Dear Parents and Guardians, 

We hope this information finds you well and ready for the start of a new school year! 

Within the most recent communication on our virtual plans, we indicated that we will conduct benchmark testing in person for all students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Benchmark testing is typically conducted three times a year and is used to measure student progress and inform teacher instruction. However, we recognize that some families may not feel comfortable bringing their children into the building. If you opt to not bring your child in, they will be assessed when we return to school in person. Please follow the instructions below for signing up and for bringing your child to school for their testing appointment. 

Click on the link to the Sign-up Genius to sign up for one 30 minute appointment for each child you have in Kindergarten-2nd grade. Please note the time of your appointment; you will receive an appointment reminder directly from SignUp Genius. If you have difficulty using the link, please contact Jamela Dermish, at

Before coming to school, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did my child have a fever within the last 48 hours?  
  • Is s/he experiencing shortness of breath?
  • Does he have a cough? 
  • Has s/he been experiencing chills? 
  • Does he have unexplained muscle pain?
  • Does s/he have a sore throat? 
  • Has s/he lost the sense of smell? 
  • Has s/he experienced nausea, vomiting or diarrhea?
  • Has s/he come into contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19? 
  • Has s/he come into contact with anyone that is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19? 

If you answer YES to any of these questions, please reschedule your appointment. 

On the day of testing, please adhere to the following protocol:

  • Arrive at the Patton Campus at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Park in the school’s rear parking lot. To enter the parking lot, vehicles must access Constance Street via Nashville Avenue.
  • When you arrive, a staff member will come to your car and have you sign in, answer a few questions and take your child’s temperature.
  • If you are picking up technology, please let the staff member know and they will bring the technology out to you when your child is finished testing.
  • Prior to leaving the building, a staff member will take your child’s temperature again.
  • The staff member will accompany your child directly to the classroom where they will be greeted by a teacher who will assess your child's one on one.
  • Once your student has finished testing, a staff member will accompany them back to your car. 

If you are running late or have an emergency and are unable to make it to campus please call (504) 620-5500. 

We will adhere to the following social distancing guidelines to keep all students, staff, and family members safe:

  • Everyone must wear a mask while in the school premises.
  • Mandatory temperature checks for staff and students each day.
  • Child(ren) will enter/exit the building directly from outside in the K or PreK classrooms.

Sanitary Safety Measures:
  • Testing area will be sanitized between each student.
  • Each student will interact with two adults throughout the testing process. 
  • Classrooms and building will follow a sanitization schedule each day.

Thank you for assisting us jump start the school year with collecting important student data. 

The Academic Team
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