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June 25, 2015
Come join Chiclet on the ship this weekend
Shipwork to do before the snow flies!

There are things to do before cold sets in! We've been watching the weather, and this Sunday, 11/18 looks great for shipwork. Hope you'll join us! We'll be working 11am-5pm. Details below. 

Please RSVP by email  or calling 917-414-0565. Thanks!


Shipwork to do 

Teak rail around the wheelhouse:
Sections removed during summer internship restoration work will be re-attached. All of it needs light sanding and another coat of varnish.

New leak from wheelhouse cabin top:  
Remove caulk around searchlight base, recaulk, paint.

Other stuff:

Move fidley coal stove back into position - a rigging job!

Winterize vent to Tankerman's Cabin.

Odds and ends depending on how many of you come!

Getting to us:

Our new Pier 11 home in Atlantic Basin is located near the corner of Pioneer and Conover Street, Brooklyn, NY  11231. Map  here, directions  here.

Enter thru the pedestrian/bike gate at Conover and Pioneer Streets or vehicle entrances at Bowne Street (the one for the cruise terminal) and the kind of secret one at King and Ferris Street that is now open - except when a cruise ship is in.  
Our new coordinates:  40°40'50"N 74°00'45"W
Thanks for your help!  

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