Message from the President & CEO
Many things are different now. Our conversations, our outlook, and our thoughts have been prefaced with phrases like “before COVID”, “since COVID” and “after COVID.”

In our organizations, many of our policies have changed too. We may have implemented new working from home guidelines and certainly new safety protocols. It is one thing to announce change and another to see it take hold. What makes some changes stick when others fail?

It is about communication. How often we communicate, who is doing the communication, the medium by which it is being communicated, and of course, the message itself. 

Take safety for example. After your employees are oriented in their first few days on the job, how often is safety a topic for discussion? COVID has certainly given us an opportunity to keep it front and centre. What are your policies and plans “after COVID”? 

Sue Buckley, MCE’s Business Development Officer for the 519 area, and I have been very fortunate to have engaged in many conversations on this topic with an organization called “MYSAFEWORK”. ( Rob and Jess are passionate about ensuring students, employers and employees alike understand the importance of safety in the workplace. With their guidance, we at MCE have developed a course to address this as well. 

LEADING THROUGH THE LENS OF SAFETY is the final day of a 3-part series (see below) focused on the importance of open communication. Open communication is critical in the enhancement of union management relations, labour relations, and employer-employee relations. Starting with orientation through to retirement, this course discusses ways to keep the safety conversation alive throughout the lifecycle of the employee.  

We commend and thank our colleagues at Mohawk College for keeping us safe yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Special thanks to Cathy O’Donnell, Director, Security Services.   

P.S. LEADING THROUGH THE LENS OF SAFETY can be taken as a stand-alone course as well as part of the series.  

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
New Lineup:
Fall Seasonal Series
The Seasonal Series is back for the Fall months, with a renewed focus on workplace health and safety.

The MCE Seasonal Series is a 3x a year series of timely content that reflects changes in Leadership development. As with the seasons, the environment for Leadership growth is an evolving one that creates a reason for a leader to invest in the latest developmental training or to invigorate a specific set of skills.

This series works well together or modular. Each 'season' offers 3 full-day, virtual workshops, delivered once a month over 3 months. All workshops are interactive, using smart technology to keep participants engaged with the facilitator and other participants. The result is improved retention of knowledge and practical application in your everyday life.

Union Management Relations | October 27, 2021
This one-day course will provide participants with an understanding of the history of union/management relations and management rights and processes. Participants will learn how to build effective relationships between union and management and move from confrontation to collaboration. In addition, dealing with grievances and why grievances may go to arbitration will be examined.

This one-day course will provide participants with the principles of labour relations. Participants will learn to govern their actions by these principles and to communicate the reasons for their actions in principle-based terms. Realistic examples and case studies are used to demonstrate application of these principles.

Leading with the Lens of Safety | December 15, 2021
In this one-day training session, participants will learn and understand the importance of communication and how to apply different communication strategies to encourage safe culture. Participants will also discuss the relationship between safety standards and employee life cycle. The session will end with a safety communication plan that participants can implement in their organization. 

Reach out to your personal Business Development Officer to get involved in the series today!
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MCE Hiring Soon for a New Position

MCE is looking for Inside Sales and Marketing support.

This new position is being developed from the ground up to support the BDO's in the form of making cold calls and qualifying leads. The incumbent will be responsible for managing both inbound and outbound calls and respond to any program inquiries. Some market research will be required to support strategic plans for program expansion. Skilled with professional networking over social media channels would also be a great asset to demonstrate and perform on a daily basis.

Share the news and let us know if you know of someone who would be interested in finding out more. The complete job posting will be released on our site soon.
Truck Drivers Need Soft Skills Too

The data is clear – the pressure and stress on trucking and logistics’ companies’ recruitment, training, and retention initiatives are not going away anytime soon.

We've partnered up with Stephanie Carruth, the entrepreneur behind 'Minds for Matter' - a business consultancy group. Stephanie has spent most of her career in the trucking industry in a Research and Developmental role. Stephanie has identified the need for soft skill training in trucking occupations and is working with MCE to develop and deliver such training.

This training is one-of-a-kind for the industry and is mandated to improve relationships between the drivers and the public, with an expectation that the insurance industry will benefit from higher-skilled drivers as well. Watch this space for further developments.
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