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July 2016 - Vol. 1 - Issue 6

As any parent knows, when your family is happy, you're happy. And when it comes to mealtime, you want something they love that's good for them, too. With beef - and its satisfying, one-of-a-kind flavor and essential nutrients - you can feel confident you're giving your family what they need to shine.
 From July 11th-17th 36 restaurants will be featuring gourmet burgers for only $5! Grab a burger week passport and make it your own culinary tour. Get three stamps or more to enter for your own backyard barbecue! 
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Good Grubbin'

Some Kentuckians would say bourbon goes great with anything...
and well, in this case we'd have to agree! 
This Kentucky inspired recipe from Paige of 
brings bourbon and lean beef together for a dish that is bursting with flavor!

Beef in the Bluegrass
Summer's here in the Bluegrass and you can almost smell those sizzling, grilled burgers. You know what that means: it's (finally!) time to get your friends and family together for that much-anticipated barbecue you've been itching to host.

That's why we're here with six tips to take you from amateur host to expert entertainer so you can feel confident at your ultimate summer get together.

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