Living room before Driftwood truss in living room
Before and After
New designs and remodels are a lot of hard work. Even if you hire a professional interior designer, you most likely will put a good amount of time and effort into planning and decision-making.

What better way to show off the fruits of your labor than with before and after photos? We love when our customers share them with us because they best show the difference our products make.

Before you start your project, take a look at a few of our favorites below.
Great New Heights
Vaulted ceiling before
Vaulted ceiling after with Custom Beachwood Beams

Meg gave her living room a complete makeover -- replacing the furniture and old sliding glass doors, darkening the hardwood floors and adding a concrete facade to her fireplace. But she wanted to add visual interest to the room's extremely high vaulted ceiling. Real wood beams would have been highly impractical, but luckily she found the solution in faux.

"I couldn't be more thrilled with the overall customer experience and the product received.  It still makes me laugh when I tell people that they're not real - and I usually have to provide proof, via the samples we ordered and the cuts that we made!"

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Outdated to Outstanding
Kitchen before
Kitchen after with Custom Rough Hewn beams

Six years after buying her Iowa home, Amy was fed up with the kitchen that hadn't seen a new look since the mid-90's. The old counters, cabinetry, flooring, appliances - everything had to go and be replaced.

The results were definitely worth the wait. The thing we like best about this project is how it combines classic elements like the beams and the slate flooring with the modern look of the cabinets, marble surfaces and stainless steel appliances. Well done Amy!

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That's So Rustic!
Fireplace before
Fireplace after with Hand Hewn Mantel

These homeowners wanted to warm up their living room with a little more rustic flair. The old Berber carpet was ripped up and replaced with dark hardwood flooring while the fireplace given a new, large-stone veneer. 

The final touch was the mantel. Made from real western cedar, its rugged texture and finish is created by master artisans to resemble real antique wood, with a lightweight box design that's as easy to install as our faux wood mantels.
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If You Can't Remove 'Em, Cover 'Em
Living room before
Living room after with Timber Beams

Leigh Ann of Bellevue, WA, had designed a warm and snug family room, perfect in almost every aspect for cozying up on those (many) rainy days and nights.

We say almost, because the original white beams looked very out of place against the room's otherwise earth-toned color scheme. However, the beams are load-bearing and therefore would have been nearly impossible to remove.

Luckily, our beams had her covered. With three sides, they easily slipped over the existing structural beams and secured with screws -- no wrecking ball required!

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Raising the Bar
Before basement bar Before
Basement bar with Heritage beams After

Dave, DIY extraordinaire from Canton, OH, built this bar for his home's basement from the ground up. The bar's base was constructed from cement board and covered with a stone-style material (not unlike the panels at our sister site, fauxpanels.com).

The bar had two structural joists at each corner that Dave wanted to conceal. He also planned to add light fixtures above. Our beams pulled double duty, covering the joists while providing a framework for the lights. The beams are hollow in the center, making it easy for Dave to run the electrical wires to the lights while remaining hidden.

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Kitchen with Faux Reclaimed Beam
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Testimonial of the Month

I could not be happier with how awesome these beams look! They look and feel like real wood, but at a fraction of the weight. The look I wanted to achieve was done at a very affordable price without a single modification to the structure or trusses. We loved them so much we also did some floating beams across our master bedroom tray ceiling! THANKS!!! -- Kevin

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