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We recently received a unique testimonial from a Bridges To Life volunteer. Michelle was led to volunteer for us because the program followed the same steps she had taken in her own journey of transformation from despair to healing.

"Despite never being in prison, my former life mirrored that of many of the
Michelle before
women at the unit where I volunteer. After a life of trauma and abuse, I had depended on drugs to get me through my day, resulting in multiple trips to jail. Over the course of 10 years I sank deeper into a pit of despair and bondage. I had lost all hope that I could ever have my life or relationships restored. I hit rock bottom, lost everything, and was  forced to move back to my parents with my two children.  It was then I began  seeking God with all my heart. 

Michelle after
"I chose to volunteer for Bridges To Life because the process laid out in the book is the 
exact process the Holy Spirit took me through during those hard years at my parents  house. I know Bridges To Life and other faith-based classes are vital to the transformation of  women. Many of us have never heard of the concepts we encounter through these classes. I'm so thankful for my new life, and God has  restored every bit of my life and health ."


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Consult with your tax advisor and the bank, brokerage or fund company that has your account for more information.


Bridges To Life founder John Sage was recently interviewed by the Warden Exchange, a program of the  Prison Fellowship organization that  seeks to help corrections professionals create safer, more effective prisons. There are many ways that sharing the Bridges To Life story has impact, from healing crime victims, to rehabilitating offenders, to joining the national conversation about restorative justice.

If you've never heard the background story of BTL,  listen to this podcast and learn how our program began!