Friday DEC. 7 2018
First Friday each month

Some of the action from last month's Beginners Tournament ... 15 players
Action video from recent month Beginners Tournament ... 15 players
First Friday Beginners Tournament
Mission: To provide San Antonio Table Tennis Club beginning players the opportunity to 
compete with similar level players and enjoy learning from the competitive experience.

When: 7 p.m.-9 p.m., The first Friday of each Month

Who: Open to all SATTC members, and non members, with USATT rating level at 1200 or 
under (unrated players will be evaluated by the tournament director). Note: If you don't know what your rating is, that probably means you are eligible for this beginners tournament. ;-)

Where: Room B, San Antonio Table Tennis Club, Alamo Gymnastics Center, 16675 Huebner 
Road, San Antonio TX 78248.

How to Play: Participants will be assigned into Group A, Group B, or Group C according to 
their respective skill levels. Players will only compete within the same group (similar skill level). Each 
group is limited to 5 participants (15 players total). Players of each group will play round robin 
against each other in a best two out of three games format. Winners of each match will earn 10 
points. Loser of each match will not gain or lose any points. That evening, at the end of the tournament, the 
players of each group with the highest point score will be the group winner of their respective group.
    Award certificates will be presented to the 1st and 2nd place winners of each group. If two or 
more players have the same score at the end of the tournament, the player who won the most 
matches between (among) those two (three) players will be the finalist.

How to Register: Email to Edmund Lo using this link:  Registration Form

Registration will close 24 hours before the 
event starts.

Cost: $10 entry fee for each tournament player (same cost for SATTC club member and non-member). 
Please pay the on-duty staff (control desk) in advance at the club, 
before tournament action begins, to secure your position. (Otherwise your position may be 
replaced by someone from the waiting list.)

Equipment: Players are strongly suggested to bring their own paddles. The club has limited 
number of paddles for rent ($2). The club will provide the balls.

Tournament Directors and Rules: Edmund Lo and Pat Bonney are the directors of the 
tournament. They will administrate the tournament as organizers, as well as process and present 
the score results.


Some Recent Action Photos - Beginners Tournament
Oct 2018 Action X
Oct 2018 Action 4
Oct 2018 Action 3
Oct 2018 Action 2
Beginner tourney logo 
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