August 2017
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School's in session once again! With only a short time left before the school year begins, we hope everyone enjoys these last few days of summer break and looks forward to the new Fall season. 


In this month's newsletter, we provide information on Kangaroo Care and the benefits to you and your child. We share an article on Cyberbullying and the importance of awareness. In addition, we supply information on school form completion and timing. We also recognize August as National Family Fun and Picnic month with some fun recipes.  Finally, we bring awareness to National Breastfeeding Month and remind you of our in-house Lactation Support Center.

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The Pediatric Center Staff
Kangaroo Care
by Clare Cardo McKegney, DNP APN C.P.N.P naked-baby-couple.jpg

Bringing a new baby into the world is wonderful and beautiful. New parents often feel a flood of emotions - the strongest of which is typically worry.  Worried that you will do the wrong thing relating to your baby's sleep, feeding, hygiene, development...the list is endless.

Parents are often fearful they can spoil a newborn baby by holding him or her too much. However, holding your new baby is critical during the newborn phase as it allows your baby to be near you, smell you, hear your heart beat and develop a strong connection.  One very effective and well-known way to bond with your baby is called Kangaroo Care.

Kangaroo Care (KC)  is skin to skin contact with your newborn baby.  Originally developed for the premature infant, KC is now encouraged for all babies with their parents and caregivers.

Over 40 years of research supports the incredible benefits of KC. Research proved direct skin to skin contact in a hypothermic (body temperature less than normal) newborn increased the baby's core temperature faster than a mechanical warming bed.  It has been documented in more than 160 research articles that this can be a lifesaving practice in premature and full term infants with hypothermia. Sixty minutes of skin to skin contact with your newborn baby is paramount to their development.

KC is a multi-sensory experience for the newborn and mother.  Skin to skin is not just for bonding, although many still believe that is why it is so supported, it also has a hormonal cascade for the baby and the mother.

Benefits For Baby:
  • Accelerates brain development - babies sleep better in KC, therefore strengthening brain patterns and decreasing baby stress
  • Calms and soothes - KC has been proven to decrease cortisol levels in babies - reducing crying and agitation
  • Regulates body temperature, heart rate and breathing patterns
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Enhances the immune system - KC enhances skin hydration, providing a stronger barrier immediately through the skin
  • Stimulates digestion and weight gain - the reduction in cortisol levels allows babies to absorb and digest nutrients more productively, preserve their body fat and have less weight loss after birth
  • Encourages breastfeeding
  Benefits For Mom:
  • Reduces the risk of Postpartum Depression (PPD) - KC increase the levels of oxytocin which helps to restore moms pre-pregnancy hormone levels and reduces the risk of PPD
  • Increases milk production - starting KC immediately after childbirth has been shown to increase the likelihood of exclusively breastfeeding your baby;  Women who experience breastfeeding difficulties often improve by doing 60 minutes of KC 1-2 times a  days
  • Speeds your recovery time - increased levels of oxytocin have proven to reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, reduce post-partum bedding, and increases your tolerance of pain
  • Promotes psychological well-being -a surge or increase in oxytocin creates a sense of relaxation and well-being, which heightens mom's nurturing senses; Mom's tend to immediately become more sensitive to the baby and have a better understanding of the baby's needs.
The benefits are incredible. 

We encourage you to consider Kangaroo Care in the first few moments after delivery. If you are away from your baby for a medical purpose after the birth, once stabilized ask your nurse to help you set up skin to skin time with your newborn and continue it at home in the first few weeks of life.  Kangaroo Care is a beautiful, calming and relaxing way for parents to bond with their new baby.
Cyberbullying - Awareness Is Key
As school goes back in session, it's a good reminder to be aware of cyberbullying and how it can affect your child.

A recent article in the Patch discussed the efforts of Deirdre's House, The Center For Morris County's Child Victims and the only site in Morris County "where a child victim can be interviewed, digitally recorded by law enforcement, medically examined and treated by a pediatric abuse specialist, prepared for trial, and clinically counseled," in collaboration with the Morris County government sharing tips on how to prevent children from engaging in cyberbullying.

Following is an extract from the article on ways to prevent cyberbullying and ways to address it with your child, if involved:

Cyberbulling Prevention
  • Regularly remind your children about the importance of treating others the way they would want to be treated. They should be encouraged to be as polite online as they are in person.
  • Talk about how some things we might do or say to someone that seem funny at the time are actually hurtful.
  • Remind them not to write or forward hurtful messages.
  • Regularly check in on the online behaviors of your children. Problematic behavior must be addressed with reasonable and appropriate discipline.
  • Ask them not to send messages when they are angry. Make sure they ask themselves before clicking "send," how they would feel if they received that message.
  • Urge them to help kids who are victims of bullying online by not joining in and showing bullying messages to an adult.
How To Address Cyberbullying
  • Explain the severity of their actions.
  • Stop any show of aggression you see and talk about other ways your child can deal with the situation.
  • Ask them to stop the bullying immediately. Make it clear to your child that you take bullying seriously. Encourage them to apologize to the victim.
  • Have them take a break from whatever medium they are using- whether it be Facebook or text messaging.
  • Talk to them about the devastating psychological harm they could cause. We are all aware of the terrible cases of children taking their own lives because of bullying of all types.  Ask them: how would you feel if someone did these things to you or to someone you love?
  • Try to find out why: Ask your child - Did something happen to make you act this way? Is there something going on at home that is encouraging this type of behavior? It may be that your child is the target of bullies and turned to bullying in response. Maybe your child has gotten involved with the "wrong crowd'' and has been coerced into bullying by others to stay popular with that crowd. If you discover the cause, try to help them deal with that problem.
  • Monitor their Internet and phone activity. Move the computer out of their bedroom.
  • Increase your knowledge of technology. Parents may be unaware of the full range of technologies used by their children. Try to familiarize yourself with these technologies.
  • Share your concerns with your child's teacher, counselor, or principal.  If you or your child needs additional help, talk with a school counselor or mental health professional.
To read the full article, click here.

School Forms - Please Prepare

Most schools open within the next week! This is a gentle reminder to please allow enough time for our office to complete any required school forms. 

Following are some helpful tips:
  • Please ask your school/organization for forms that you may need filled out ahead of time.
  • Many forms require the information to be based on an examination completed within 12 months of the date on the form - this may require you to schedule a well-visit before school.
    • Some forms require specific evaluations that were not performed at the routine physical, i.e. sport vitals, asthma/allergy treatment plans, etc.  An additional office visit may be required.  No form will be completed without a physical examination in our office within the past 1 year. (Exception will be working papers - up to 2 years)  
  • Our office receives requests for many types of forms - school forms, medication, day care centers, sports, travel, State Department... sometimes up to 100/week. Please try to plan ahead to ensure we can complete your required forms in a timely manner.
  • Forms will only be accepted for completion if the patient's name and other information has been completed. Blank forms will not be accepted.
  • Turnaround time for form completion is usually 7-10 business days. 
  • Forms will be held here for parents to pick up or mailed directly to the home; Due to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, forms will be released to parents only. We will mail the forms to the home address on file at your request. 
  • Forms are completed on the basis of examinations conducted by providers in this medical group only. Examinations performed by other health facilities will not be co-signed by our providers. 
The fee for having a form filled out is as follows: 
  • $10.00 per form and for any additional forms. 
  • $20.00 for "Rush Service" forms that need to be completed within 48 hours. 
Please note:  Insurance companies do not reimburse for form completion and we do not bill insurance for completing any forms. 

If you have any questions, please call our office: 908-508-0400
It's Time For A Picnic
During these last few weeks of Summer, continued time outdoors can very beneficial. Health benefits include a dose of vitamin D, a platform for family bonding with outdoor activities, enhancing your mood, creating mental well-being, facilitating better sleep and a connection to nature. 

August offers two ways to take advantage of outdoor fun as it's Family Fun and National Picnic Month!

to help inspire you to plan a family picnic!

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month
August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. The breastfeeding campaign, funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, hopes to empower women to commit to breastfeeding by highlighting new research showing that babies who are exclusively breastfed for six months are less likely to develop ear infections, diarrhea and respiratory illnesses, and may be less likely to develop childhood obesity.

The Pediatric Center's on-site Lactation Support Center led by our own Director of Lactation Support, Clare Cardo McKegney, DNP, APN, CPNP, is here to support you in breastfeeding your child. Dr. McKegney is a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner and certified breastfeeding counselor with over 18 years of advanced practice in pediatrics. 

Our modern and private on-site lactation suite provides a warm and relaxed environment for the mother and infant to enjoy a positive breastfeeding experience. 

We also offer a free prenatal class every month, open to the public. 

To schedule your lactation consultation, attend our free prenatal class or make an appointment please call us at 908-508-0400.

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You can access information such as immunization records, visit summaries, request appointments, view dates for upcoming appointments and pay your bill.

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We have a wide network of doctors we can refer to ensure you are in good hands.

We specialize in developmental & behavioral health and focus on positive parenting practices. We can offer guidance on depression, eating disorders, developmental concerns and many other issues.

You are not alone. 
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