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Is it really there?

If you are building your graphics files in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and plan to use images in your artwork, you will need to understand the difference between a linked image and an embedded image. While it's always best to "package" your files befor sending them to us, today we learn the difference between a linked and embedded image, and why it's important for your print job.

------ FILE PREP 101 ------

How and why to embed images in your art

A linked image is one that is linked to an external file stored somewhere on your computer, while an embedded image is stored within your artwork file. When you place a graphic (File > Place), you will see a screen-resolution version of the file in your layout, so you can view and move it as needed.

The actual graphic file may be either linked or embedded. What’s the difference?

Embedded Images (above)

  • Are copied into your art file and therefore increase the art file size.
  • Are not affected by changes to the original file.
  • Don’t get lost. Since the images are part of your data, you won't lose or misplace them.

Linked Images (above)

  • Are not a part of your actual art file, so the artwork's file size is smaller.
  • Will unlink if their name or stored location changes.
  • Are easily updated. Changes made to the original image—in Photoshop, for instance—can be easily updated to the newer, modified version in your file.
  • Must be packaged with or provided in addition to the art file to print accurately.

What happens if I forget?

But, if you forget and send us Adobe InDesign or Illustrator files without embedding the images, we will see warning markers by the missing images when we open the file. In the Links Menu, we can see what the image files were named (see illustration below).

If we printed this file, it would print without images or would print a low-resolution, pixelated version of the image in its place.

It is not necessary to embed your images if you link your images then Package your Adobe files for output (File > Package...) before sending them to us. Compress the resulting packaged folder (Finder > File> Compress) and send the .zip file to us. Sending us a packaged file will insure we have all related images and fonts, and give us the ability to troubleshoot for best results when necessary.

Have questions about your file set-up?

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