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Good afternoon and happy Friday, it's June 26th, 2020 and our shop and bar has been closed to the outside public for over 3 months. It's so hard to comprehend the changes we've seen over the last few months, and we're still adjusting to whatever will be the new normal. We are hoping to be able to bring a little bit of normalcy back some of your lives as we figure out the long and careful process of opening up our doors. Today we will begin with the very basics - if you'd like to come in and shop for some beer to go, we'll be ready to shoppers in one at a time. We hope that you will find patience with us as we figure out the process of managing those who are waiting to come into the shop and those who are picking up pre-orders. We have a small retail space and we MUST abide by the guidelines provided by LA's Health department if we wish to continue operating, so that will be our priority. We will be enforcing physical distancing and require masks for entry, so please be prepared to follow the advice of our Public Health officials for the sake of all of our vulnerable or immuno-compromised community members. If you'd like to come inside to shop, ring the bell and we'll get you in the queue (assuming someone is already in line ahead of you). We will be continuing our online ordering process, so if you prefer to shop with us that way we'll be happy to work with you - in fact we encourage everybody to continue using our online ordering form especially if you have a larger order as pickup will much easier for you. Today will be a bit of a test run, so we hope it goes well!

Beer wise, we've got a few new fun items for you this week. It's always a treat to receive the barrel aged stuff from Fremont Brewing Co. We've long stood by the claim that they run one of the finest barrel-aging programs in the entire country, and their incredible lineup of imperial stouts and barleywines always delivers. Today we have a limited amount of "Rusty Nail", one of the original Fremont barrel releases. We always like to enjoy the "Rusty Nail" pretty quickly after it's released - it's cinnamon addition is best enjoyed right away. Of course, you can age this bottle as well if you'd like some of that cinnamon to mellow out and fade back into the complex bed of flavors provided by this beer. This one usually goes quickly, so take note if you are looking to add this one to your cellar! Fremont has also dropped off a fresh new Double IPA that we've never had before, entitled "Disco Wolf". We're always looking for another solid Double IPA in a 12oz format, and Fremont has certainly delivered once again in both quality and crushability. Take a look at the list below to see some of the other new arrivals, and we'll see you soon. Have a great weekend, everybody!

*Tasting notes provided by breweries

Alesmith - IPA (CA)

A San Diego classic, AleSmith IPA showcases the versatility of American hops. Aromas of grapefruit and tangerine lead into an abundance of fresh pine and tropical fruit notes followed by a crisp, resinous bitterness.
ABV 7%
$3.80 16oz Can

Almanac - Sabrosa IPA (CA)
Sabrosa DIPA is a mesmerizing flavor adventure. It's a super dank and juicy brew double dry-hopped to the máximo with Sabro and Citra hops. Spellbinding tropical flavors of coconut, tangerine, and ripe cantaloupe permeate the 4th dimension of your tastebuds. Enjoy it with sunshine and magic rainbows! ABV 8%
$6.05 16oz Can

Almanac - Purple Paisley (CA)
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to enjoy this sour farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with plums, blackberries, and black currants. Electric words, "Purple Paisley". They mean delicious and that's a mighty true statement. Enjoy a glass in honor of The Purple One and prepare to turn up the funk! ABV 5.5%
$10.93 16oz Can

Andechs - Dopplebock Dunkel (GER)
This Doppelbock Dunkel from Bavaria's Holy Mountain presents a pleasant effervescence. And then there's the unmistakable flavour: mouthcoating and velvety, strong and yet pleasantly malty - a powerful, robust body. At the same time, it develops an easily recognisable sweetness, embraced in roasted cocoa and a light, bitter hoppiness. Concluding with a powerful punch, this Doppelbock departs with a lingering aftertaste of quality plain chocolate. A strong Doppelbock that embodies the centuries old Benedictine brewing tradition, sip by delicious sip. ABV 7%
$4.19 500mL

Artifex - Czech Your Citra (CA)
These times call for Lagers! Czech Your Citra is a hoppy pilsner that we brewed with Czech Saaz in the kettle, lagered for 4 weeks and then dry hopped with a big, fresh dose of Citra. The result is a clean and extremely drinkable crispy boi!! We know you'll enjoy this brew as much as we do. ABV 5.1%
$4.42 16oz Can

Beachwood - 28 Haze Later (CA)
Honing our survival skills, we brewed this beer with enough hops to cure a zombie! 28 Haze Later is fermented with a new proprietary yeast and hopped at over 6 pounds per barrel with Mosaic, Citra, & Galaxy.
ABV 6.8%
$4.14 16oz Can

Fair State / Modern Times - Crankin' Foamers (MN / CA)

American Slammin' Beer. A premium corn lager brewed the old fashioned way, with a cereal mash and an extended lagering period. Modern Times collaboration American Corn Lager. ABV 4.5%
$2.25 12oz Can

Fremont - Rusty Nail  (WA)
The Rusty Nail begins life as The First Nail, an oatmeal stout of epic proportions with brewer's licorice, smoked barley, and pale malt and is then aged on cinnamon bark. She becomes The Rusty Nail after spending 15 months in 12-year old bourbon barrels. The Rusty Nail pounds your palate, challenges your perception of all that you've known of beer, and leaves you wanting ... another sip. ABV 13.3%
$23.98 22oz

Fremont - Disco Wolf  (WA)
Disco Wolf is brewed for the party animal that won't let the party stop. This fruit forward double IPA is brewed to be dangerously approachable with a moderately bitter bite. ABV 8%
$2.79 12oz Can

Stem cider - Salted Cucumber cider
Dry hopped with cascade and citra hops, finished with fresh cucumber juice and sea salt. Crafted with 100% fresh pressed apples from the Pacific Northwest. ABV 6.7%
$2.79 12oz Can

Three Weavers - Knotty DIPA
Named for our friends at Knotty Woods, Knotty is a bold, sunny, juicy and indisputably dank double IPA. It's generously hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, Chinook and Ekuanot hops and balanced with two-row malt, pale rye and Premium English Caramalt. Because the only thing better than sharing beer with your friends is making it with them.
ABV 8.6%
12oz Can

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