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Behavioral Health News | Vol. 3, Iss. 2
$2.4 Million HRSA Grant Awarded to the Schools of Behavioral Health and Medicine

Kelly Morton, PhD, the Department of Psychology, and the School of Medicine were recently awarded a substantial grant toward the IMPACT project, which will benefit low-income patients in the San Bernardino community.

SBH Goes Global!
Trauma Intervention in Sierra Leone
SBH researchers, including Dean Beverly Buckles, DSW and Associate Dean Susanne Montgomery, PhD, put their work on hold to address mental health needs in Sierra Leone, where 38% of their participants were suffering from PTSD.

Service to Afghan Refugees in Turkey
Social Work & Social Ecology Assistant Professor Qais Alemi, PhD traveled to Turkey last fall to conduct surveys and interviews with Afghan refugees, with the goal of creating an intervention plan to assist them in the future.

Community Resilience Training in Nepal
As a collaboration with ADRA Nepal and the Trauma Resource Institute, the Loma Linda University International Behavioral Health Trauma Team traveled to Nepal in June to provide Community Resiliency Model (CRM) training to members of that community.
Community Engagement

Gateway to the Health Professions
Jasmine A. Pratt, a student at Rancho High School, decided to become a marriage and family therapist after hearing presentations made by SBH faculty Randall Walker, MS and Kendal Boyd, PhD at the Gateway to the Health Professions program on the LLU campus.

Translational Research

Watch as Professor of Psychology Dr. Richard Hartman and Surgical Oncologist Dr. Mark Reeves explain how pomegranate juice may slow the development of Alzheimer's disease by inhibiting the buildup of plaque in the brain--and in fact may even stimulate the growth of new neurons!

Student Scoop
Commencement 2016

On June 12, the School of Behavioral Health awarded 96 master's degrees and 40 doctoral degrees to an outstanding group of students!

Dean's Awards went to Martha Saucedo (Social Work & Social Ecology) and John Bellone (Psychology). The President's Award was bestowed upon Daniel Tapanes (Counseling & Family Sciences), who developed the MEND program.

The SBH Alumna of the Year award was awarded posthumously to Dr. Norma Scarborough, the first ever graduate from our DMFT program.
AAMFT California In Memoriam for Dr. Scarborough →

The SBH Distinguished Service award was presented to Randall Walker, MS, Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling & Family Sciences.

The commencement address was given by Colin Bruce, PhD, director of Africa Regional Integration at The World Bank.

2016 CFS Student Retreat
In February, Counseling and Family Sciences students took part in their annual retreat, with the rather novel theme of "Improv in Mental Health"!

6th Annual Child Life Symposium
Held in honor of Child Life Month (March), this event featured Linda Chapman, MA, ATR-BC, who presented on the relationship of art therapy and the traumatized child.

Lobby Days
In April, twenty MSW students spent two days in Sacramento to voice their support for Senate Bill 23, CA4SSI, and AB2590--three bills meant to promote social justice throughout the state of California.

Alumni Alcove

Homecoming 2017
We're excited to announce the first ever LLUH Homecoming! Save the date for March 2-6, 2017. We hope to see you there!

Reflections on the SBH 2015 Alumni Event
Thank you to Dr. Wilson for inviting me to reflect on my experience of Loma Linda University and its impact in my life.  I would also like to thank everyone who helped put this special alumni event together for us and to thank alumni for participating in person and online! It means the world to me to feel connected to our LLU family!

I remember the first time I had a conversation about a new marital and family therapy doctoral program that was starting up at a school I had never heard of, Loma Linda University. Fellow alumnus Dr. Dana Matta shared this info with me and said I should apply. I thought he was crazy at the time. He was accepted into the first graduating class of the program (2004), and I asked him to tell me about his experience. This is relevant because there is a great sense of relational connectivity that happens here at Loma Linda University and continues through out our lifetime.

A great mentor once shared that, "we stand on the shoulders of those who come before us." I am grateful to Dr. Matta for introducing me to the university and to the dedicated professors who shared their knowledge and experience with myself and other students. Many, including myself, have great mentors from this institution. Many of us also feel connected to current students and alumni, creating a network of support. I know many of us have helped others with their final case presentations, theses, and dissertations. Those of us who teach also get to have the honor of encouraging future students to apply to our alma mater. I am so proud when I find out that a former student of mine has graduated from Loma Linda! I hope that we continue to support each other, our programs, and Loma Linda University. Together we can continue to use our collective relational resources globally to help bring about positive change in the world.

- Randi S. Cowdery, PhD, LMFT, Class of 2005

Psychology Alumna Rachel Mason Named Executive Director of Foundation for Senior Care
In November, Rachel Mason, who holds an MA in experimental psychology and certificates in both biomedical and clinical ethics from Loma Linda University, was named the new executive director of the Foundation for Senior Care in Fallbrook. Offering services in Northern San Diego County and portions of Riverside County, this agency provides assistance to seniors living at ho me.

Awards and Accomplishments
Alison Tan
Clinical psychology PhD student Alison Tan received the Christine Maslach-Philip Zimbardo Research Award in Social Psychology during the annual Western Psychological Association (WPA) conference in April! Her poster, titled "Gratitude and Depression: A Longitudinal Study on Cancer Survivors," was co-authored with faculty member Kelly Morton, PhD, and was determined to be one of the most outstanding submissions received by the awarding committee. Congratulations to Alison on this impressive achievement!

Natalie Hsieh
In April, Marital and Family Therapy MS/PhD student Natalie Hsieh recieved the Ryo and Jean Komae Scholarship, which is awarded annual to two students who are passionate about serving the Asian American community.

Faculty Promotions

Department of Counseling and Family Sciences

Dr. Winetta Oloo Promoted to Associate Professor
The Department of Counseling and Family Sciences is happy to announce the promotion of Dr. Winetta Oloo to the rank of Associate Professor! A graduate of Loma Linda University (2003 and 2006), Dr. Oloo joined the faculty in 2010. Since that time Dr. Oloo has worked tirelessly to provide direction to clinical training for the department's doctoral programs and has made outstanding contributions to student research, teaching, clinical services, and program development. Dr. Oloo's areas of specialization include recovery-oriented care, clinical supervision, adolescent and transitional aged youth development, and treatment of the persons experiencing severe mental illness. In addition to her academic roles Dr. Oloo uses her expertise to support the mission of the University through her local and global service. She is a valued member of the Loma Linda University International Behavioral Health Trauma Team. Congratulations Dr. Oloo.
- Dr. Beverly Buckles, Dean 
Dr. Winetta Oloo Appointed as the Chairperson for the Department of Counseling and Family Sciences 
The School of Behavioral Health is happy to announce the appointment of Dr. Winetta Oloo as the new Chairperson for the Department of Counseling and Family Sciences, effective July 1, 2016. Her appointment comes at the unanimous recommendation of the department faculty, support of School of Behavioral Health administration, and confirmation by the Loma Linda University Board of Trustees. Dr. Oloo's academic and administrative expertise make her well suited for her new position. Thank you, Dr. Oloo, for your dedication to excellence and commitment to serve.
- Dr. Beverly Buckles, Dean

Dr. Jacqueline Williams-Reade Promoted to Associate Professor
The Department of Counseling and Family Sciences is happy to announce the promotion of Dr. Jacqueline Williams-Reade to the position of Associate Professor! Dr. Williams-Reade has served the Department for the past five years as Director of its Medical Family Therapy Certificate program, instructor, researcher, and student mentor. From the beginning of her tenure, with the development of a support group for new faculty to medical center collaborations, Dr. Williams-Reade has continuously sought to build relationships that serve our Loma Linda University clients, students, and community. Congratulations, Dr. Williams-Reade!
- Dr. Winetta Oloo, Chair

Department of Psychology

Drs. Holly Morrell and Cameron Neece Promoted to Associate Professor
The School of Behavioral Health and the Department of Psychology are pleased to announce that Drs. Holly Morrell and Cameron Neece  have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. Dr. Morrell, a clinical psychologist who specializes in adolescent cigarette smoking research and prevention, and Dr. Neece, a clinical child psychologist who specializes in childhood disorders and parenting stress, both joined the Department of Psychology in 2011. Drs. Morrell and Neece have made outstanding contributions to our students, department, and the broader LLU community through their research, teaching, and service activities. Congratulations to both, and we look forward to many years to come!
- Dr. David Vermeersch, Interim Chair

Department of Social Work and Social Ecology

Dr. Kimberly Freeman Promoted to Professor
The Department of Social Work and Social Ecology is pleased to announce the promotion of  Dr. Kimberly Freeman to the rank of Professor! A graduate of Loma Linda University as both a Social Worker and Pediatric Psychologist, Dr. Freeman joined the faculty in 2003. In addition to her outstanding teaching, research, and clinical work with children, Dr. Freeman also serves as the MSW Program Director and Associate Executive Chairperson for the department. Dr. Freeman's areas of specialization include child mental health, child trauma, and adolescent self-harm. Dr. Freeman tirelessly uses her expertise to support the mission of the University through her local and global service. She is a valued member of the Loma Linda University International Behavioral Health Trauma Team. Congratulations, Dr. Freeman!
- Dr. Beverly Buckles, Dean

Left to right: Dr. Oloo, Dr. Williams-Reade, Dr. Morrell, Dr. Neece, and Dr. Freeman
Live Vision 2020 Construction Feed

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Dean's Recommendation: WHO Mental Health Atlas

WHO's Mental Health Atlas series has established itself as the most comprehensive and widely used source of information on the global mental health situation.  --Beverly Buckles, DSW

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