Greetings friends,

I'm looking out my office window at bright green grass and daffodils blooming. The days are still chilly but the promise of spring is strong. It's a surreal contrast between this bucolic scene that elevates my being and the sadness and fear I feel for our fellow citizens of the world. Watching the TV images, as upset as I've ever been, I realize that any moment should never be taken for granted.

I ponder the idea that there is great power when so many souls around the globe want the same thing. It is a potent vibration that must have affect in such large waves of emotion. One of my favorite quotes I often refer to is by Helen Keller: “The world is not moved only by the mighty shoves of the heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.” We witness mighty heroes, but we also count as the tiny pushes. I know when I'm making music, crafts, or just being with friends, I feel respite. The only thing we can do is to offer that to one another. Humor, a day in nature, a special meal, or a great movie - whatever can give rest and recharge. We need to be well during this fretful time and able to contribute to the spirit of rightness so that it may prevail.

So that's what we are doing. We are learning thrilling new music to share in our upcoming concerts. We are tuning up the harps for workshops to teach beginners the joys of music from library to library across the region. Aryeh and I are hosting events in our barn to share music, movies, camaraderie, and art. We are reaching out in the digital world as our concert in Seattle will be live-streamed and available everywhere for a few days after. So life, in its small pushes, is happening.. like the daffodils blooming.

Two weeks ago I took a look at my email service ("Constant Contact”). I was approaching a "level up" price of over 10,000 people and it was getting expensive to keep up. It appeared that many people never opened the emails so I decided to send these folks a note to ask if they still wanted to receive this newsletter (maybe they preferred to connect via social media or my website).

Lo and behold, much to my surprise, my email box was almost immediately filled with people saying they DO want the newsletters which they very much looked forward to and they would be very sad to miss any. I was shocked by the response: around 200! (I learned that many people have their online activity protected from tracking, and that makes them invisible to Constant Contact opening rate). The reports of unopened newsletters were wrong.

I am so glad I checked and didn't just delete these folks. I read every heartwarming note. A small task that felt more like a chore turned into a wonderful warm reconnection with friends, fans, and listeners, uplifting my spirits - something I needed so much these days of crying through the news with a helpless heavy heart. The experience reinvigorated and inspired me to delve into my daily tasks with new energy (I gladly upgraded my account to keep every name and I will pay no mind to those reports again; a good life lesson).

So I thank you for being with me all this time. My hope in sharing all the things we do will give you some ideas of tiny pushes we all can do. I promise we will keep up the goodness and give our all and our best.

I wish you lots of respite and surprising, heartwarming moments.
I have been searching through the Etsy website for Ukrainian artists' digital downloads and I bought many beautiful works of art. It's a way you can support the artists living in Ukraine and they benefit directly that moment. You can read words from them and send notes too. I will be printing these out and framing them. More info on how to best search for them and give your support here.
My Ukrainian Bandura
More about the instrument here
Okay, let's get this tour schedule part out of the way first. All the concerts listed are CA, OR & WA, but one is live-streamed to anywhere during the show and for a few days afterward. The Seattle link on March 26 will give you the info. But if you just want kitties and homemade fun just scroll on down.
An Art & Music Camp - July 3-9 in Puget Sound, Washington
Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp - I will be bringing Celtic harps to teach beginners, leading two mosaics classes and campfire songs too. It is a really fun experience with many classes and excellent teachers all centered around creativity, arts, music, and theater. All the camp info here. Or email me with questions.
Nigel the Philanthropist
Once again Nigel's 2022 calendar was a hit. We ordered a good quantity twice and they went out all over the country. All the profits, a very nice check was hand delivered to the Heartland Humane Society in Eugene.

The manager of their Thrift Store was so surprised and so happy she said she wished she could hug me.

So yes, we are totally capitalizing on Nigel's cuteness and photogenic qualities, but he bought a LOT of kibble for his fellow less fortunate furry ones. Thank you to all that bought one. After being sold out I discovered I had a couple more, if you want to see one its here.
Help us name our barn! We are lining up lots of music and art events.
We were going by Cedarhouse concerts before, for now, I've called it CedarHouse Barn Concerts. It needs a general name that expresses a Folk Arts Center but with barn in there. Suggestions are welcome! And we will think of a prize for the one who thinks of the perfect name.
Our barn concert series!
We will be hosting monthly concerts in our barn theater.

Starting soon! March 15 with the renowned Patrick Ball. For upcoming artists and dates visit the CedarHouse concerts webpage.

We have a terrific lineup of musicians from around the globe specializing in Celtic, World, Folk music and storytelling.

If you are coming a distance we have camping spots on our property. Email me for info and reservations.
The Tavern
Well, it feels like a tavern but we don't sell booze. Its a great place in the barn to gather and hang out (and bring your wine). Listen to vinyl, watch movies, have my book club (pictured here) It even has a restroom now. It's a place to gather before and after concerts and for husbands to sit while their wife shops in my barn store.
Goddess Wear Recycled
My barn boutique is thriving and has re-opened this month with many open dates and private parties throughout summer, When its time for a concert, all those racks are on wheels and get rolled out.

There are so many fun things to do now in our little town of Monroe. The new art center & gallery, the remodeled resale store, a few good restaurants, many wineries, the goat experience, Alsea Falls, and more. If you are planning a trip to this area there are places to stay as well. We are midway between Corvallis and Eugene in the Willamette Valley Oregon.

To see more about my store go here
To see more fun things go here
Movie Nights in the barn
We had a fun movie party with neighbors, there was popcorn, red licorice and other favorite treats. Big screen, projector and mega sound too. We plan to do this often. The movie was " This is Spinal Tap".
Mosaic workshops on our deck
Last year this was so popular I'm doing it again. You can join us for outdoor scenic workshops throughout spring and summer where you will learn the art of creating mosiacs. Details are here.
Some recent mosaics. I love owls and cats and I make them out of clay for my projects. They are between 5x5, to 7x9 in size. I have been selling them in my store and also at our concerts.
Inky found a home
Many of you were wondering about Inky the barn cat whom Nigel would not approve of (and we tried for many months). We love Inky but there was no peace with the kitty cats and we had to worry all the time. Nigel was mean to Inky, but Inky is now living the good life just six miles away with his new family and kids to play with. On his very first day, he was already laying on their laps and having all kinds of fun. They sent this photo of him in his handsome new collar and bell.
He is well-loved and enjoying his life. It's a happily ever after story for Inky.
At the end of every year, the giant music streaming service Spotify sends the artists a report on how many people listened to their music and from where. In 2021 I had over 3 million streams in 148 countries. Over 500,000 listeners. I am amazed. You can listen to my music on Spotify by requesting Lisa Lynne or click here. Also on Bandcamp here. I still offer CDs on my website too.
A day in the life of Nigel. He's almost five!
I leave you with this beautiful piece of music.