Volume 4.18 | April 2018
Your KWPN-NA E-Newsletter for April 2018
The World's Top Equestrians #GoDutch!
Across North America and around the world, KWPN horses continue to find the winner's circle, no matter the discipline. From the FEI World Cup Dressage Finals to the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event, or the Longines Global Champions Tour to USA Combined Driving National Championships, it's been another successful month for KWPN horses. Keep up with what's happening by "liking" our Facebook page !
Strutting Their Stuff at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event!
For the third year in a row, KWPN harness horses presented show-stopping demonstrations at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, held April 26-29 in Lexington. Included in the presentations were Gellerduht (Sterling Graburn), Foster RW (Erin Shea), Waldemar (Bill Duffy Jr.), Globetrotter (Aaron Jay Fisher), as well as Jovialidee GFF and Keltro in-hand and in harness. Special thanks to Aaron Jay Fisher of Rocky Ridge Stables for coordinating this opportunity to show these amazing horses to the world! Make sure to watch our KWPN-NA Facebook LIVE video on our Facebook page HERE .
Statement to KWPN-NA Members Regarding Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome
In response to growing concern among our breeders and members regarding a genetic disorder called Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS), earlier this month the KWPN-NA issued an official statement which was shared around the world. Read the entire statement HERE .
Don't Miss our Saturday Stallion Showcase!
Have you seen our new Saturday Stallion Showcase on Facebook, where we feature KWPN-NA activated stallions like jumping superstar Big Star? Make sure you "Like" our Facebook page where we profile a different stallion each week!
One of the most frequent questions we receive in the KWPN-NA office is "how do I register my foal?" Now, we have a brand new flow chart to help make the process easier for everyone to understand! Check it out & learn more on our website here:
Congratulations to Gold Level Breeder Siegi Belz-Fry

The KWPN-NA would like to congratulate Siegi Belz-Fry of Stall Europa, who has been named as a Gold Level Breeder! Siegi has been breeding horses with the KWPN-NA for over 20 years, and was also named as Breeder of the Year in 2007. Learn more about Siegi Belz-Fry and the Stall Europa program HERE , as well as more information about the KWPN-NA Breeder's Achievement Awards HERE .
Big News for Breeders from the KWPN
Earlier this month, the KWPN announced it wiill start a pilot program to expand dressage horse breeding by registering offspring from KWPN approved or KWPN recognized stallions paired with purebred Lusitano and PRE mares. To increase the distribution of bloodlines in dressage horse breeding, it has been decided to register the offspring of KWPN approved stallions from purebred Lusitanos and PREs (Pura Raza Espanola) in the Register A book.

New Feature!
KWPN-NA Member of the Month

Aaron Jay Fisher, Narvon, Pa.
There’s just something unmistakable about a Dutch Harness Horse: the movement, the presence, the excitement. During this month’s Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, the KWPN-NA was invited for the third year in a row to be a part of the popular equine demonstrations in the trade fair area, and the show-stopping troupe of Dutch Harness Horses was once again a crowd favorite. Handling the reins of the breathtaking stallion Globetrotter was Aaron Jay Fisher of Rocky Ridge Stables LLC, who not only wowed the audience but helped organize the daily event behind the scenes in order to take advantage of this unique opportunity to show our amazing KWPN breed to the world. As April’s Member of the Month, let’s find out more about Aaron:

KWPN-NA: Did you grow up with horses, and how did you get involved with KWPN horses?

Aaron: I’ve been around horses since I was born. My dad trained horses off and on, and I’ve been helping with them ever since I was big enough. But I didn’t get involved with KWPN horses until 2013 when I started working for Rocky Ridge.

KWPN-NA: What is your favorite thing about Dutch Harness Horses?

Aaron: The stallions. The presence that they have, their movement and beauty. One of the things I really like is their suspension and movement from behind – you don’t see that as much in other breeds.
KWPN-NA: Tell us about your farm and current horses.

Aaron: Our farm is on about 35 acres in southeastern Pennsylvania, about halfway between Harrisburg and Philadelphia. We used to have as many as six stallions but have downsized a bit, so at this time we only have three KWPN stallions: Globetrotter (Cizandro x Lilonka by Harald) , Governor (Cizandro x Penny by Fabricius) , and a coming three-year-old stallion Kaspian (Vaandrager HBC x Gentana by Cizandro) who we’ll be presenting at this year’s keuring if all goes well. We handle all breeding operations on site, including collection, insemination and ultrasound, not only for our own mares but also for our clients who send their mares to us to be bred.

KWPN-NA: Who was/is your favorite Dutch horse?

Aaron: That’s not a hard choice: Globetrotter is my perennial favorite. A lot of it has to do with his temperament: he’s smart, but also has a lot of energy and always with a happy attitude. Of course his movement is incredible and he’s so athletic. We’ve come a long way together in just a couple of years. I also have a couple of three-year-olds coming up that I’m really excited about, including Jemarina, as well as some two-year-old Globetrotter offspring that really look nice. They’re always fun to work with, just like their sire. 

Learn more about Aaron and his fabulous DHH stallions on the Rocky Ridge Stables website HERE !
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