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 with the Western Michigan Genealogical Society
Each month the WMGS offers a public program at 1:30 pm in Ryerson Auditorium of the Grand Rapids Public Library. This Saturday, on December 1 st , Julie Tabberer will present

Bringing Your Ancestors to Life with Archival Resources

GGRWHC board member and manager of the GRPL archives, Julie Tabberer will offer tips and guidelines for using archival records in your genealogical research. Discover how to go beyond basic facts and dates with archival collections and learn more about who your ancestors were—or other persons of interest. The GGRWHC can recommend some great women subjects about whom we would like to know more!

Using the library’s archives, Julie will illustrate how to think creatively and find primary sources that may contain unexpected information. Archives hold unique and rich material that can be particularly helpful for researching women and people of color. This program is co-sponsored by the Western Michigan Genealogical Society. 

More on the event and the WMGS at . And read more about Julie at

Mark Your Calendars & Stay Tuned
*** Saturday, January 19, 9:30AM : HISTORY DETECTIVES! A day of local history programming sponsored by a consortium of local groups at the Grand Rapids Public Library. Representing GGRWHC will be Sophia Ward Brewer’s exploration of the powerful undercurrents created by a small community of local African American women in turn-of-the-century Grand Rapids. Other programs will feature the first artist in Grand Rapids, what Grand Rapidians knew when about the Holocaust, mid-20 th -century “hot spots” in town, Progressive Era school gardening programs, and the story of South High School’s WWII bomber

*** Wednesday, March 27, 5PM: The GGRWHC’s annual reception at Aquinas’s Donnelly Center will wrap up Women's History Month by celebrating all those who took up the huge effort to complete a searchable database for 23,000 local women’s registration cards during WWI. A card party! 

*** Thursday & Friday, May 30 & 31, all day: The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Midwestern History Association in Grand Rapids. The GGRWHC sees that women’s history is well represented and for the fourth year will offer local topics rising out of our study of women community builders from our mid-sized city in the American Midwest. 
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Hats off to the historical women who've shaped West Michigan!
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