Spotlight on: Heroin and Crime Initiative
In November 2017, the Begun Center was awarded nearly $1 million from the National Institute of Justice to evaluate the Heroin-Involved Death Investigations (HIDI) protocol for Cuyahoga County. The project is in its beginning stages, but researchers have already begun interviewing medicolegal investigators, prosecutors, analysts and detectives to determine ways to improve their response to heroin related fatal and non-fatal incidents.

Exploring the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Homicide: New Report
It’s the question many survivors of domestic violence hear, often incredulously: Why didn’t you just leave? The reality is that leaving an abusive relationship often endangers the survivor or others, even to the point of fearing for their lives.

A new report from Begun Center researchers Jeff Kretschmar, PhD; Ashley M. Bukach, MPH; and Rebecca A. Bray, MSSA; provides the research to back this reality, which may lead to further funding and resources to help survivors remove themselves from life-threatening situations.

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Rachel Lovell, PhD; Daniel J. Flannery, PhD: Do Serial Offenders Maintain a Consistent Modus Operandi? Findings from Previously Unsubmitted SAKs

Daniel J. Flannery, PhD: "And Then I Go" Film Talk-Back

Rachel Lovell, PhD; Misty Luminais, PhD: Using Visual Mapping Software to Explore the Spatial Relationships in Sexual Assault Cases

Rachel Lovell, PhD; Misty Luminais, PhD: Dispelling Myths and Improving Practice: Examination of Untested Rape Kits in Cuyahoga County

Misty Luminais, PhD: Mapping Inequality in Cleveland: Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits, Redlining, Lead Poisoning, and Unsolved Murders of Women

Margaret Baughman, PhD: "Not My Life" Documentary Talk-Back

Michael Fox, MSSA, PCC-S, LCDC III: Understanding Opioid Addiction and Recovery
Daniel J. Flannery, PhD: The Opioid Epidemic

Jane Timmons-Mitchell, PhD: Wraparound Model for Child Safety and Well-Being: New Results from an Ongoing Initiative

Jeff Kretschmar, PhD: 12 Years and Counting: How to Successfully Implement and Grow an Evidence-Based Partnership

CWRU Research ShowCASE 2018:
  • Xiao Ding; Tiffany Walker, MA; Chris Stormann, PhD: Analyzing Feedback from the 2017 YALC Teen Summit Program
  • Angela K. Kavadas-Goldner, MPH; Xiao Ding; Chris Stormann, PhD: Youth Internship Program Evaluation
  • Kristen Berg, MS; Rachel Lovell, PhD; Misty Luminais, PhD: Mapping Inequality: Exploring Data from the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative through GIS
  • Aviva Vincent, MSW: A Feasibility Study for Therapy Dog Support for Pediatric Patients
  • Aviva Vincent, MSW: Desire for Canine Support in Pediatric Dentistry
Karen Coen Flynn, PhD, and Krystel Tossone, PhD, were both promoted to Senior Research Associates.

Joanna Klingenstein was hired as a Research Assistant with a focus on the Sexual Assault Kit project.

Kristen Boyer, MEd, was hired as Research Associate with a focus on the Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice and Competitive RECLAIM projects.

Leon A. Harris, III, former Research Associate, earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Social Welfare degree from the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

Aviva Vincent, MSW, was honored with a CWRU graduate student leadership award for her role as president of WISHED - Women In Sciences and Humanities Earning Doctorates.
In 1998, our work began at the Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence at Kent State University.

In 2000, similar work also began at Case Western Reserve University at the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education in the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

In 2011, many researchers from ISPV moved to the Begun Center, and the center began to thrive at Case Western Reserve University.

In 2018, we will recognize a combined 20 years of violence prevention.

Stay tuned for more information on events to learn about and help us honor our work !

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