape.

Their dedication pays off. Last month, members of our 5:45 a.m., Master Swim program competed at the U.S. Masters Swim Meet hosted by Harvard University. Congratulations to John, Aiyana, Rob and Liz for their commitment to fitness and healthy competition.

Forego that evil snooze button. What has it done for you anyway, besides make you late and put you in a rush? Join the early risers here at Beede. We get in excellent workouts and have a lot of fun before the sun comes up! See you under the stars every Monday through Friday at 5:30 a.m.

Thick plots and a splashy pool are the perfect elements to brighten the first Monday of every spring month. Join us Monday, May 6 and June 3 for “Beede & Books.” Beloved Children’s Librarian Fiona Stevenson of the Concord Free Public Library hosts storytime with preschoolers, 3 years old and older, in our lobby at 11 a.m.

After the story, the children enjoy a half hour in the Children's Play Pool. There is no charge, and naturally, all children must be attended to by an adult. Don’t forget towels! Please note: We have capacity restrictions in the pool. If we reach capacity, the children will be divided into two groups. One group will join storytime, while the other swims. We will switch halfway through. This event runs 11 to noon.

Quick shout-out to these residents running the Boston Marathon this year:

Ben Lewis, 55, Derek Schwartz, 25, Beno Chapman, 44, Kyle Stanley, 38, Jacob Hoerger, 26, Christopher Hogan, 31, Emory Holmes, 25, David Nerrow, 52, Thomas Salemy, 21, Ted Hibben, 60, James Dohoney, 47, Bruce Blumberg, 64, Macdara Nash, 52, Meghan D'Arcy, 22, Yordanka Shtiliyanov, 43, Gayle Chatlosh, 60, Ashley Smith, 34, Melissa Hoey, 23, Maire Crowley, 24, Erica Light, 41, Jayme Riessen, 31, Jennifer Sacheck-Ward, 46, Emily Rasmussen, 34, Kerri Nash, 40.

Wishing you a healthy and happy April. Look forward to meeting again in May!

  1. Please use the lobby for phone calls as cell phone use in the fitness rooms is prohibited
  2. Please remember to use the parking lot while at the Beede Center and follow the posted signs.
  3. Please store your gear and personal belongings in a locker. Locker rentals are available at the front desk or bring you own lock for daily use.
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