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May 2016 - Vol. 1 - Issue 4 
May is National Beef Month!

Believe it or not, there is more to the Bluegrass State than bourbon and horse racing. Yep, it's true! With more than 38,000 beef farmers across the state, Kentucky is the largest beef producing state east of the Mississippi River! 

What better way to support and celebrate your local beef farmers than with a beefed up cookout! ENTER NOW through May 31st and you could win an Ultimate Beef Grilling Pack with all the essentials for summer grilling .

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Media Tour

As the weather warms up and spring kicks into full swing, we are ready to fire up the grills and dish out some delectable beef recipes. The Kentucky Beef Council will be traveling around the state for our Keep Calm and Grill On Media Tour featuring free samples, delicious beef recipes great for summer grilling and tips for saving money while still enjoying that great steak or burger. 

Keep an eye and ear out for us in your local area during the month of May! 
Good Grubbin'

The sound of sizzle. The smell of succulence. The savory delight of steak. When it co mes to finding that  perfect steak, we can help make it easy. Look for bright, cherry-red color and beef that is firm to the touch. Some of our favorite cuts for grilling include Strip Steak, Flank Steak and Ribeye Steak. Check out the recipe collection for more yummy steaks!

Faces of Farming
Beef in the Bluegrass

"Some families pass down their love of sports and hobbies to their children.  In my family we pass down the love of cattle and agriculture."

May is beef month and Mother's Day is just days away! Oldham County farmer and mother Fran McCall shares with us how she is raising the next generation in agriculture.

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