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Dear Parents and Students,

We hope this letter finds you well and having had a healthy and productive summer. We are enthusiastically gearing up for the new school year, שתבא עלינו לטובה. May the combined efforts of the school and parents continue to bring us shared nachas!

Bais Yaakov High School congratulates Mrs. Zehava Lefkovitz on having presented a dynamic two day workshop in Lakewood to Bais Yaakov high school principals and school leaders from across the country, on the Yesodos hashkafa class she has been masterfully teaching to our own tenth graders during the last several years. Kudos also to other of our faculty who served as directors and/or presenters in various girls summer camps. Members of our faculty and administration have also been involved in a wide range of professional workshops, enrichment activities and curriculum development, in order to enhance opportunities for our students. מחיל אל חיל, as we continue to benefit from these impressive endeavors.

It is with great sadness that we mark the sudden passing of Geveret Steinhardt, ע''ה, early in the summer. Her unique contributions to school and to the education of generations of students will be marked at an assembly during the first week of school. May her dedication to highest standards in both learning and personal conduct serve as a model that we can strive to emulate long into the future.

The long awaited Siyum HaShas will be celebrated at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on January 1, 2020. We will be traveling to attend this momentous event with Eleventh and Twelfth Graders, בע''ה. Information will be provided to families once school begins. We express the hope that the venue might be switched to ירושלים הבנויה.

During this school year, we will be gearing up for a new Bais Yaakov High School Exhibit, to be presented אי''ה during the 5781, 2020-2021 school year. Initial discussions and meetings have already been held, and we will slowly but steadily be laying the ground work for this mammoth undertaking. May the רבש''ע bless our efforts. For this school year, we look forward to yet another memorable Bais Yaakov Production, בס''ד. Preparations will be launched soon after the school year begins.

We have ב''ה merited greatest סיעתא דשמיא in recent years in every aspect of school life. Such Heavenly brachos most in great measure reflect Hashem's smiling down on the extraordinary אחדות in school, with our wonderful faculty leading the way, with their outstanding devotion to Bais Yaakov - and to each student in Bais Yaakov. On this note, we look forward to continued successes, as we observe students growing and flourishing, each in her own way and at her own pace. May we merit a most successful school year!

Please note that individual student schedules will אי''ה be available for pickup on Labor Day, September 2 nd , at 2:00 P.M. Students should remember to bring in book reports on the first day of school for bonus points.

With best wishes for an enjoyable summer's end,

Truly yours,

Rabbi Yechezkel Zweig
Rabbi Yehoshua Shapiro
Associate Principal
Mrs. Brenda Willner
Limudei Kodesh Coordinator
Mrs. Elise Wolf
General Studies Principal

P.S. The enclosed letter from Mrs. Goetz highlights the wonderful qualities that characterize our students. May we all continue to share greatest nachas!        
Article by Dr. Pelcovitz