May 25, 2020
Dear Friend:

Our first statewide Vote-By-Mail election is wrapping up soon. Each day, Marylanders are dropping off their ballots at the post office or at convenient boxes near their home. PLEASE don't forget to complete yours soon. Sign the oath, skip postage (yay-- my bill passed!), and return it soon to be sure that your voice will be counted!
Urging You NOT to Support Stephen Austin for the Board of Education
I believe that part of being a leader is demonstrating leadership. Living in a democracy means that we have the ability to state our opinions freely. You do not need to agree with me on this (or any issue). I have endorsed Shebra Evans for reelection to the District 4 Board of Election seat.

With a heavy heart, I've decided that it was important to share my thoughts about the contested election for the at-large Board of Education. Voters can choose from a field of 13 candidates for the at-large seat on the Board of Education. Unfortunately, Stephen Austin's divisive campaign messaging is spreading fear and misinformation. My strong recommendation is that you NOT vote for this candidate who has been endorsed by gadfly Robin Ficker and whose views will not advance our wonderful County.
On a happier note...
Last week, I launched a poster contest that could help educate young people about the importance of voting. Students of all ages are encouraged to participate. The deadline is this Wednesday, May 27th at 5pm. A fabulous group of judges is eager to review the entries!
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Cheryl C. Kagan
State Senator, District 17
(Gaithersburg & Rockville)

P.S.: Rockville's Hometown Holidays is yet another casualty of the Coronavirus. I'm hoping that we'll remember the fun... and the tributes to our fallen heroes... and be able to connect again next year!
By Authority: Citizens Helping Elect Cheryl Kagan (C.H.E.C.K.), Michael Frazier, Chair; Roger Heymann, Treasurer.