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Good afternoon everybody, it's Friday and it's also Memorial Day weekend, a fact that kind of snuck up on us being that the world is going through such a strange and difficult time right now. A lot of us will miss the large gatherings, music festivals, block parties, and bbq's that we usually associate with Memorial Day, but nevertheless we can still find a way to enjoy this holiday weekend (you can guess that for us it will probably involve some beer). We can still fire up the grill and crack some cold ones and enjoy our weekend, even within small groups and from a safe social distance. We'll take what we can get, and we expect everybody's outdoor spaces will get quite a bit of use during this beautiful holiday weekend.

There's always something new and interesting in the craft beer world, even in these different times. We have several new items to check out this week, including a few fresh releases from Arrow Lodge Brewing in Covina. We know their super-popular "Hush Money" Double IPA will go very quickly today, as its dubious history relating to a certain local professional baseball team makes it something of a rare find. It's also a delicious Hazy Double IPA, so this isn't just about the can art. In addition to this beer, Arrow Loge has a brand new release called "Communion Juice" and we expect this one to bring us into a very Juicy place as well - fans of the NE IPA style already know that Arrow Lodge tends to crank out a lot of winners. Another one that will be perfect for this weekend comes from one of LA's Original craft breweries, Smog City. They've finally released 16oz cans of their classic witbier, "From L.A. WIT Love". It's the perfect refreshing style for a hot weekend - Smog City's take on a traditional Belgian Wit will have you reaching for another can during those long afternoon hours on the porch or patio.

As always, a big THANK YOU to all of you that have been supporting us since we've had to close the bar and adjust the business. We've been so impressed with how friendly everybody has been through tough times, so we appreciate you making our lives a little bit easier as we try to get you the best possible beer. All small businesses, including Sunset Beer Co. and the entire local independent beer scene need your support now more than ever to ride this out, and there has never been a better time to buy and drink local. Your support of local small businesses is a direct investment into your own community and your neighbors, and taking care of each other is what will get us all through rough times. Thank you for supporting small businesses, and thank you for supporting independent beer!

*Tasting notes provided by breweries

Arrow Lodge - Communion Juice (CA)
New England style IPA with Vic Secret,Galaxy and Enigma. ABV 6.8%
$5.77 16oz Can

Arrow Lodge - Hush Money (CA)
New England style DIPA with Amarillo and Citra. ABV 8%
$6.03 16oz Can

Andechs - Vollbier (GER)
Its head is firm and fine pored. Its aroma is pure and fresh from the cellar, with soft malty accents imbued with floral hoppiness. Its light and soft body leaves a pleasant, tangy taste in the mouth. The mild sweetness marries well with the velvety bitterness of the hops. It concludes on a rounded, harmonious note. Andechser Vollbier Hell is therefore a classical Bavarian Vollbier. ABV 4.8%
$3.92 500mL

Definitive Brewing Co - Float NE DIPA (OR)

FLOAT, a brand new DDH DIPA for the summer! FLOAT is a full-bodied 8% India Pale Ale dry hopped with Citra and a blend of Simcoe and Loral cryo pellets. Plush on the tongue, this beer tastes and smells like lemon-citrus raindrops, tropical hibiscus petals, and a day floating down the river! ABV 8%
$6.03 16oz Can

Indie Brewing Co - Limited Release Del Rey IPA (CA)
The classic Del Rey IPA/. This limited release version is dry hopped with Sabro, Mosaic, and Mandarina Bavaria.  ABV 6.5%
$3.74 16oz Can

Mother Earth - Tierra Madre (CA)
THIRST-QUENCHING, CRISP & SNAPPY are all adjectives that come to mind when drinking this fresh, light Mexican-style lager. We use Vienna malt and corn to give the malt profile just enough oomph to separate this beer from its mass produced imported and domestic counterparts. Authentic lager yeast and cold fermentation ensure it ends up a dry, even-keeled session beer. A beer for all reasons. ABV 4.5%
$2.06 12oz Can

Ogopogo - Ponaturi Hoppy Lager (CA)
In Maori mythology, the Ponaturi are a group of hostile creatures who live in a land beneath the sea by day, returning to shore each evening to sleep. They dread daylight, which is fatal to them. ABV 5%
$4.08 16oz Can

Smog City - From LA WIT Love (CA)
Belgian-inspired wit beer with coriander, sweet orange peel, and bitter orange peel. ABV 4.8%
$3.33 16oz Can

Stone - Tiki Escape IPA (CA)
While this beer is not a fruit-added IPA, our beloved hops can achieve sublime levels of fruity flavor and aroma all on their own. This beer combines the tropical, complex and much-loved Mosaic hops with an intriguing newcomer, Sabro, and its notes of stone fruit & coconut. This is a beer for your evening's staycation - a refreshing new perspective on something familiar.ABV 7.7%
$7.66 22oz

The Bruery - Mischief Golden Ale (CA)

Mischief is a hoppy Belgian-style golden ale. This wickedly good golden ale is fiendishly dry-hopped with American hops to add a layer of complexity and mystery to its fruity, dry Belgian-style character. Citrus and resin diabolically combine with ripe melon, pear and slight peppery spice in a precariously effervescent mixture. Enjoy it, but you'll want to keep an eye out. Gold Medal - 2016 Great American Beer Festival, American-Belgo-Style Ale. ABV 8.5%
$4.15 16oz Can

Three Weavers - Even Sassier IPA (CA)
We decided to kick it up a notch by adding expressive yeast and aggressive hopping to our beloved rye IPA. Even Sassier brings the sass to a new level and we're not mad about it. ABV 7.2%
$3.88 16oz Can

Weihenstephaner - 1516 Unfiltered Kellerbier (GER)
The "Weihenstephaner 1516" is unfiltered, hence retains the typical pure character which is underlined by the amber color and the stable froth. This style of a typical Kellerbier is one of the most traditional and typical Bavarian types of beer and exists at least as long as the Purity Law is in effect. At the first sip our Kellerbier reveals a touch of caramel. Its fresh and fruity aroma is owed to the chosen hops and accompanied by a pleasant bitterness. In combination with a well-balanced malt body this wonderfully mild and smooth beer was created to please both, your tongue and mind. In order to stay in consistency with the historical theme we used solely traditional and local hops like "Hallertauer Record", "Hallertauer Perle" and "Halltertauer Mittelfrueh". ABV 5.6%
$2.34 12oz

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