The Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education stands in solidarity with those protesting racism in all its forms and supports the recent efforts in the city of Cleveland to  declare racism a public health crisis
We grieve for George Floyd and countless others  who have had their lives taken by individuals motivated by, and systems so deeply rooted in, prejudice and racism. For far too long, agencies and organizations responsible for educating, caring for, and protecting its citizens have played active or passive roles in the historic and continued mistreatment of Black bodies. We observe racial disparities and their associated mental, physical, economical, and emotional consequences in so many of the areas in which we work.

We will continue to  use our largely privileged voices  to amplify these inconvenient but indefensible truths while simultaneously helping these same systems to do better. Injustice blooms in the shadows, and our responsibility is to shine spotlights on areas to which history, indifference, and complacency provide convenient and deadly cover.

We will continually  educate ourselves, our partners, and our communities  about the many ways structural and systemic racism is woven in the fabric of our nation. 

We will continually  examine the ways in which our own work falls short of our goals  and use those lessons to become better advocates and allies.

Silence and inaction are not options.

Black lives matter.