September 16, 2017
Update from the Church in the Wildwood
This Sunday Morning, Talk to Pastor Diane about What Membership Means
She'll be waiting for you in Tatter Hall from 9:30 until about 10:15, on September 17 and 24, with information and answers and conversation and cookies and coffee. Don't let her be lonely up there all by herself! She takes a no-pressure approach to membership, but wants you to know that "membership has its benefits!"
Our church's bylaws allow for full adult membership; full membership for those who are not yet 18 (they'll have to wait until they're 18 to vote on congregational matters, though); and affiliate membership for those who are also members of another church or who live here just part of the year. All of these forms of membership allow us to keep in touch on a level consistent with those who are in a caring, covenant relationship. Give it some thought and some prayer, and if God is nudging you, say yes!
P.S. - If you're not in town right now and you have questions about membership or anything else, feel free to give Pastor Diane a call (719-233-8982) or reply to this email any time.
Kids' Church Continues - More Fun, More Learning, More TREASURE!
God appeared to Moses in a burning ... what? Come and get another golden ticket to choose a treasure in Kids' Church, and learn the strange way God appeared to one of his followers a long time ago. We're glad he doesn't appear that way any more! Let's keep the momentum going from last week's Kids' Church Kick-Off! Let's keep it going all year long! Bring your friends!
Hurricane Relief: Good Ways to Help
Of course, the most important thing we can do is pray. Recovery from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will take years. We need to hold up in prayer everyone who is affected by these disasters.
The other good way to help, as impersonal as it may feel, is to send money. I know of three very secure ways to do this.
First is through the United Church of Christ. General Minister Rev. John Dorhauer has promised that 100 percent of all donations will go to relief efforts, because the UCC already has its overhead covered by other funds. Donate to UCC Disaster Relief Ministries at this link:
Second, if you have a cell phone and you text, you can have $10 added to your cell phone bill and sent directly to the Red Cross by texting to 90999 and then entering in the text line either HARVEY or IRMA.
Third, the five living former U.S. Presidents have issued the One America Appeal. You can get more information and donate at this link: