June 2018  

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Every person I meet with has a vision of what they want when they retire. Yet many don't think they will ever get there. Why is that? Check this tip video and upcoming ones here
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Business Owners: 

It feels like 2018 has been the year to attack the Entrepreneur .  With the more punitive changes to taxes on Canadian Controlled Private Corporations, while the U.S. has reduced tax rates, it feels like there's nowhere to turn.  That is why it's critical to ensure we are taking all steps to maximize your deductions, minimize your tax, and ensure the most effective long-term strategy is in place.  
We have set up a number of Financial Tip videos to share some ideas.  Let's start with a Tax Free insurance idea for your business.

Want to withdraw money from the corporation tax free to pass along to your heirs?
Check out this video presentation.  With regulatory changes coming soon, it's important to review your options now. 

Click Here to View Quick Presentation

Only 40 per cent of business owners have a transition plan in place, says report.   Are you one of them?  If not, how do we ensure that your business assets are retained for your and your family's future well-being?
Household Debts and Cash Flow Planning

Manulife Bank Homeowner Debt Survey has uncovered the truth :  Many Canadian homeowners, particularly Millennials, lack the financial flexibility to adjust to rising interest rates, unforeseen expenses or interruption in their income.
Key findings:
  • 25% of Millennials have no emergency savings
  • One in four homeowners were "caught short" at least once in the past year, with insufficient money on hand to manage daily expenses
  • Almost half of Millennials received help from family members with their first home purchase
Understanding the risks that high debt levels pose to both the housing market and the broader economy can help individuals avoid emotional responses if and when any changes occur.
Cashflow planning, a strategy we use, can help families navigate better cash management and be the minority that is in control of their finances.  Ask us how?
Arts and Community

I am pleased to be sponsoring The Richmond Hill Centre For The Performing Arts again in the 2018-2019 season.  With a colleague, we will be sponsors of the OnStage Series, for unique Canadian talent in a more intimate setting.

We will also be sponsors of Classic Albums Live series, having a little fun with our old favourites!

I hope to see some of you at the theatre this year.


While the short term is uncertain, long term prospects are still positive. Portfolio managers share the challenges with technology stocks when investor confidence is high and their passion for technology companies continue. Also an outlook on Canadian and international economies. Where are managers investing?

Trustee Fees: Please note that Trustee fees for RRSP, LRSP, RRIF, LIF were charged June 7th.
I'm riding in the Big Bike on Jun 14th.  I'm working hard to raise $1000 towards Heart & Stroke in honour of my father who suffered from a stroke, and lived his final 5 years in a very compromised state because of that.   Come out and cheer us on, or even better, please donate to help ensure your loved ones have the support in the future.
Thank you to all that have contributed to the charitable cause!   

Quotes of the Month

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.

Martin Luther King Jr.


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