June 2019 Newsletter
Beginning Mediumship
with Lisa Noland-Shalosky
Saturday, June 8
Cost: $125

Have you ever wondered if you’re receiving a message from the afterlife?
Would you like to learn how to connect with your loved ones and Spirit Guides?
Come join in the fun as Lisa takes you on a journey to answer these questions and so much more! 
This is a one-day course for those who are just curious or want to learn how to expand on their own gifts.
This course will cover:
Brief History of Spiritualism
Psychic vs Mediumship
Different types of Mediumship
What is Energy and how does it affect us
The Aura and layers of the Auric Field
The Chakra System
Understanding Spirit Signs and Symbols
Connecting with your Senses
How we get Information (Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance)
The Different Stages of Grief
Levels of Spirit
Spirit Guides and their communication
Information you will get during a Mediumship Reading
Do’s and Don’ts of Mediumship
Mediumship readings using Psychometry

Come and join in the fun and see what your loved ones want to share with you!

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Power Up! How to Manage Your Energy & Feel Amazing
with Stephanie Cunningham
Thursday, June 13, 6-8p
Cost: $20
Everything is energy. Life is energy, thoughts are energy, emotions are energy. When you use energy wisely, you are a better version of yourself; more compass-sionate, a better listener, aware, intuitive, thoughtful, playful, collaborative, able to manage stress, and empowered to live life in the way that feels best to you. Are you ready to POWER UP! and get the tools to manage your energy (and others') so you can feel powerful, revved up and in control?

Awaken Workshop
with Stephanie Cunningham
Saturday, June 22, 10a-4p
Cost: $129
Elevate your mindset, transform your perspective, increase your personal power and improve every single relationship you have in your life. All through the power of awareness.

Lost to Found: Why You Feel Like Something's Missing and How To Find It
with Stephanie Cunningham
Saturday, June 29, 10a-4p
Cost: $129

YOU feel like there's something missing. Well, you're right. Something is missing. YOU are missing. You are missing from your own life. It's time to understand who you are, how you work, and feel the way you expect to feel about your life. Starting Now!
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Sacred Sound Relaxation Bath
with Christina Grozik
Saturday, June 8, 7-8p
Cost: $20

Are you looking for a way to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and find balance? Explore a night of relaxation that uses a combination of breathing techniques, exercises in mindfulness and a SACRED SOUND RELAXATION BATH by a Certified Sound Vibrational Therapist. A variety of singing bowls and other instruments will be used to help reduce stress and promote wellness. We hope you will join us in this journey of good vibes.

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What is Light Language
with Joseph Floyd
Tuesday, June 4
Cost: $15

Come experience what light language is and how to connect with it! Many people are waking up to light language and experiencing it in different ways. From dreams, to seeing symbols, to speaking in a language that doesn't sounds like any other language, it's sparking curiosity and questions: What's happening? What are these sounds? And what are the symbols that seem to be appearing to me? In this discussion group, we will be going over what light language is, where is it coming from and why is it appearing to us.

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Are You An Empath...And More?
with C. Bean
Tuesday, June 11, 6-8p
Cost: $20

- are affected by others’ energies and are often not aware of the influence from others wishes, thoughts, moods, desires and emotions.
- often feel physical symptoms, earth movements and the pre- and post- responses of major man-made tragedies.
- may ignore their own needs, isolate and may come across as detached and uncaring… you prefer to be with nature and animals, not people.
- are Wayshowers, Intuitives, have varying Paranormal, Near Death and Out of Body Experiences; and if these are not understood you may suppress these talents.
You, the Empath, the Wayshower, chose to bring your talents and gifts into the world at this monumental time.
You are valuable and needed. Love is yearning to be known in our world through you!
If you are curious or if this rings familiar, join us with the exploration!

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Moving Medicine:
Freedom from Pain
(Trager ® Approach Introductory Hands-On Workshop)
with Judy Fasone
Sunday, June 30, 12-6p
Cost: $95

Yes, this can be you. Come and learn how to let go and allow the body to move beyond compensation patterns that no longer work. Move every joint, every day!

This series of one-day workshops will enhance your capability for self-healing through movement. In addition to experiencing a greater awareness of your body, opportunities for gentle touch and self-care will be built into the day. (Just one of these classes will partially fulfill the requirements for entering the Trager® Approach Training program)
All classes are 12pm-6pm

6 CE’s available for LMT’s, 4.5 for Nurses
Each of the classes will introduce you to the Trager® Approach, and you will learn and experience a hands-on gentle and effective way of taking care of yourself. Take one class or the whole series for greater health and happiness. Self-Care IS Health Care!
Investment: $95 per class, $20 off each additional class.

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Yin Yoga: Exploring the Benefits of Stillness (6 week series)
with Stacey Steed
Tuesdays June 18-July 23
Cost: $60/series or $12 drop-in

Yin Yoga is a slow and passive yoga practice with primarily seated poses that are held for longer periods of time. The benefit of sitting with a yoga pose for 2 -3 minutes is that we gain deeper access into our bodies –and even our minds. A yin yoga practice cultivates stillness while also increasing flexibility and encouraging self-reflection. This is a 60-minute class that will begin with a simple meditation, explore a limited number of yoga poses, and end in savasana. During the practice, we will contemplate themes like surrender, escape, contentment, and change, and also identify the physical benefits of each pose. The structure and dialogue of each class is intended to guide us to our deeper journey of moving inward. Please bring a yoga mat or towel for the practices.

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Lunch and Learn Series: Reflexology
with LJ Groom
Wednesday, June 19, 12-1p
Cost: $11
Come join us for a delicious lunch and learn how Reflexology can affect a physical change to the body.
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Introducing a New Bodywork Option!
Trauma Sensitive Therapy
with Angel Moon
Cost: $65/60 minutes or $40/30minutes: June & July Special Price

For those who struggle with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and other such issues, there's a new option. We'd like to share with you Trauma Sensitive Therapy, a modality that is specifically designed to act on your nervous system and bring it to a calmer state, thus enabling you to face your daily life with a more settled outlook. Prime features of this work include: Remaining dressed for the entire session; breathing techniques to help focus; 30- and 60-minute sessions.
It's time to restore your body's vitality, as well as enhance your peace of mind. 

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Vacation or Experience?

There was a time when my ideal vacation was to lay on a beach for a week. Sunburns and margaritas are now a distant memory, replaced by the opportunity to experience different cultures or belief systems, making memories which last long past sandy swimsuits.

My husband Don and I have discovered the impact that spiritual pilgrimages can have on your soul, combining the beauty of sacred sites with the deep meaning behind their importance. We have studied Celtic Shamanism at Stonehenge as the sun rose, had mystical experiences at Glastonbury Cathedral, and spent 10 days understanding life as a 13th century friar. We explored a 500 year old Spanish missions in Tucson. We studied the Divine Feminine's presence in France through Isis, the Black Madonnas and Mary Magdalene.
Many of our pilgrimages have been through Dancing Spirit Tours, who believe that a meaningful life is about connection – to ourselves, our relationships, and to nature. Other experiences have been on our own, searching for local places of interest to better understand previous or current cultures.

Each trip challenges every aspect of your belief system. Who are you and why do you believe what you do? Do your beliefs reflect the expectations of society, family, church? Or are they based in fear, maybe the fear of being different, or what might happen if you follow a different path?

The older I get, the more I feel the need to fill my days with more meaning and purpose, with more experiences and a deepening understanding of how faith manifests in my life.

Besides, the beach will always be there should I crave a sunburn and a margarita.

Linda Haley, RMT
The Center's Animal Wellness Program was featured in the May issue of PetCetera, an online pet resource magazine for Central Ohio residents. Profiled in the article were Kaye Smith, director of the program, and her friend Lilo.
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June Specials
Intuitive Drawing with Reiki
with C Bean
$65 (usually $90)

Reiki & Spirit-infused drawings offer wisdom, truth & healing energies. In the stillness of a moment, C connects with the information held in your energy field receiving images with intuitive messages, which provide clarity and support for your journey. Reiki helps to integrate energy from the intuitive reading.   

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CranioSacral Therapy
with Shmuel Merimi
Cost: $60 (Usually $75)

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a form of bodywork using gentle touch that helps release tensions deep in your fully clothed body. The technique helps to relieve pain and dysfunction, allowing a better flow of fluid between the skull through the spine with your central nervous system. CST can help with Migraines and Headaches, Chronic Neck and Back Pain, Stress and Tension, Chronic Fatigue, Orthopedic Problems and many other conditions. 
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20% off Reiki, Sound Healing & Intuitive Health Assessments
with Kelly Bisson
Cost: $48-$60

Kelly is offering any of her above services at a 20% discount. Book a session today!

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50% off all Shamanic Services
with Heidi Howes
Cost: $75-$112.50 (usually $150-$225)

A Shamanic Session includes a short consultation of the issue that you wish to address, followed by Shamanic healing techniques to support you in clearing the issues. The techniques used can include soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extraction, psychopomp (mediumship), or divination.

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Crystal Harmony Sessions
with Joseph Floyd
Cost: $60 one hour session. Usually $75

Imagine a powerful Reiki session amplified by the dynamic power of crystals and Angelic Light Language

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Reiki & IlluminAura Combo Session (90 minutes) for $80 and receive a FREE 30 minute Runic Tarot Reading
with Melody Jenkins
Cost: $80

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$15 off Guided Release Sessions
with Linda Haley or Kaye Smith
Cost: $60 (Usually $75)

A Guided Release session will combine Reiki energy with visualization and guided imagery to help bring answers from the subconscious into awareness and understanding. Guided Release is especially effective in identifying patterns of behavior, gaining insight into current and past life experiences, and accessing the body’s own wisdom to resolve emotional concerns. 

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Classes and Events for June
For information on classes, please click here . To register, click here .

Diana Rankin's Sacred Circle
Friday, June 14, 7-9p
Cost: $20
World Peace Meditation
with Susan Fehl &
Jenn Eichhorn
Wednesday, June 12 7:30-8:30p
Cost: $10

Make & Take:
Fizzy Foot Soaks Using Essential Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Tuesday, June 4
Cost: $20
 Happy Digestive System Using Essential Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Tuesday, June 18
Cost: $10

Healing Drum Circle
with Iggy Garcia
Sat, June 1
Cost: Donation
Reiki 1/Animal Reiki Combo Class
with Kaye Smith
Saturday, June 29 & Sunday, June 30
Cost: $400
Reiki 2 Class
with Linda Haley
Saturday, June 22 & Sunday, June 23
Cost: $350

Reiki 1 Class
with Linda Haley
Saturday, June 8 &
Sunday, June 9
Cost: $300
Vital Awakenings in Sound
with Erik Wells
Monday, June 10, 6-7:30p
Cost: $20
Animal Reiki Class
with Denise Musser
Saturday, June 2, 9a-5p
Cost: $150

Intro to Animal Reiki
with Denise Musser
Sunday, June 9, 12-1p
Cost: $10
Beyond Series:
Sacred Symbols & Geometry
with Melody Jenkins
Monday, June 3, 6-8p
Cost: $10
Divination Using Runes
Monday, June 10, 6-8p
Cost: $10
Crystal Series: Crystals for the Crown Chakra
with Joseph Floyd
Wednesday,June 5
Cost: $20
Yoga for Active Seniors
with Sherri Soble
Tuesdays, June 4,11 & 18
Cost: $12 drop-in
Reiki Share
(Practitioners Only)
with Linda Haley
Sunday, June 30
Cost: Free
Free Reiki Clinic
with Kelly Bisson
Monday, June 17, 6-8p
Cost: Free.
Deeksha Oneness Blessing
with Denise Musser
Thursday, June 20
Cost: $10

Crystal Meditation
with Joseph Floyd
Monday, June 3
Cost: $10

The Awakening
with Joseph Floyd
June 12,19 & 26
Cost: $10
Shamanic Journeying
with Heidi Howes
Friday, June 7
Cost: $35 first time
$15 repeat
Shamanic Group Healing Session
with Heidi Howes
Friday, June 7
5:30-6:30p Cost: $50
Pet Loss Support Group
with Kaye Smith
June 26,
Cost: donation
Open Your Heart & Intuitive Eye Chakras
with Shmuel Merimi
Tuesday, June 18, 5-8p
Cost: $45/30 min session
Did you know
we offer all these services?

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
Pranic Healing
Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
Massage Therapy
Trager Approach
CranioSacral Therapy
Akashic Records
Guided Release
Intuitive Counseling
Intuitive Health Assessment
Runic Tarot Readings
Past Life Regression
Shamanic Services
Restorative Yoga
Spiritual Direction
Crystal Harmony
Eden Energy Medicine
Detox Foot Bath
Animal Wellness Services
Essential Oils
IlluminAura Restorative Experience
Spirit Drawings
Intuitive Readings
Boost by Sounds

and there are even more services coming soon!
Mini Sessions
For information on Mini Sessions, please click here . To register, please click here.
Messages With Spirit
with Cheri Roof
Wednesday, June 5, 3:30-7:00p
Thursday, June 20, 3:30-7:00p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Crystal Reading Mini Sessions
with Joseph Floyd
Monday, June 24, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Hand Massage Mini Sessions
with Lisa Feldman
Thursday, June 6, 4:30-8:30p
Cost: $20/30 min. session
Children's Reiki Mini Sessions
with Cheri Roof
Wednesday, June 6, 4-7p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions
with Kaye Smith
Monday, June 10, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Shamanic Mini Sessions
with Heidi Howes
Monday, June 10, 6-8p
Monday, June 24, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Sound Healing Mini Sessions
with Shmuel Merimi
Tuesday, June 11, 5-8p
Cost: $20/20min. session
Karmic Insights Mini Sessions
with Melody Jenkins
Thursday, June 27, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min session
Upcoming Classes and Events
Beyond Series: Dream Interpretation, Monday, July 1, 6-8p
Crystal Meditation, Monday, July 1, 6-7p
Intro to Animal Reiki, Monday, July 1, 6-9p
Create Aromatherapy Mediation Beads, Tuesday, July 2, 6-8p
Yin Yoga, Tuesday, July 2,9,16 & 23 , 6-7p
Crystal Series: Root Chakra, Wednesday, July 3, 6-8p
Intro to Meditation, Wednesday, July 3, 6-9p
Archangel Mini Readings, Thursday, July 4, 4-7p
Hand Massage Mini Sessions, Thursday, July 4, 4:30-8:30p
Shamanic Group Healing, Friday, July 5 & 19, 5:30-6:30p
Shamanic Journeying, Friday, July 5 & 19, 7-9p
Animal Reiki, Saturday, July 6, 9a-5p
Healing Drum Circle, Saturday, July 6, 7:30-10p
Beyond Series: Divination using Psychometry, Monday, July 8, 6-8p
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions, Monday, July 8, 6-8p
Shamanic Mini Readings, Monday, July 8 & 22, 6-8p
Vital Awakenings in Sound, Monday, July 8, 6-7:30p
Sound Healing Mini Sessions, Tuesday, July 9, 6:30-8:30p
Childrens Reiki Mini Sessions, Wednesday, July 10, 4-7p
Reiki Internship, 6 Wednesdays, beginning July 10, 6-9:30p
The Awakening, Wednesday, July 10, 17 & 24, 6-7:30p
Summer Psychic & Wellness Fair, Saturday, July 13, 12-5p
Free Reiki Clinic, Monday, July 15, 6-8p
Reiki 1 Weekday Class, Tuesday, July 16 & Wednesday, July 17, 9a-5p
Open Your Heart & Intuitive Eye Chakra, Tuesday, July 16, 5-8p
Maintain Optimum Brain Health Using Essential Oils, Tuesday, July 16, 6-8p
Lunch & Learn, Wednesday, July 17, 12-1p
World Peace Meditation, Wednesday, July 17, 7:30-9p
Messages with Spirit, Thursday, July 18, 3:30-7:30p
Deeksha The Oneness Blessing, Thursday, July 18, 7-9p
Reiki 1 Class, Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21, 9a-5p
Crystal Mini Readings, Monday, July 22, 6-8p
Pet Loss Support Group, Wednesday, July 24, 6-8p
Karmic Insights Mini Sessions, Thursday, July 25, 6-8p
Reiki Review, Saturday, July 27, 10a-2p
Singing Bowl Level 1 Workshop, Saturday, July 27, 1:30-3:30p
Finding Balance through Movement, Music & Mindfulness, Saturday, July 27, 4:30-6p
Moving Medicine: Trager First Aid, Sunday, July 28, 12-6p
Reiki Share, Sunday, July 28, 6-8p
Quarterly Chakra Balancing Meditation, Tuesday, July 30, 6-7p
Certified Reiki Classes
Learn at the only facility in Central Ohio which teaches in the traditional format.
For class details, please click here . To register, please click here.

Reiki 1 Weekend Class with Linda Haley
Saturday, June 8 & Sunday, June 9, 9a-5p
Cost: $300
Reiki 1 / Animal Reiki Combo Class with Kaye Smith
Saturday, June 29 & Sunday, June 30, 9a-6p
Cost: $400

Reiki 2 Weekend Class with Linda Haley
Saturday, June 22 & Sunday, June 23, 9a-5p
Cost: $350
Open every day,
9 am - 9 pm
by appointment
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​Columbus, OH 43212
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