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2018 Election: Who will show up to vote?

MJC Managing Partner Steve Jewett is serving as Senior Advisor to Democrat Ned Lamont's campaign for Governor of Connecticut. He previously ran campaigns for the Democratic Attorneys General Association and continues to consult with the group nationally in many 2018 battleground states. Below are his thoughts on the 2018 election in Connecticut.

2018 has been a volatile year in electoral politics across the nation. Normal models of turnout and expected winners continue to be turned upside down. Nevertheless, Democrats are expecting a big year. History indicates they are on track to win congressional seats in a midterm election which will amplify the opposition to an erratic Republican President. Trump is driving increased turnout among women, with many further galvanized by the #MeToo movement.

Early signs say November 6 th should be a good night for the Democrats. The Virginia 2017 Governor's race serves as an example of a race in which both sides were equally matched, well-funded, and featured strong candidates. Surveys had Democrat Ralph Northam up 2 points. He won by 9 points, surprising everyone. Exit polls and data showed the +7 point election day bump came out of Northern Virginia with more educated women showing up in higher-than-usual numbers, while depressed Republican moderates were sitting at home on a rainy election day.

Since that election we have seen this trend continue during 2018 in special elections and primaries. In Illinois' primary, Democratic turnout was up 30%, while Republican performance was down 30%. A Governor's race between two wealthy candidates that was once considered competitive has now fallen into the category of a safe Democratic seat. Swing battleground states that went for Trump - such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan - should make for at least competitive races for Democrats, if not winners (Michigan Democrats have nominated an historic all-female ticket).

After Doug Jones' U.S. Senate win in Alabama against Roy Moore, Democrats in southern states perked up. Georgia Democrats are making their best play at statewide office in modern history with an African-American woman, Stacey Abrams, at the top of the ticket. A changing demographic in that state favors Democrats. If the Illinois turnout model is replicated in Georgia, expect Democrats to control most the offices there. This would be a watershed moment in national politics. Democrats have largely been eliminated from offices in the deep South. Even Texas Democrats, who have further to go than Georgia to catch up, are excited as they doubled their turnout from the last mid-terms.

Connecticut's recent primary turnout was approximately 30 percent, the highest in the state since 2006. This bodes well for Team Lamont and the entire Democratic ticket. Unlike Texas, Connecticut Democrats start with a built-in voter registration advantage of about 10 points. If Trump continues to be "hot" and addicted to Twitter (he will be), this will continue to keep the fire going for a strong Democrat turnout. The best thing that Trump could do for Connecticut Republicans is  go on vacation and let just the stock market talk, but there are no signs of this happening; Trump publicly endorsed Republican Bob Stefanowski the day after the gubernatorial primary. 

Once the campaigning ends on November 6, if Democrats in Connecticut turn out in slightly larger than usual numbers, the Democrats will be hosting the victory party. 

Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine Farmington CT
Milestone Moment 
Jackson Laboratory Exceeds Goal

MJC client Jackson Laboratories recently announced it has exceeded its job creation goals ahead of schedule. The company has hired 385 employees since opening its doors in 2014. As a result, the state's venture capital fund, Connecticut Innovations, has "forgiven $165.9 million in loans used to construct their state-of-the art 185,000 square foot building on the campus of UConn Health."

McDowell Jewett has worked with Jackson Laboratories since 2011 when the Maine-based laboratory decided to expand to Farmington, Connecticut.
While "JAX" had a fantastic story to tell, the agreement between the state and the company was immediately controversial because it involved publicly-financed incentives.

After helping introduce the company and top JAX officials to opinion leaders and community leaders throughout the state, MJC ushered the company through its ribbon cutting in 2014 and have been supporting its growth ever since.

We are proud to be working with Jackson Laboratory, a leader in economic growth and advanced bioscience in Connecticut. We congratulate JAX on this milestone achievement.


Cookout for the Troops, 2018
Cookout for the Troops
For the second year in a row, the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association (CARA) hosted its annual "Cookout for the Troops," at the state Armory, with dealers across the state hosting their own events a few days later. 

On July 17th, members of the Connecticut National Guard and volunteers from around the state joined CARA and event partners Fox 61 and Full Power Radio (102.9 The Whale, 104.1 WMRQ, and The Bomba Radio) for an old-fashioned cookout (see photo). Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman was in attendance and gave a few remarks before lauding the troops and their service to our state and nation.

On July 21st, many CARA members held cookouts at their dealerships to raise money for the CT National Guard Foundation and USO CT.  The organizations provide support and assistance for military members and their families. Funds are still being tallied but they hope to exceed last year's total of $35,000.

The Spirit of Katharine Hepburn

Ann Nyberg
Longtime WTNH news anchor Ann Nyberg has received the 3rd annual Spirit of Katharine Hepburn Award. The award is given by the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center ("the Kate") to an individual who embodies the spirit, independence, and character of the legendary actress. The award was presented to Ann on Saturday, August 25th at the Kate's annual Summer Gala in Old Saybrook.

A resident of Madison, Ann is WTNH-TV's longest-serving full-time female anchor/reporter in station history and has been nominated for multiple Emmys. In addition to anchoring several evening newscasts, she also produces and hosts the show "Nyberg", an on-air and online show she developed to share people's stories.

The Kate's annual gala took place on the historic Old Saybrook Town Green and included a silent auction, dinner by Max Catering, and dancing underneath the starts: a fine way to celebrate two outstanding Connecticut women.